Best Breakfast for Weight Loss in Urdu

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because mostly it decides that you are going to eat heavy Lunch & Dinner or eat less.

Most of the people skip their breakfast and eat a heavy lunch full with calories which lead them to gain more weight and calories.

So, If you are eating these breakfast for weight loss then you will obviously eat less in your lunch because you are already feeling full before Lunch Time.

But wait ? There are some breakfasts that you can eat and never feel much hungry at your lunch time and you will eat very less at the whole day

Breakfast for Weight Loss in Urdu:

I want to remind you that when you are trying to lose weight it’s compulsory to eat less while not punishing your tummy with hunger.

This is what this breakfast is going to help you eat less and you will burn the old calories while you are moving around in your Office or College.

Eat Protein Breakfast Daily:

Proteins are very effective for the people trying to lose weight because it helps you in feeling full and also your body will burn more calories while digesting these natural foods.

According to a study, When you are eating proteins in your breakfast It will surely help you in eating a less whole day as compared to not eating proteins in your breakfast.

So, You have to try eating natural Protein breakfasts and feel the huge difference of hunger in your routine.

Why does Protein Breakfast help in Losing Weight ?

Protein is the very important nutrient for weight loss because our body burns more calories while metabolizing protein foods.

Studies show that protein breakfasts can reduce your hunger and also helps you in eating at least 100 calories a later day.

As I have already mentioned that proteins also helps you in feeling full, It actually helps you in eating a less whole day without noticing your bad eating habits.

Which Protein Breakfasts are Best ?

The main source of proteins in the breakfast is the Eggs which are high in the protein, If you are eating eggs instead of “Paratha” in the morning then you will eat less.

There are also many other Dairy products like Milk and Yogurt which are high in proteins and you can use in your breakfasts for giving your body a protein boost.

Here are some delicious Protein Breakfasts that you have to try eating daily:

1: Fried Eggs with 2 brown Slices.

2: Omelet with less oil and 2 brown bread slices.

3: Skimmed Yogurt with Bun.

4: Drinking Milk with Toast.

Final Words:

When you are trying to lose weight you have to follow weight loss diet plan, You can follow these breakfast for weight loss for eating less later in the lunch and Dinner.

That never means that it will work automatically but you can still feel much hunger in the early days but you have to convince your body that you have enough calories for surviving and then eat less.

Always, Drink more water before and after your meals that will also help you in losing weight.If you have any questions regarding weight loss then you can post a comment there I will try to respond you as soon as possible.

I will be happy to meet you in the Comments.

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  1. Why don’t you made a complete diet plan for pakistani people.. as you know that we are addictive to “roti” and “typical salen”

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