How to Lose Weight Without Exercise: Paleo Diet plan

Who want’s to leave their favorite foods?

Before we start, I want to let u know that I am not suggesting you to stop exercising.

In fact, exercise is something you should try to do every day.You also need to understand that if you wanna to lose weight early then exercise works like Icing on the cake, But 90% of your weight problem directly links to your food…

So we’re gonna to discuss the benefits and loss of your diet, Like always if I am probably missing something then please don’t forget to share it in the comments…

Eat Some Real Diet:

When you are trying to lose weight without exercise then most of the Books and websites already made it crystal clear that you only have to eat the “Paleo Diet”, but if you’re hearing this word from me then here is it’s concept.

“A diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and excluding dairy or cereal products and processed food”

Long story short, this would work because you’re genetically strong enough to digest this food and thrive on this real food. Also, here’s the complete weight loss diet plan.

Stop Thinking that Fast Food is Good:

You are surely using Rice, Bread, Pasta, waffles, bagel, chips, doughnuts etc in your diet but I am sure enough to tell you that they’re the cause of 98% of the people’s weight problem.I am not advising you to stop eating this kind of food but I am only realizing you that this is probably the major reason for weight problems…WHY?

Here’s your answer:

Sugar and Refined Carbs are not accessible by our bodies for proper processing, that’s why to cause this kind of problems. If you wanna to know the details why this food is not fit with our bodies then here is an Article by Elaine Magee.

So…We did an Experiment

Yeah, I am sure this will work for you too because we applied Paleo Diet on one of our friend’s Diet facing weight problems and he’s looking for the solution too…

After 2 months of using Paleo Diet (while also eating a few fast foods), his body fat percentage dropped from 15% down to 9%.This is a good change while he’s still changing his taste with his favorite doughnuts…

I also suggest you give Paleo Diet a try and it will surely bring positive change in your body fat problem If you’re a Beginner then this Paleo Diet Guide will help you out…

Beverages are only Increasing your Problem:

Juice, Soda, Beer etc also playing a vital role in increasing your weight problem, So avoid using these as much as possible, If not then only consider drinking some beer while PARTY is ON…But if you’re already avoiding beer then it’s good…

Because these are all loaded with the dangerous amount of sugar which immediately turns to fat on your system, You also need to understand that diet drinks are also not solving your problems…Only drink water as much as possible so it will make your system working properly and might increase your walk to the bathroom.

Don’t Wanna to Change your Diet?

It’s okay if you don’t wanna to change your food but it is very easy to understand that if you wanna to lose weight then all you have to do is burn the calories more than you Eat…

People still handling the weight problems while they’re eating their favorite foods but they also never stop doing exercise, going to the gym for burning all those extra calories, which is obviously time-consuming but actually working method…

If I am there at your place then I simply don’t have enough time in my routine to waste those calories earned by rich calories food as I am a software engineer spending hours to complete my work, so why not following easy way instead of harder…

Simply take some real food then get 20 minutes exercise and then enjoy the rest of your day without facing any weight problems…But the choice is you’rs as I am not providing you with some headings/tips for losing fat instantly like others did..!!

Now It’s Your Turn:

I am not forcing you to eat vegetables only as I am not your instructor I know you are a wise individual and can make the choice for yourself…

I am only trying to convey you that if you want’s to lose weight without doing hard exercise, you only need to get your diet under control, and this is the coolest way to reach there.The more you can make changes in your diet with the solutions listed above the more you’ll get closer to your desired weight…

Didn’t you still fed-up from that kind of food? I think now Paleo Diet is a good recipe for you to try…

I know this is much easier to say instead of applying but believe me it’s totally the game of your willpower, I was also facing problems while switching my diet due to some health issues…

But if you’re not strong enough to left your favorite food but wanna to….and expecting a good change in future then I’m here to motivate you with my best possible…Don’t Forget to Join Our Community for being update with Spicy Stuff

I am happy to hear how you decided to left eating carbs? Maintain Excercise Routine or start using water instead of Beverages filled with Sugar??Meet you in Comments…!!

How to Lose Weight by Walking ?

Is weight loss is possible with just walking in you nearest park? Yes, it is, But if you are doing it in a right way otherwise it will have less or maybe no effect on your weight.

When it comes to weight loss the first thing experts suggest is changing your diet to some low-calories food which is very easy to follow and the second thing is doing a little session of cardio exercise and walking is one of them.

No Doubt, walking for weight loss really helps you in burning more calories and losing your extra weight but here is the right way you can use to burn even more calories by just walking.

Start Eating Natural Foods:

As I already mentioned above that the first and easy method to lose weight is making minor changes in your diet plan, Let’s say you are eating foods full with calories and trying to lose weight by walking.The results will be disappointing…

Because walking is a low-intensity cardio exercise which is not going to burn the high amount of calories, So if you’re trying to lose weight by walking then make sure you are eating natural foods only.
Which Natural Foods? You’re saying

When I am saying natural foods it means food from the earth, natural food grows up for humans such as vegetables and fruits.It never includes your favorite Mcdonald’s deal or spicy biryani cooked at your home every Sunday.

So, when you are only eating vegetables cooked in less oil and fruits whenever you feeling hungry believe me or not you are already on the way of losing a good amount of weight.

But How Natural Foods help you in Losing weight?

Studies show that our digestion system is designed to digest the natural foods only.So, when you are eating high calories food like Pizzas, Burgers, Shawarmas, Fried chicken etc…Your digestion system simply gives’s up and your body end’s up with gaining extra fat or weight.

But when you are eating natural foods only, Your body is trained enough for digesting these kinds of meals and you are not going to gain any extra fats now and obviously start losing weight when doing some physical activities.

Stop Eating and Drinking Artificial Sweeteners:

Artificial sweet products are one’s which are made in factories and totally loaded with sugar like soft drinks, cakes, donuts and many other sweet products.When you eat or drink these sweeteners in between your meals you will feel more hunger and gain more calories.

I know it’s not that easy to stop using these products because now it’s the part of our daily eating routines.So, it’s better to stop eating or drinking these sweeteners slowly instead of making a ban from very first day.

Benefits of leaving these sweet products:

When you are not using these artificial sweeteners you’ll feel less hunger and also gain fewer calories and will see the major change in your weight loss progress because these tiny products are secretly helping you losing weight without letting you know….

If you are going to stop using these products, Feel free to eat or drink natural sweeteners like fruits, fruit juices, lemon water, green tea without sugar or your normal tea without adding sugar in it.I am sure, it will help you in stop using these products and you’ll no more feel the need of these products while using the natural ones.

Start with Little Walking Session:

It looks like walking is your favorite cardio exercise but when you are walking to lose weight then at starting you don’t need to walk for 13-15 Kilometers because it may lead you to major tiredness and ON next day you’ll never go for it.

So, At starting it’s perfect to walk for 15-20 minutes daily But after 7-8 days when you came into the routine of daily walking for weight loss increase your session for some time and then after some days keep increasing the minor session time.

If you start and increase the session time slowly then the day is not far when you came home after completing your round of 8-10 Kilometers and losing weight by walking happily.

Don’t compromise with your Walking Routine:

If you are trying to achieve the goal of major weight loss by walking then a daily routine is your best friend.Sure, there are some important tasks you have to do at that time of your walking session then instead of skipping your session go for at least half-time but don’t kick it.

Studies show that people doing cardio exercise daily are more likely to lose weight even they are doing it for less time, So you have to keep yourself motivated enough for going to walk daily no matter What’s ON…You are just going for it

Drink Some Weight Loss Drinks after your Session:

Walking is a low intensity and easy exercise but if you are working smarter then you are easily able to increase its effect on your body by eating low-calories diet or using best weight loss drinks.

Studies show that people drinking green tea (without adding sugar), weight loss drinks and eating low calories diet after any exercise are losing more weight than people eating their favorite foods and using soft drinks after their session of exercise, So why not working smarter than Harder?

BE Motivated for Achieving Weight Loss by Walking:

No Doubt, at starting you are not going to see any big results so instead of fedding-up keep walking and eating natural foods for forcing your body to lose weight.

Whenever you are feeling less motivated, think it in this way you are not going to lose that much weight without any workout routine and this is the easiest exercise available on the Planet, So keep doing it until you start seeing your first results.


If you’re trying to lose weight by walking then be clear that walking alone never going to help you in achieving any major results, you have to change your diet plans with natural foods and start drinking weight loss drinks instead of drinks full with sugar.

So, when you are eating natural foods it means you are not gaining any extra weight now and now doing low-intensity exercise such as walking for weight loss surely burning your extra calories and drinking weight loss drinks mentioned above surely going to increase the effect of your walking session.

What’re your methods for losing weight by walking? I will be happy to read your methods in the comments section……

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast? Quick and Easy Ways

Who told you that I like my belly fat ??

These are the exact words answered by our friend when we are teasing him due to his bulky belly, I mean nobody likes the extra fat on their body and always wish to lose belly fat without eating less or doing hard exercise….

I understand that most of you guys already knows well that eating breakfast, skipping your dinner, doing exercise, leaving fast foods helps you in losing belly fat because it’s mostly the answer of your question when you ask for someone How to lose belly fat fast?

You may also feel irritated when you’re eating your favorite Mcdonald’s deal and someone advised you to stop eating this food and start some exercise, I also don’t like the advice when I am not in the mood of paying attention to their talkings…

So In this Article, Behind telling you the ways to lose belly fat I will also tell you how to use these ways to start or keep doing until you achieve your goal….Let’s Start

Make Your Breakfast Exciting:

Healthy breakfast is compulsory if you’re trying to lose belly fat but most of us are missing this opportunity and eat lunch full with fats and carbs and thinks that we are skipping one meal….

Back in University, I was also attending lectures without doing breakfast but you know what I did for solving this problem? I designed my favorite breakfast plan for seven days and saved it in my smartphone so whenever I wake up I am excited to take that day special breakfast because I am only able to again eat that one after seven days if I was missing…

You may also design this on a blank page with colored pencils and hang it in your kitchen but smartphone idea is best, give it a try….
So, firstly maintain your breakfast routine believe me it will surely help you in losing weight and also makes you feel fresh while you’re at work….

Behave with Sugar like Enemy:

Soft drinks are a very common way to make your meal special these days but believe me our livers are not strong enough to metabolize the amount of this much sugar in our body and all turned into the fat.

Studies also show that the sugar mostly in the form of fructose can surely give you the more fat, So if you’re already trying to lose belly fat then please please start behaving with sugar like an enemy and try at least to leave the liquid sugar like soft drinks, fruit juices, and many other drinks.

If you are thinking about the sugar from the fruits or other natural resources then Don’t worry your liver is there to handle it but soft drinks and fruit juices are your worst enemies if you are fighting with fat…

Double the Protein Foods:

Whenever people ignore the difference between proteins and carbs they are actually going to gain more fat on their body. If you’re facing the fat problem it clearly means that you are eating calories or carbs more than proteins or might be not eating proteins at all….

You could need to eat more proteins because it will boost your metabolism and can also reduce the number of calories intake, In other words, it helps you in boosting your digestion system and keep you safe from the extra calories…

So, increase the amount of chicken, fish and seafood, beef, eggs, cheese, milk and yogurt in your diet because these are the top sources of adding more protein to your diet or you may also find some vegetable recipes loaded with more protein.

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits:

Your body is gaining more weight or fat whenever your digestion system failed in front of your diet because our digestion system is only trained to process the natural foods.So, if you try to increase the load on your system with some foods full with carbs you are surely going to gain more and more fat.

Mostly vegetables and fruits are totally loaded with fiber and studies show that eating fiber can surely help you in reducing belly fat more quickly and obviously natural foods are easy enough to digest…
Behind Vegetables and fruits, you may also need to find the sources where from you get the good amount of fiber in order to see the faster results…

Start a Routine of Aerobic/Cardio Excercise:

Starting an exercise routine is the most difficult job due to our busy routines as most of us thinks that it is a big assignment we have to complete every day, It’s actually not.

If you just want’s to lose your belly fat then you don’t have to run for 2 hours or start doing any hard workout at nearby GYM, In fact, it’s a big mistake most of the people DO when they want’s to start a workout routine.

They actually start doing hard workouts from very first day and end up after some days saying that it’s not matching with my daily routine, Most of the time reason behind this is getting much tired and feeling irritated.

Here is the Solution, After deciding your favorite aerobic exercise (Walking, Running, Swimming, Jogging, Rope Jumping, Cycling) you have to do it for only 15-20 minutes daily at beginning.Even it’s not a bad deal that you are losing your belly fat slightly with only 20 minutes of exercise and also getting other health benefits.

After maintaining your routine for 20 minutes cardio exercise daily, Now it’s your decision that if you want’s to lose belly fat quickly then increase the duration of your time or if you are already satisfied with your fat loss then keep doing it for 20-25 minutes.

Studies show that People doing aerobic exercises at daily basis even for a short time are losing belly fat easily and it will also prevent them from regaining extra fats even they are eating high calories diet sometimes in a week.


I hope you have got the answer to your question how to lose belly fat fast because these are the possible easy solutions that you can apply just by a minor focus on your routines.

So, you have to take your breakfast daily, leave the soft drinks as early as possible and try using some weight loss drinks, eat foods only having much protein or natural one’s and start your aerobic exercise routine as early as possible for seeing the results more quickly.

What have you done for losing your belly fat? I will be happy to read your methods in the comments section.

How to Start and Maintain Your GYM Routine ?

Maintaining your Workout Routine is the most difficult JOB These days.

Yes, Due to our busy routines and less motivation towards the workouts even exercising daily helps us in fighting with various diseases and get our body in the shape where people starts calling you Handsome while you are wearing the casual dresses.

Every fitness lover want’s to start the GYM routine maybe for strong muscles, attractive body, losing weight, feeling fresh or there are also many other reasons for joining the GYM but after doing workout for some days they Give up by saying that “I will start it in my free time”, Which is never coming ever.

So In this Article, I am going to share with you some simple tips that you can use for joining the gym and feel motivated enough for maintaining your routine.

Decide your Best Available Time:

First of all, you need to decide your best free time for joining the GYM instead of thinking about it after filling the GYM form.Let’s say you have free time from 9PM to 10PM after getting back from your work.

So On the first day, you have to only visit the GYM and make your registration there and make a little promise to yourself for joining it from tomorrow.

At Starting, Never Go for all Workouts:

When you are a beginner or decided to join the GYM again then you don’t have to perform all the workouts at very first day even you was an expert before because it will make you much tired and irritated and you are not coming back again.

This is a special reason that most of the people have while decided to quit their GYM on very next day that it’s not possible for them to do that heavy workout while going to university or office, So on your first 3-4 days you only have to perform fewer workouts possible and get home as early as possible.

It will make you feel less tired and motivated enough for going to GYM again and try some new workouts.

Make it a Priority:

Most of us behave with our workout routine like a part time additional business that they are already earning much and don’t need this extra business badly, Even I was doing the same at my starting.

So, You have to make it a priority like you have to go daily to your university or office for surviving in this society.Why not doing the same for your GYM? Most of the time you have to say “No” to your family and close friends while they are forcing you to go for an outing in your GYM timings.

At Starting, Make sure that you gave some real value to your GYM routine and ditching all the other works in that hour of your workout for giving it some little place in your busy routines.

Go for Shopping:

Finally, when you are in a routine of daily GYM after following the above simple tips now it’s time to buy some comfortable Kits like trousers, T-shirts, and Joggers for feeling more motivated and for keeping your GYM routine ON.

You may already have some comfortable workouts clothing at your home but buying some new one’s really impact your behavior and attitude towards your workouts, It’s also working for me.

Make some Clear Goals:

When you are in your routine of the daily workout after focusing on your GYM routine, Now it’s time to make some clear goals like “I am going to gain 5 Kg’s in next week” or “I am going to Lose 5-6 Kg’s as early as possible”.

It is a myth that when people set a Goal and started working for achieving it with their daily little efforts 80% of them get the Job done even in their estimated time because they are working according to the available time at this spot.

Stay Motivated:

If you are not achieving your fitness goals in your desired time then think it in this way, You will never going to see the available results if not decided to join the gym last month.

But now you are in the well-maintained routine and can achieve any fitness goals because your body is now used-to-be with your workout routine and then set some new goals and keep working while you are thinking about it.


I was also one of them who say after seeing the fit people that how they manage to do this in their busy routines? But when I started working for it. Believe me, or not it’s much easier than I was expecting it will be…

The main thing in achieving any fitness goal is keeping yourself regular and motivated enough to push yourself towards the GYM even just for the little workout, Once you get in the routine then making muscles or losing weight is much more than more easy.

Green Tea for Weight Loss: Here’s How to get Fast Results

No Doubt, Green Tea is good for losing some weight but if you are using it in a wrong way It may result in several health problems.

We have to clear our concept that “Drinking more cups of green tea can help us in losing more weight fastly”, It’s actually not.Green tea is loaded with potential antioxidants which can surely burn your body fat but you are not going to achieve any big weight loss goals with green tea alone.

How Green Tea helps you in Losing Weight ?

Green Tea contains catechins and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is one of the working substance presents in it which can boost your metabolism and promote fat oxidation, that’s why green tea is known as one of the best anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Green Tea also has accurate amount of Caffeine which can help you in reducing body weight, burning more fat and can also increase your cardio exercise performance.

Studies show that Caffeine along with EGCG effects synergistically which can boost your metabolism in a way that your body starts breaking down extra fat.

How many Cups of Green Tea are Safe to Drink ?

It’s normal that when people suddenly heard about weight loss products they start using it in the excessive amount for fastest results which may not suitable for their health and end’s up with negative effects on their Body, as I mentioned it at the start…

Same matter is here If you started using too much green tea at daily basis it may lead you to several health issues like insomnia, anxiety, upset stomach and restlessness as it contains bit higher amount of caffeine.

So, For having an acceptable amount of EGCG and Caffeine (Present in Green Tea) for weight loss you only have to drink 3-4 cups not mugs of green tea which can boost your metabolism and start burning your belly fat with the passage of time without any fear of side effects.

How to Use Green Tea for Weight Loss ?

As I told you before that If you are not using green tea for weight loss in a right way then it may never lead you to any major weight loss because working smart is always the key.

When you are making your green tea: Never go for adding sugar or honey to it because it may lead you to gain some more calories instead of burning your already gained fat, Simply made it with using hot water only.

The best timings for drinking your green tea for boosting metabolism are before 1-2 hours of breakfast or with breakfast, 1 cup after your lunch and one additional cup at evening or night.

You also have to take care of your diet as it’s not going to work if you are eating fast foods loaded with high calories and then drinking green tea for weight loss, It’s like you are burning old calories and gaining some fresh ones.

I mean if you want’s to see the major results in weight loss then it’s better to eat low-calories diet, it’s may be your favorite vegetables, fruits or any other foods from earth or you can start following a weight loss diet plan then drinking green tea for weight loss really worth it and you can surely see the results faster.

Green Tea Results Faster with Workouts:

Studies show that substances present in green tea send a message to your fat cells for breaking down fat and your fat now present in the bloodstream and available as an energy that you can use for your workouts and burn those extra fats.

When you start doing a small session of cardio exercise or any other at the gym after drinking your green tea then it means you are forcing your body to lose more calories and green tea will also increase your energy of doing any workout and you can lose more fats than exercising usually after your meal.

So, If you want’s to see the major results or even more faster results then I will suggest you start an exercise routine for at least 25-30 minutes daily while using green tea for weight loss or eating low calories diet.

Which Green Tea is Best for Weight Loss ?

When you are in the grocery store for buying green tea choose the organic one which is also a product of well-known brand because most of the local companies are selling brewed tea’s which are not rich in benefits.

You need the caffeinated organic green tea that you may confirm by reading it’s label or by asking from the store counter, Again I am saying that do not add any sugar or honey (people normally add in tea) in your green tea while making it in your kitchen.

Also Read: Best Weight Loss Drinks at Home

In Pakistan, I was using Lipton green tea for weight loss and also suggest you this one if you belong from my Country.


Green Tea can help you in boosting your metabolism but when it comes to major weight loss then this product alone will never gonna help you.

So, If you want’s to see the big results then also set a small exercise routine daily and start taking a low calories diet and avoid drinks loaded with sugar especially soft drinks and keep using the green tea for weight loss.

Hope, It will help you in losing some more weight and keep you motivated when you start seeing the results.If any questions arose in your mind feel free to comment below I will be happy to motivate you.

How to Lose Weight in 7 Days Naturally ?

Please stop thinking that only doing a hard workout or being hungry can help you in losing weight when you are able to lose weight with natural diet and small exercise of session daily, Simply read the plan given below and get the answer to your question how to lose weight in 7 days.

I know it sounds like an Ad you have recently seen on the television or may be on the internet for selling their Paid weight loss pills and supplements.It’s not, it actually works.It’s helped many people in achieving their weight loss goals.

Why Can You Believe that it will work?

You know, why you are gaining weight? Because your body is not smart enough like your taste …I mean the food you are taking is actually not processed by your digestion system and all turns to fat, So here I am going to suggest you the weight loss foods that your body is trained to process without any workout…

If your taken food is being handled with your digestion system in the right manner and you are doing cardio exercise, it means you are forcing your body to burn the extra fat.This is actually the plan that I am going to share with you and we all know that eating natural foods and doing small exercise can never hurt our body dimensions…isn’t it?

Sure, people already following some diet plan and doing a workout at the gym but never losing weight.The possible reason behind this is that they may not follow the complete plans or not consistent with the needed routine.Well, it also varies from body to body that some start losing from 1st day and others start getting results after some days of working…..

So you have to be patient and consistent while you are following this lose weight in 7 days plan because I am not suggesting you any weight loss supplements that you can see results anyways, I am only going to suggest you the food that you can easily get near from your home and exercise that you can perform at home or office without any types of equipment.

How to Lose weight in 7 Days:

If you are ready to follow this “how to lose weight in a week” plan then firstly take a day or two to make your mind that you are not going to take any other food that is not included in this plan, Still not if it’s cooked by your favorite chef in your family or offered by your best mate in the cafeteria.

If you don’t wanna to use the line “I’m on Diet”, then create any other but never get attracted by high-calories foods and say to yourself that “I’ve already gained many extra calories”.

Additionally, You will also feel healthy and full after the intake of this food and please never ever stay hungry while following this plan “Guiding you how to lose weight in 7 Days”…Let’s Begin

Eat Low Carb Foods:

We already heard this trillion of times that eating low carb foods helps us in losing weight but personally when I implemented this believe me the results are much more than my expectations because it helps me in eating less or feeling less hunger…here’s how

Sugar and starch increase your hunger and also the increase of calories intake, On the other hand, low-carb diet decreasing your hunger and helps you in burning more calories when you are sleeping.When you are on a diet plan or trying to lose weight then your main purpose is to eat fewer calories that are easy to burn…..In this case, Low-carb diet is your best friend

Long story short, Low-carb diet actually helps you in eating less or feeling less hunger and studies also shows that low-carb diet burns 300 more calories when you are resting…

Avoid Sugar as much you CAN:

Imagine a scenario that you are on a low-carb diet and continuously losing weight without any hard exercise and then you decided to eat cream cake on your friend’s birthday.Maybe, it will increase your sugar level and again you are not feeling comfortable with your diet..yes I mean you can feel more hunger and then eat more.

I only mean to say this is that when most of the people following any diet plan and getting better results, they start eating food that is not good for their health as they think that we are already following diet plans and then most of them start claiming the diet plans that it’s not actually working for me…

Let’s come to the point, If you are missing your favorite foods for the sake of weight loss and eating low-carb foods with the use of much water but never stop eating sugar believe me all your sacrifice will go in Vain….

So, Stop eating products loaded with sugar especially Soft drinks, Candies, Cookies, Cakes, James, Spreads, sauces, Ice creams.

If your aim is to eat the sweet products then why not you are eating natural foods like carrots, Sweet potatoes, Berries, Apples, Almonds, coconut etc….Sure some of these have many calories but don’t forget our comparison is with high sugar products.

Use Only Real Foods:

Well, you may be thinking that you came here for your new diet plan and I am only advising you like your parents what to eat or what to leave…’s actually not,

Actually it’s very easy for me to share some list of low-carb diets and close the discussion but I also want’s to realise you that why and how this routine will actually help you in losing weight and you also need to be motivated enough for following this plan because I know it’s not that easy to shift your eating habits with real or low-carb foods…

Now, you also need to understand that the low-carb foods present in the market is actually a scam and even contain more calories than you think, It’s a bitter truth that some companies doing this for the sake of money.Please don’t get attracted from those companies offering you low-carb bread, pasta, ice creams until you are not sure.Instead of buying food from the market you need to eat the real foods like…

Low-Carb Vegetables:

It is believed that the vegetables grown above the ground are low-carb vegetables and others growing down the ground are high-carb Vegetables.

It is safe to eat Spinach, Peeper green, Broccoli, Avocado, Lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, tomato, olives, eggplant, cauliflower while you’re on a low-carb diet plan and trying to lose weight in 7 days.

Low-Carb Fruits:

Almost all the fruits are good for your health but these ones have low carb as compared to others…Raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, watermelon, apple, orange, peach.

You can also use our Pakistani weight Loss diet Plan

Never Stay Hungry:

As I already told you that staying hungry is not the solution at all, So when you are on this low carb diet then please never think like “If I can eat less food, results will be faster” because you are already eating low-carb diet and using less fat but still if you are not eating it may cause you starvation.

When you are skipping fat and carbs in your diet, It will give you more hunger so eat enough until you feel satisfied with your diet, But if you are not feeling satisfied with eating vegetables and fruit recipes then feel free to use natural fat for satisfying your hunger like butter, meat, eggs, coconut oil etc.

That also never means you have to eat some snacks when you are even not feeling hungry, You have to plan your diet for 2 or 3 times a day containing low-carb foods and never have to eat before the time of lunch or dinner or have to avoid snacks as much as possible in order to see better results.

Start Smart Exercise Plan:

No Doubt, exercise is the best way to lose weight as most of the people start losing weight with hard workouts without changing their diet plans, yes without leaving their favorite foods but they do workouts daily at their gym for couple of hours in order to burn the extra calories and also for maintaining their body shape.

But if you are taking Low-carb diet then your body is already losing weight happily and slowly, So if you start doing small exercise at home or go out for a walk It will surely accelerate your weight loss process and now you are losing weight more fastly, so why not working smarter instead of harder ??

So, which exercises are best for you…you are saying ? Here we Go.

Cardio Exercises:

Cardio exercise is considered as the best weight loss exercise around the Globe because it’s very easy to do and obviously burning more calories, It includes Power walking, Jogging, swimming, Running, cycling, skipping, dancing…You have to select any one of them you like the most and start your routine.

Once you have started your routine then simply stick to it and remember you have to feel tired daily. For Example, if you are running 1KM at the start then after some days your body will automatically adjust with running 1KM so for being tired you have to run 1.5KM or 2.In other words you have to increase the session of your exercise with the passage of time for smooth results obviously.

Tip: In the beginning do at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise daily if possible without taking rest..Otherwise, take small rest instead of doing it wrong

Don’t Like Cardio Exercise?

It’s okay If you don’t like cardio exercise or want’s to do any other exercise while following this diet plan like some people joins gym others start lifting weight at home…In fact, it’s best if you start your own favorite exercise because our aim is to burn calories whether you are running outside the home or showing your love with dumbells.
But you have to do your favorite exercise until you feel tired in order to see fast results.

Now It’s Your Turn:

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Congo Virus in Pakistan: Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Even Doctors started getting infected by Congo Virus in Pakistan…It’s better to protect yourself than cure as there is no vaccine available for either people or Animals.

What is Congo Virus ?

Congo Virus “Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever” is a widespread tick-borne viral disease which is usually prevalent in the Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Balkan States.This dangerous disease is carried by several domestic and wild animals.

How are People Getting Infected by Congo Virus in Pakistan ?

People normally get infected by Congo Virus in Pakistan by getting a bite from infected ticks or having a contact with infected animals/people blood.

The majority of People getting infected by Congo Virus in Pakistan are involved in the Livestock Industry like slaughterhouse workers or agricultural workers.

Congo Virus Symptoms ?

According to news about Congo Virus in Bahawalpur, Infected people showing the symptoms of high fever, sore throat and diarrhea for almost 5-6 Days.

WHO explains it’s symptoms in this way: an Affected person may show symptoms such as fever, muscle ache, dizziness, neck pain and stiffness, headache, sore eyes and abnormal sensitivity to light.

How to Diagnose Congo Virus in Pakistan ?

It can be detected by different laboratory tests such as serum neutralization, antigen detection, virus isolation by cell culture and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

Diagnosis in affected individuals is proceeded by RNA detection in Blood and tissue samples because the patients in the starting do not usually develop a measurable antibody response.

But the Blood samples presents an extreme risk and should only proceed under maximum biological containment conditions.

How to Protect Yourself from this Virus ?

As we all knows that It is very difficult to get cured of this dangerous virus so it’s better to protect yourself especially if you are living near animals or hospitals by following these pieces of advice given from experts…

1: Wear Long sleeves and Long Trousers (protective clothing)
2: Wear Light Color clothes so you can easily detect ticks on your clothes.
3: Use approved anti-ticks on your clothes for instantly killing ticks.
4: Regularly check your clothes for ticks, if you found one remove them safely.
5: Avoid visiting the areas where ticks are abundant like farm houses, slaughterhouses.
6: Wear Protective Clothing or gloves while dealing with animals or their tissues.
7: Avoid close physical contacts with CCHF infected people.
8: Wear protective clothing or gloves while taking care of infected people.
9: Wash Hands or take a Bath after visiting or caring infected People.

Hope you take care of yourself and avoid visiting the mentioned places these days.