Pakistani Weight Loss Diet Plan: Very Easy to Follow

It’s very easy to find the best weight loss diet plan by using the internet, reading magazines, changing TV channels etc..But the real struggle is following that diet plan without thinking about Biryani, Nihari, Falooda, Haleem.

So, firstly you need to convince yourself that I am going to follow a Plan which can help me in losing my extra weight because motivation is the first thing you need to follow any plan or achieve any goal.

I have seen many people started following a healthy diet plan and then after few days got lost in somewhere between the taste of their favorite foods, Other people who got success in losing extra weight by following a restrictive diet plan don’t have any idea on how to maintain it so that they don’t return to fat body.

Today, I am going to share with you a Pakistani weight loss diet plan that you can easily follow at your home and I’ll also tell you how to keep following this plan for getting your desired body shape.

Pakistani Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Your Breakfast:
Brown bread with whole egg and a cup of tea without adding sugar in it.
1 boiled whole egg with Cup of tea without Sugar.

Your Lunch:
Soup of any seasonal vegetable, You may add chicken in it but avoid using red meat.
Boiled Rice with 1 Salad Bowl and Raita.

Your Dinner:
Steamed Chicken with steamed Vegetables
You can also use the same Lunch plan for your Dinner

Note: Eat enough at night so you don’t have any need of snacks at Night

If You’re Feeling Hungry ?

If you are feeling hungry in between the meals then use a handful of Nuts and Fruits for satisfying your hunger and drink enough water daily.

Listen, This plan never ever means to teach yourself how to face the starvation, It’s only a low calories diet plan that you can easily able to digest and lose your extra weight.

So, when you’re following this plan don’t be selfish with your hunger and feel free to eat the fruits and nuts believe me these are low calories foods that you can easily able to digest while walking in your office.

Do this For Fast Weight Loss:

Imagine a scenario that you’re following this weight loss diet plan and leaving your favorite fast foods but still seeing the very low difference in your weight then I know it will be much disappointing for you or maybe you’ll again start eating fast foods by saying that “Not a single weight loss diet chart is working for me”.

But I am not going to let u say that, Let me tell you some maths about it….Read Carefully

When you’re following this weight loss diet at home it means you’re intaking low calories than before and not gaining the extra weight now and start losing some weight due to a big drop in calories intake.

But, If you have started doing a little exercise with low calories intake then it means that you’re not gaining any extra calories now and your exercise will burn previously gained calories from your body.

In a Nutshell: I am saying that this diet only able to stop your body from gaining any extra weight but for burning your old fats you need to do exercise while following these meals.

So, Start Doing Small Exercise:

When you have started following the above diet plan and have maintained your routine with natural foods then start doing little cardio exercise for big weight loss results.

As I have already tried to convince you that only eating low calories foods never gonna help you in achieve big results…Same AS, Doing exercise while eating high calories foods never gonna let u achieve your desired body shape.

SO, Low calories diet is the first step to your weight loss Journey….
You don’t need to Join a Gym or buy any expensive equipment for hard exercises or I never suggest you to start running for 30 kilometers from day one because starting with hard exercise mostly leads you to health issues and fed up problems.

Start with a little exercise session and then you will automatically increase your session time due to the excitement of losing some more weight…Here are the exercises you have to DO

Cardio Exercises Including

Select one cardio exercise that interests you more and starts doing it for 15-20 minutes at starting that you can never feel much tired and do it happily at daily basis or you may read my article on How to maintain your running routine while you’re busy.

Benefits of These Cardio Exercises:

There are many benefits of doing these cardio exercises including, an increase in the number of red blood cells to enable greater oxygen, reduce the tension and stress, will burn more calories and fat and many others.

Walking (Burns Around 150-200 Calories in 30 Minutes)

It is considered as the perfect cardio exercise for burning fat for Beginners, Walking may not a perfect exercise for losing enough weight as compared to other cardio exercises as its a much lower intensity as compared to other one’s but it’s good for Beginners.

Running (Burns Around 300 Calories in 30 Minutes)

It is a higher intensity exercise as compared to walking and also considered as the best workout for losing extra weight, The major benefit of running for weight loss is that you can burn many calories as due to its high intensity.

Cycling (Burns Around 300-350 Calories in 30 Minutes)

It’s almost same as running but the advantage in this exercise is that it’s a low-impact move while having the same results as running, I suggest you to do it on the road instead of a stationary bike for having more interest.

Note: Experts advised that cardio exercises should be done slowly at starting, especially if one is overweight or in untrained state and starting with walking is the best Idea.

Conclusion of the Pakistani Weight Loss Diet Plan:

In this Pakistani weight loss diet plan we are suggesting you the low calories foods easily available at your home and while following this plan you don’t need to be hungry and if you want’s to see the permanent change in your body then start doing cardio exercises written above with proper routine for big results.

Am I forgetting something ? or Do you have any questions about this weight loss diet ? then I am happy to meet you in the Comments section Below…

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