5 Best Weight Loss Drinks: Easily Available in Pakistan

So, You are trying to Lose your extra weight ? It normally depends on what you are eating or drinking, Here are 5 Best weight loss drinks that you can use to lose your extra weight or burn some more calories.

We have seen many people started following a strict diet plan but using Coke, Sprite, Creamy Coffee, Protein Shakes and other Soda products totally loaded with sugar which can increase their hunger and add extra calories to their body.

But If you are using these weight loss drinks with any super weight loss diet, then you are getting double benefits…your weight loss drinks are listed below with recipes.

Best Weight Loss Drinks Ever:

Ice Water:


You may also know that drinking more water can surely boost your metabolism and helps you in losing weight but we are not actually doing it right.

Most of us think that whenever we are feeling thirsty we have to chug much water once and then do it again when feeling thirst…It’s actually not

You have to continuously drink water after the break for some time and have to visit your washroom early then your actual routine.

When you are drinking Coldwater it means you are burning more calories because your body is doing more work for heating the cold water to match it with your body temperature.

Carrot Juice:


Carrot Juice is known as the best weight loss drink because it contains very low calories and high in fibers that can help you in feeling less hunger and burn calories.


2 Glass Water
4 Washed and peeled carrots
2 Tea Spoon Lemon Juice
1 Inch Ginger

Putt all your ingredients into Juicer and mix it for 1-2 minute then add it into a glass and enjoy your carrot juice for healthy weight loss.

Lemon Water:


You may already be heard that using hot water with lemon helps you in losing weight because it helps you in digesting your meals and boosts your metabolism for the long term after eating.

It is cleared that using lemon water not actually leads you to any direct weight loss but it will surely reduce the extra bloating that usually irritate us.

Research shows that if one is using lemon water right after waking up then you will be in better shape because it will boost your digestion and metabolism which are essential for any weight loss Plan.


2 Tea Spoon of Lemon Juice
1 Glass of warm Water
Add Lemon juice in your warm water glass and drink it daily at morning before having your breakfast for better digestion.

Black Coffee:


Black coffee without adding Cream and much sugar can also help you in losing some weight because it is believed that after drinking coffee your desire of eating is slightly less than your actual routine.

It can also help in burning calories by heating up our body and boosting the metabolism but I am not suggesting you to overuse it, One cup daily without sugar is enough.

Keep in Mind:
Must add one cup of water, don’t add too much sugar and avoid using the cream for your coffee.Only adding little amount of sugar is good.

You can also use: Green Tea for Weight Loss

Start Drinking Skimmed Milk Instead:


If we are drinking milk then it’s good for health but using fat-free milk helps you in losing weight because it contains a high amount of calcium which controls our Calcitriol that basically helps us to gain fats.

Calcium can also reduce appetite and boost metabolism which helps you in burning more calories and you also end up eating less or feel less hunger than usual, So instead of using milk with fat it’s better to use skimmed one.

Wanna Lose some More Weight ? Bonus TIP

Sure, these weight loss drinks are working fine for you to lose some weight but if you want to see the big results then these drinks alone are not going to help you or may take much time to show the results.

So, What you have to Do ?

These weight loss drinks are actually boosting your metabolism but if you want’s to see the big results you have to start doing a cardio exercise for at least 15-20 minutes daily, it’s maybe your favorite one like running, walking, jogging, cycling, rope-jumping.

In a Nutshell: When you are doing any of these cardio exercises for at least 15-20 minutes and taking your favorite weight loss drink then it will work like a charm and you can see the results clearly.

Pakistani Weight Loss Diet Plan: Very Easy to Follow

It’s very easy to find the best weight loss diet plan by using the internet, reading magazines, changing TV channels etc..But the real struggle is following that diet plan without thinking about Biryani, Nihari, Falooda, Haleem.

So, firstly you need to convince yourself that I am going to follow a Plan which can help me in losing my extra weight because motivation is the first thing you need to follow any plan or achieve any goal.

I have seen many people started following a healthy diet plan and then after few days got lost in somewhere between the taste of their favorite foods, Other people who got success in losing extra weight by following a restrictive diet plan don’t have any idea on how to maintain it so that they don’t return to fat body.

Today, I am going to share with you a Pakistani weight loss diet plan that you can easily follow at your home and I’ll also tell you how to keep following this plan for getting your desired body shape.

Pakistani Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Your Breakfast:
Brown bread with whole egg and a cup of tea without adding sugar in it.
1 boiled whole egg with Cup of tea without Sugar.

Your Lunch:
Soup of any seasonal vegetable, You may add chicken in it but avoid using red meat.
Boiled Rice with 1 Salad Bowl and Raita.

Your Dinner:
Steamed Chicken with steamed Vegetables
You can also use the same Lunch plan for your Dinner

Note: Eat enough at night so you don’t have any need of snacks at Night

If You’re Feeling Hungry ?

If you are feeling hungry in between the meals then use a handful of Nuts and Fruits for satisfying your hunger and drink enough water daily.

Listen, This plan never ever means to teach yourself how to face the starvation, It’s only a low calories diet plan that you can easily able to digest and lose your extra weight.

So, when you’re following this plan don’t be selfish with your hunger and feel free to eat the fruits and nuts believe me these are low calories foods that you can easily able to digest while walking in your office.

Do this For Fast Weight Loss:

Imagine a scenario that you’re following this weight loss diet plan and leaving your favorite fast foods but still seeing the very low difference in your weight then I know it will be much disappointing for you or maybe you’ll again start eating fast foods by saying that “Not a single weight loss diet chart is working for me”.

But I am not going to let u say that, Let me tell you some maths about it….Read Carefully

When you’re following this weight loss diet at home it means you’re intaking low calories than before and not gaining the extra weight now and start losing some weight due to a big drop in calories intake.

But, If you have started doing a little exercise with low calories intake then it means that you’re not gaining any extra calories now and your exercise will burn previously gained calories from your body.

In a Nutshell: I am saying that this diet only able to stop your body from gaining any extra weight but for burning your old fats you need to do exercise while following these meals.

So, Start Doing Small Exercise:

When you have started following the above diet plan and have maintained your routine with natural foods then start doing little cardio exercise for big weight loss results.

As I have already tried to convince you that only eating low calories foods never gonna help you in achieve big results…Same AS, Doing exercise while eating high calories foods never gonna let u achieve your desired body shape.

SO, Low calories diet is the first step to your weight loss Journey….
You don’t need to Join a Gym or buy any expensive equipment for hard exercises or I never suggest you to start running for 30 kilometers from day one because starting with hard exercise mostly leads you to health issues and fed up problems.

Start with a little exercise session and then you will automatically increase your session time due to the excitement of losing some more weight…Here are the exercises you have to DO

Cardio Exercises Including

Select one cardio exercise that interests you more and starts doing it for 15-20 minutes at starting that you can never feel much tired and do it happily at daily basis or you may read my article on How to maintain your running routine while you’re busy.

Benefits of These Cardio Exercises:

There are many benefits of doing these cardio exercises including, an increase in the number of red blood cells to enable greater oxygen, reduce the tension and stress, will burn more calories and fat and many others.

Walking (Burns Around 150-200 Calories in 30 Minutes)

It is considered as the perfect cardio exercise for burning fat for Beginners, Walking may not a perfect exercise for losing enough weight as compared to other cardio exercises as its a much lower intensity as compared to other one’s but it’s good for Beginners.

Running (Burns Around 300 Calories in 30 Minutes)

It is a higher intensity exercise as compared to walking and also considered as the best workout for losing extra weight, The major benefit of running for weight loss is that you can burn many calories as due to its high intensity.

Cycling (Burns Around 300-350 Calories in 30 Minutes)

It’s almost same as running but the advantage in this exercise is that it’s a low-impact move while having the same results as running, I suggest you to do it on the road instead of a stationary bike for having more interest.

Note: Experts advised that cardio exercises should be done slowly at starting, especially if one is overweight or in untrained state and starting with walking is the best Idea.

Conclusion of the Pakistani Weight Loss Diet Plan:

In this Pakistani weight loss diet plan we are suggesting you the low calories foods easily available at your home and while following this plan you don’t need to be hungry and if you want’s to see the permanent change in your body then start doing cardio exercises written above with proper routine for big results.

Am I forgetting something ? or Do you have any questions about this weight loss diet ? then I am happy to meet you in the Comments section Below…

8 Best Weight Loss Tips for Women

Don’t you love the Skinny Female models?

Who doesn’t… Even everyone wants’s to look like them but don’t know the right way to shift their bulky body into a skinny one.

Here are some best weight loss tips for women that demand some minor changes in your diet and force you for doing cardio exercise at your home and you’ll judge the results not in months but in weeks…

Why Should You follow this Plan?

Sure, Internet is full of home remedies, Diet plans for weight loss but you should need to follow these weight loss tips for women because we’re not sending you to buy some expensive products, exercise equipment for weight Loss.

In fact, this plan only teaches you how to use your daily routine diet perfectly for weight loss or maybe some addition/subtraction from your foods and also teach you how daily 30 minutes of exercise session will result in fast weight loss.

So You’re Ready?

If you’re reading this it means you are ready to follow this valuable plan for women’s weight loss, Without any further reading let’s Begin….

Working Weight Loss Tips for Women:

Eat More Fruits:

It’s Awesome if you are already using fruits in your Diet, But if you increase the use of fruits in your diet It will surely make you feel full and protect you from eating more extra calories especially Watermelon, Oranges, Peach, apples are low carb fruits that also helps you in decreasing the intake of extra calories….

So, whenever you feel hungry eat fruits instead of ordering pizza, shawarma, burgers etc like most people usually did….

Drink Water Before your Meal:

Before taking your meal, Drink a glass of water or two so you can feel hydrated and it will stop you from overeating because you’re already feeling full…

A 2010 study in the general Obesity found that adults who drank two cups of water before a meal ate less at the meal and lost more weight over 12 weeks than the group who didn’t drink water before eating.

Cut Sugar from your Diet:

Sugar may never affect you directly but it will increase your hunger so you will eat more calories, yes I am talking about the artificial sweeteners that you get from the nearest grocery shop…

You also have to stop drinking beverages especially Coca-Cola, PEPSI as a STUDY shows that drinking water instead of beverages help you in losing weight up to 1.2 Kilos more than the group using beverages…

So, It’s better to drink water instead of using beverages both for better health and weight loss.

Leave Outside FOOD:

This is the common mistake most of the people did while they’re trying to lose weight that they don’t make any effort for leaving outside food which is full of calories and surely helps you in gaining more weight…

The reason behind this is that most of us think that eating in less amount helps us in losing weight but no it’s not, It’s better to eat a bowl full of low-carb fruits or vegetables instead of eating the burger from Mcdonald’s or from your favorite Place.

I know it’s not very easy to leave your special favorite foods from outside but if you are leaving these foods slowly then it’s not very difficult to you. Say with me that “It’s not very easy for me to burn these calories gained from outside food without serious workout”

Use Low-Carb Natural Foods:

This Women’s weight loss diet is not about leave eating, It’s all about eating low-carb vegetables and fruits in a way that you will start losing weight…

You only have to use the natural foods means food from the earth like vegetables, fruits, eggs, seafood only because you are easily able to digest it without any workout and when you do some exercise you will automatically start losing weight…

Eat Only When Hungry:

I mean you have to cut the extra intake of calories but as I already told you that this plan is not about leave eating, So whenever you feel hungry eat natural foods or drink more water….

When you are not eating extra food and only eating when feeling much hungry then you are taking fewer calories which are very easy to burn for your body….

Start Small Exercise Session:

Sure, you already know some exercises for weight loss but most of us failed in doing those exercises daily due to our incomplete routines….Firstly you have to select the time on which you are totally free and ready to complete your exercise session…

Secondly, you don’t have to do the hard exercise session at starting because it may cause you overtired and possibly on next day you will skip your session.When you are trying to start a new routine then do a small workout at starting then increase the session time after some days….

Start doing exercise at the beginning for 10 minutes then increase it to 20 minutes and so on 30 minutes session…because when you are doing the same exercises daily your body become used to for this session and for making yourself feeling tired you have to increase your session….

For getting better results of your exercises drink green tea for weight loss after completing your session.

Note: Cardio Exercises are the best solution for women weight loss at home.

Don’t be Hungry:

Eat whenever you feel hungry because it’s not the solution to your problem even it may lead you to starvation as you’re already eating low-calories diet and doing exercise on the daily basis…

So, When you are following this plan you have to eat as much as you feel satisfied with your meal for a better exercise session or for good sleep also….because studies shows that sleep also helps you in weight loss when you’re eating natural foods especially low-carb natural diet…

Final Words:

For Losing weight fast, You have to leave the outside food and beverages and start taking a healthy natural diet which is very easy to burn and drink more and more water for burning calories and also for feeling full, So it can help you in decreasing the intake of extra calories also….

After maintaining your routine of natural diet, start a small exercise session for at least 30 mins and feel free for the walk at morning or evening, and you don’t have to be hungry during this process whenever you feel hungry try eating low-carb foods as much as you feel satisfied with that food…

I will be happy to listen from your ideas about women weight loss tips or how you lost weight in the comments section below…Meet you there !!

Best way to Lose Weight Naturally and Quickly

There are many ways to lose weight but the best way to lose weight is one where you can feel comfortable or relax within the process instead of feeling hungry, tired or bound….

This is the reason that most of the people failed at weight loss because the plans they are actually following is not suitable for their routine or body language, Sure some diet plans, workout plans help you in quick weight loss but today I am sharing with you the best and easiest way to lose weight…

But firstly you need to know that you don’t have to stop eating food or start running 13 miles per day in order to lose weight, the straight definition of weight loss is “burning more calories than you gain daily”

So, How’s it if you are only eating calories that are easy to burn? Here are some minor changes you have to consider for weight loss, In fact, it’s the best way to lose weight…

Best Way to Lose Weight:

Stop Eating Foods Loaded with Calories:

You know or at least heard that for losing weight you have to do hard continuous exercise, It is said because you have to burn more calories than you eat but if you don’t wanna to do hard exercise then only eat natural foods which you are easily able to burn with exercise at home or just by walking…

Yes, It is even possible to lose weight without exercise If you are eating vegetables, fruits, fish (natural foods) and doing 20-30 minutes exercise at home with routine….

I know it is very difficult to stop eating your favorite foods, For Example, We always want’s to eat some spicy foods when we are sick or doctor restricted us from eating such food…

How can you stop yourself from bad eating habits?

First of all when you are trying to stop eating foods full with calories or following any diet plans please stop thinking that you are restricted or advised to never eat such foods I mean at starting it’s okay to eat outside at your favorite place when you’re invited by some friends or ON outing with your family….

Because it is very difficult to switch your daily eating routine with some diet plans quickly but if you are strong enough to do this then it’s best for you…

Otherwise, only eat those so-called special foods on special occasions or try to at least avoid that kind of foods in your daily routine or start eating some real foods which are full of Vitamins or easy to digest….

I bet if you start eating real foods, the feel of being healthy or the excitement of losing some more weight will automatically stop you from bad eating habits or you will also start searching for some tasty natural food recipes.

Skip Drinking Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks are totally loaded with sugar and adding more fats in your body system, Avoid as much as possible and Instead of these try drinking some weight loss drinks for fast results…

Again I am repeating the sentence that drinks those special drinks on some special places or occasions only instead of drinking with your lunch or dinner because it is always very easy to stop habits slowly as compared to leaving quickly…

Say with me “I will try my best to stop drinking beverages when I’m trying to control my weight” because no exercise plan will work for you if you are not taking care of what you are eating or what you are drinking…

When you start eating some real foods or stop drinking beverages now it’s time to start little exercise at home or wherever you like…

Start with Little Excercise:

When people realized that they are getting out of shape or gaining more extra weight, They start promising to their self that I will join the gym from tomorrow.Sure, most of them join the gym but they totally fed up in few weeks by saying that it is a very difficult job or they are not able to manage the time for the gym.

The problem behind this is not being consistent, One of my friend fighting with weight problems paid the 3-time fee to gym manager, started taking Yoga teacher training Thailand  and each time he paid he is regular for some days only then he decided to start gym again at the starting of next month.

At last, he decided to firstly start small exercise session at home with some common equipment and then got success in his being regular to gym goal.

So, Firstly start doing some exercise for at least 15-20 minutes daily at home by following some weight loss cardio plans.It will surely help you in losing weight, when you are consistent with your exercise plan then you may increase the time of your exercise or join the gym for better results.

What am I trying to Say?

I am trying my best to realize you that the best way of losing weight is just starting slowly and end up with great success, You only have to control your diet as much as possible and increase the use of natural foods and also try avoiding the beverages as soon as possible and use the natural drinks….Still, if you are not satisfied or any question aroused in your mind I am happy to clear my mistakes or helps you in the comments section..Meet you there !!