Totkay for Weight Loss in Urdu

Totkay for weight loss is not enough for achieving major weight loss Goals…

Yes its true, If you are trying to lose weight then there are simply two ways to do this in a perfect way…

1: Start Eating Low-calories Food

2: Start Doing exercise Daily

YOU must be thinking that if these totkay are useless then why I am going to write a guide about desi totkay for weight loss?

Because these weight loss remedies will work like Chocolate layer on the Icecream that can increase the weight loss effects of your both exercise and Diet Plan.

Here’s how !!!

Let’s Imagine a scenario with me that you are eating a low calories food like vegetables and fruits only that clearly means that you are not gaining any extra calories.

Then you started doing running for 20-25 minutes daily which will surely help you in losing your old calories because now you are not gaining any new calories.

In other words, Your exercise will force your body to burn the old fats because there are not any new fats in the body.

Now you started using these totkay for weight loss that will surely burn some calories fastly because your body is now considered in the mood of burning calories or ready for burning some more calories.

In this way, these totkay will work for weight loss, If you are already using Fast foods and Biryani these desi totkay don’t have much power to give you major results…

Totkay for Weight Loss in Urdu (Audio):

Here are some best desi totkay for weight loss that you can use for getting results faster…

Green Tea:

Some researchers have found that Green Tea for weight loss is perfect because there are some components present in it like caffeine and catechins which can speed up your metabolism and helps your body to stop gaining more weight.

1: Drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily.

2: Drinking it after your exercise will burn more calories.

Cinnamon Tea:

Cinnamon tea is also considered as one of the best desi totkay for weight loss because it can manage your blood sugar level and studies show that if you are trying to lose weight then you have to manage your blood sugar levels.

So, It actually helps your body to not gain any more calories and burn the old ones with your physical activities.

1: Simply add 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon to a cup of water and boil it for 5 minutes.

2: Now filter and drink it daily 2 times in a day for better results.

Lemon Water:

Lemon water is also considered as one of the best desi totkay for weight loss because it can improve your digestion system.

Actually, weight problem usually occurs when your digestion system is not working properly and by the help of lemon juice you can improve it and your body will start digesting the foods properly.

1: Simply squeeze 1 lemon into the cup of water and now add some black pepper and honey in it, After mixing drink it daily 1-2 times.

Black Coffee:

Studies have shows that black coffee is also best totka for weight loss because it can help you in not eating much or you will feel full after drinking a cup of coffee.

It will also help you in burning some more calories by boosting your body metabolism especially if you are drinking it after your exercise.

1: Don’t add sugar and cream in your coffee.

2: Drink 1-2 cups of black coffee daily for seeing the results.

Drink Cold Water:

When it comes to weight loss totkay then we can not simply forget the water because if you are drinking enough water then your body will be hydrated and start losing fats.

Drinking cold water boosts your metabolism because your body will burn calories while trying to bring the cold water to the body temperature.

If you are now drinking 7-8 Glass of water daily then increase the amount to 12-13 glasses that will also increase your trips to the washroom and helps your body to be hydrated.

Try to drink 1-2 Glass of water before every meal and have some space of water after your meals.

Yogurt without Sugar:

You can also consider the yogurt as totkay for weight loss because if you are eating it in the breakfast then your digestion system will be improved for the almost whole day.

But remember, Don’t add any sugar in it and also clear the thick cream on the yogurt and only eat the plain yogurt.

Also, add 1 spoon of pure honey in it and eat 1 small plate of yogurt and honey daily before taking your light breakfast.

Final Words:

When you are trying to lose weight then firstly you have to balance your diet routine and exercise routine in a proper way.

Then you can start using these totkay for weight loss because as I have already mentioned above that these can only work faster if you are in a good lifestyle.

Simply select 1-2 desi totkay for weight loss from the above list and start using in your daily routine, Soon you will start seeing the results.

Top Smartness Tips in Urdu

So You are looking for some best smartness tips in Urdu? It seems you are a bit overweight and trying to get back to the original body shape…

Actually losing some weight is not that much difficult that we heard from everyone that “You have to stop eating everything and start doing heavy exercises”, It’s actually not…

Most of us think that If we are not eating anything whole day and facing starvation It will help us in losing weight, It’s totally wrong prediction.

In Fact, If you are trying to lose some weight you just have to shift your diet to some low-calories food.Yes, it’s that easy…

So, Here are some best tips for smartness that you can use to make your body smart again…

Smartness Tips in Urdu:

Eat only Low-Calories Food:

As I have already mentioned above that you just have to now eat some low-calories food because you have already gained enough calories which you have to burn in a mean time…

Because if you are eating only low-calories food then it clearly means that now you are not gaining any more weight and your body is ready to burn your old fats…

But What is Low-calories Food?

The simple answer to this question is the natural food that grown up for the humans like Vegetables, Fruits, Meat, Nuts ….It never includes the processed food like Pizza, Shawarma, Burger, Nuggets, Cold Drinks and other things…

I suggest you to stop eating those fast foods and stick with your vegetables and fruits routine for some days….

Simply eat a Normal Breakfast like Brown Bread, Egg and a Cup of tea.
In your Lunch: Eat 1 Roti with the vegetable not having much oil and Chicken/Meat also…

In your Dinner: Eat the Same vegetable with 1 Roti…

Make sure that you are also not eating Rice, Daal, Biryani, Qorma etc at the starting of this routine…

Start Doing Some Exercise:

If you are not doing any exercise, You may feel that your body is not that active and mind is not that productive to work properly…

As you are looking for some smartness tips but it’s only possible if you are using the above diet plan and after some days you have to start your exercise routine slowly…

After some days of eating vegetables, Now start doing running, jogging or cycling for at least 20 minutes daily at your nearest park when you are wearing trousers and joggers…

These are also some of the best weight loss tips in Urdu that you are already eating very low calories that your body is not gaining any extra weight and now burning the old fats with the little cardio exercise session.

So, when you have maintained your routine of daily exercise for 20 minutes then after some days increase the 5 minutes and then after some days increase the other five minutes…

In this way, you can increase the session of your exercise so you will start seeing the slimness in your body….

Final Words:

The smartness tips in Urdu written above are just saying that you have to shift your diet routine to some low calories food written above and after some days of this routine start a exercise with above method and you will start seeing the result of these simple tips.

Please Keep in mind that it’s not quick weight loss Plan or any formula for dropping major weight in some days, In fact these are some very easy smartness tips in Urdu that people can use and start losing weight slowly but happily…

I only mean that If you are not seeing any results in the starting then don’t stop yourself from this routine and keep doing it because soon you are going to see the very clear results of these little efforts plus you will also feel more active and your mind fresh every time.

How to Lose Weight in Urdu in 10 Days

So, You are looking for how to lose weight in Urdu in 10 Days Plan? It looks like you are in hurry for attending a function or any important life event…

It’s not impossible to lose weight in 10 days but you have to work smart instead of stop eating your meals, Let me tell you that smart work !!

I know you are in hurry that’s why you are reading the article saying “How to Lose weight in Urdu in 10 days”, But relax for 5 minutes I’ll tell you the complete method.

I mean when you finished reading this article you will clearly have the way of losing weight in 10 days.

Let’s Go:

How to Lose Weight in Urdu in 10 Days:

Actually, Losing weight means you are burning more calories than you earn or eat. I mean this process is about two steps.Firstly, you have to stop eating new calories and secondly you have to burn the calories present already have in your body.

Here is one thing clears that If you never stops eating new calories and trying to burn the old one’s then all your efforts go in vain and you ends up losing nothing.

But how you can follow the 1st step and stop eating new calories, Let me explain you…

Stop Eating New Calories (Step 1):

I know you are tired of listening that eating fewer carbs and calories helps in losing weight but you don’t know exactly which kind of foods in your diet actually giving you more weight.

So, Firstly your best friends Pizza, Shawarma, Burgers, Sandwiches, Nuggets, Paratha Rolls are secretly gifting you the fat and I know you never believe that your friends can do this with you…

These are totally loaded with Oil and filled with calories that can give you enough fats to increase your weight.

Secondly: Sorry but your Mom’s tasty Biryani, Qorma, Beef Kabab and products like that are also giving you more than your Mom expectations, I mean the calories.

Behind these products are filled with your favorite Cook’s Love, there is also an extra amount of oil and calories present in it.

These are some common products in everyone’s Diet I guess, that are increasing your problem.But the major Problem is How can you stop eating these Foods?

How to Stop Eating Fast Foods and Biryani?

Actually, it’s very easy for me to stop eating my favorite foods because I am a taste lover, Here’s how:

Everyone guides you to stop eating these foods and most of us try to leave eating these one’s but after some days we forget the benefits and start eating again due to the yummy flavor.

The right method of stop using anything is finding it’s best alternative, I mean you have to make the delicious taste of vegetables and fruit recipes so your mind will never go toward those packed foods from the market.

I clearly mean that you have to collect best vegetable recipes that will never remind you the taste of Pizza, and eat fruits instead of those snacks from the market.I have also done the same with my favorite vegetable recipes.

Now my favorite foods are Bhindi Fry, Aloo Palak, Mattar Gajjar and Phalian ghosht.

Request your home cook for making you special vegetables or learn it for yourself, So you are not going to buy anything from the market.

Start Eating Vegetables and Fruits:

Vegetables and fruits are the products that are actually grown up for humans and our body is smart enough to digest this low-calories food easily without any exercise.

As I have already told you that if you are not a vegetable lover then addict yourself by making delicious recipes but you already knows your best vegetables then it’s way easy for you.

Eat your daily meals with breakfast and 1 Roti and if you feel hungry in between the meals then feel free to eat fruits but avoid eating Bananas.

Stop Drinking Soft Drinks:

Soda or Soft Drinks are also very effective in helping you gaining more weight, These drinks are never giving you the calories directly.

But According to a research in the United States, Soft drinks included much sugar that will increase your hunger and you will end up eating more than you need.

As we are trying to eat less, so we don’t need these kinds of drinks in your diet.You can try some weight loss drinks instead.

I also want’s to say that you have to use less sugar as you can in your diet and if you are a sweet lover then eat fruits because those are natural products.

Now Step 1 Completed:

If you just follow these simple steps I mean stop Eating foods from the market, Start eating vegetables at home, Start eating fruits instead of snacks from the market then your step 1 is completed that now you are not eating any new calories.

Again, I am saying that if you never stop eating new calories (Follow step 1) then burning old calories will never work (step 2 never work).

Burn the Old Calories (Second Step):

If you are following the above diet plan then it means you are not eating any new calories and if now you start doing any exercise your body will burn the old calories and you will start losing weight fastly.

But, you are in hurry and want’s to lose weight in 10 days then you also needs to start some hard exercises or lift some heavy weights that affect your body instantly with these quick weight loss tips.

NOW, Let’s go towards that how you have to perform exercises:

Lift Heavy Weights at Gym:

If you already have some knowledge about Gym then it’s best to join it again with proper routine and start lifting some heavy weight from Day One.

The key of going Gym daily for me is that I have listed some best music tracks for Gym motivation as I am a music lover, So I can only listen to those tracks if I go to the gym…

Secondly, At starting my session is just for 15-20 minutes so I never feel bored or tired at the next day.You always have to start with a small session that will make you less tired and you will be ready for the next day to Gym.

In this way, you are burning your old calories at Gym and when you get’s home relax for some time and have some weight loss drink like green tea or tea.

Start Cardio Exercise:

If you are women (most of them never joins Gym) or you don’t like Gym then Start you favorite Cardio (Running, Walking, Jogging, Cycling) exercise.

If you are trying to lose weight in Urdu in 10 days then these are also very beneficial for you, You only have to select your favorite cardio exercise and do it daily for 20-25 minutes at your nearest park with short breaks.

Keep in mind that when are trying to burn calories you have to do some high-intensity exercise session, like If you are doing running then you don’t have to wait for 5 minutes after 1 round but you just have 40-50 seconds for a break and then start the other round.

Do this daily for at least 15-20 minutes and after getting home after relaxing have some weight loss drinks like Green tea, Regular tea, Coffee etc.

Now Step 2 Completed:

When you are trying to lose weight in 10 days your second step is to burn more calories as you can by doing high-intensity exercises, Lift enough weight you can at the Gym or Run continuously at your nearest park with very short breaks.

After doing maximum effort at exercise, Drink some weight loss products that also relaxes you and helps you in burning more and yes eat slowly and less because after exercise you are going to more hungry.

So, After doing this in a proper routine your second step is also completed.

The conclusion of (How to Lose weight in Urdu in 10 Days):

Listen to me Carefully, If you are trying to lose weight in 10 days I mean in short time then After having a normal Breakfast, eat vegetables in your lunch and dinner with 1 Roti.If you feel hungry before your meal timings then eat fruits but not the banana.

Then do maximum exercises daily you can for burning your calories and drink green tea, coffee at night.Never skip your exercises session and do it daily with maximum efforts.

If you are totally following this you can start seeing the results in 10 days, If the results are less then don’t leave this routine soon you are going to see the big results and just maintain your routine.

Because some people start seeing results in 10 days and other in 20, So never skip this routine It differs from body to body.I hope you will achieve your desired results in this way…

If you feel I am missing something and you have any kinda question, Drop a comment below I will be happy to meet you in the Comments section.

How to Lose Weight in 5 Days in Urdu

It’s Possible to start seeing results of weight loss in Just 5 days…

Well, It’s not a trick or I am not a magician but it’s still possible, you just have to make some minor changes in your routine for getting most of the benefit from this How to lose weight in 5 Days in Urdu Plan.

When you are trying to lose weight there is a simple equation

Eat Low Calories + Burn More calories = Fast Weight Loss

So, You are just going to follow this equation for 5 Days and you will start seeing the amazing results with your own smart Diet and Exercise Plan,

Let’s Go without further reading…

How to Lose weight in 5 Days in Urdu:

Stop Eating Carbs and Fats:

When you are trying to lose weight fast the very first step is to cut out the extra fats and carbs from your diet before those 5 days of Plan.

But How? Simply stop eating foods that are not vegetables and fruits.You only have to start eating vegetables in your diets and fruits for removing your extra hunger.

Yes, you have to stop eating all those special foods including Burgers, Shawarma, Nuggets, Biryani and many others…

This is the first step of our Plan and by just doing this you will start seeing the good results.

Only Eat when you are too Hungry:

The first step of your plan is that you have to shift your diet plan with vegetables and fruits before those 5 days plan.

When you have managed to eat vegetables daily, Now the second step is to only eat meals when you are too hungry otherwise try to survive on fruits and nuts.

But, I am not saying that you have to punish your belly with starvation.I am just saying that pass much time you can without eating meals.

I mean you have to eat less as possible or you may skip a meal by just eating fruits at that time but don’t use bananas because that one is solid fruit for gaining weight.

Do some High Intensity Exercise Daily:

In our first two steps make sure that we are only eating the low amount of vegetables and Roti in our lunch and dinner with good breakfast (Not Paratha).

Now start doing some heavy exercise at high intensity for giving a good signal to your body for burning more and more calories.

I suggest you go to Gym for 30-40 minutes exercise session where you can lift heavy weight at your Shoulders, Chest and Biceps.

But If you don’t want to Join Gym then you have to do Running or Cycling for at least 30-40 minutes without more than 1-minute break in it.

Whatever you are going to do, Do it with your maximum power for maximum time at daily basis and also with very short breaks in between your exercise.

Drink Green Tea and Cold Water:

When you are doing high-intensity exercise you are already losing calories as much as possible if you are also not eating extra for filling that empty space.

After getting home after completing your exercise, Now drink green tea for weight loss because it’s very beneficial for burning more calories and it will work like Chocolate on the Cone for your weight loss.

Drinking a Cup of Green tea will surely help you in fast weight loss.
Secondly, Drink as more water as you can daily it will boost your metabolism for burning more calories.It’s perfect if you are drinking very cold water in double amount daily for burning more calories.

If you are drinking 8 glass of water daily then now drink 16 that will boost your metabolism and also increase the washroom trips.

Your Diet Plan Now:

When you are doing heavy exercise it will only effective if you are eating foods written above, As I have already mentioned.

So, your diet plan must be like Eat Whole Egg with 2 slices and cup of tea in Breakfast for weight loss.

Eat vegetable in your Lunch with 1 Roti.

Then eat the same vegetable in your Dinner with 1 Roti.

If you still feel that you are hungry then eat fruits like Watermelon, Grapefruit, Avocados, Oranges etc.

Final Words:

When you are following this guide on How to lose weight in 5 Days in Urdu you just have to remind yourself one thing that you have to eat as many low calories as you can without facing hunger and burn more calories you can in your exercise session.

You also have to wait for the results because it’s not very much quick but you will start seeing the results in 5 days If you see a difference in your weight then keep doing the same routine for major weight loss.

How to Lose Weight with Natural Foods?

If you are struggling with weight loss then you must need to know that our weight directly depends on what we are eating or drinking

So, if we are eating foods loaded with high calories and want’s to lose weight with doing exercises then it’s not even possible why?

Because if we are burning 200 calories with daily exercise or other physical activities then we are also gaining more than 400 calories daily with our favorite high calories diet, In this article you will come to know that how you can easily lose weight with natural foods.

What is Natural Food Diet plan?

When I am saying natural foods it means food from the earth such as vegetables, fruits, Nuts etc and you are not using food from shopping bags, drive thru’s such as Burgers, Shawarmas, Sandwiches and others…

So, when you are only eating foods from earth it clearly means that you are not gaining any extra calories and burning the old calories by your physical activities because your body is trained enough naturally for digesting natural foods like vegetables and fruits without any exercises.

But when you are eating fast foods and other full with calories and after getting this food in your digestion system only some of them utilized properly and other calories turns into fat which causes you weight gain instantly, Also because your body is not strong enough to digest that high calories diet.

Sure, some people are eating high calories diet but still not gaining much weight it’s because your body and digestion system vary from other people so you have to change your diet plan according to your digestion system and body needs.

As you have already experimented high calories diet but it results in extra weight which is probably not liked by any individual.Now give one try to this weight loss diet plan and you will surely start losing weight or will come back to your desired body shape.

How to Lose weight with Natural Foods?

When you realize that unnatural foods are causing your weight problems and now you have decided to start eating natural foods only, then here is the guide for quick weight loss results…

Quit Eating Fast Foods Slowly:

When you have already decided to quit eating fast foods then it never means you have to quit it from day one because whenever we try to quit something instantly we end up with eating such things after some days, but if you are able to quit instantly then it’s perfect for you.

Otherwise, Start eating vegetables and fruits and stop eating fast foods slowly.Only eat one burger or shawarma on some special occasions or with some special people but try your best to quit as soon as possible.

Start Making Yummy Natural Food Recipes:

Most of us are actually taste lovers and think that vegetables don’t have yummy taste as compared to your favorite Mcdonald’s deal, Search for some special vegetable recipes like grilled potato, Palak paneer, chickpeas salad and many others.

When you start eating some special vegetable recipes it will automatically blur your focus from outside foods and you will start liking vegetables soon, One can easily find some delicious recipes by searching on the internet.

Stop Drinking Beverages:

When you are trying to lose weight with natural recipes then make sure that you are not drinking beverages for making your meals special because soft drinks and other beverages are totally loaded with sugar and can increase your hunger badly then you end up eating many calories at daily basis.

Sure, sodas and soft drinks are not adding calories directly to your body but these are all filled with sugar which is bad for one struggling for weight loss and studies show that people drinking beverages gain more calories than people drinking fresh juices and some weight loss drinks.

Final Words:

If you don’t want’s to do hard workouts at daily basis and only want’s to lose weight with natural foods then stop eating fast foods and other loaded with calories by the method given above.

Make your natural food recipes yummier and stick to your diet plan, it will give you quick results because when you are following this plan then you are only eating the foods that are easily digestible with your body.

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips in Urdu

Easy weight Loss tips are one’s where you don’t have to follow the strict Diet Plans and Do exercises for many hours Daily !!

But you just have to make some minor changes both in your Diet and Physical activities for getting the better results.

But let me tell you that these are most easy weight loss tips in Urdu, After reading if you still feels that you are not able to follow these weight loss tips then you are almost not going to lose anything, yes I am sure these are most easy ones.

Easy Weight Loss Tips in Urdu:

Let’s me show you those 5 easy weight loss tips that you never heard Before…

Select Your Favorite Market Foods:

In the first step, You just have to select your favorite market foods and write down on a paper like my favorite’s are Pasta, Burger, Shawarma, Pizza, Paratha Roll and Spicy Biryani.

After writing the maximum foods that you are eating normally from the market, Now also add some of your favorite Restaurants where you visit normally with your family and friends.

If you still didn’t write those in Paper, Do this now I am going to show you an awesome Plan but not without writing.

Now I believe that you have written those products and places on the Page and now Mark/Tick the foods that you eat almost daily, The most favorites from the market.

Select Your Favorite Vegetables:

After writing the favorite market foods, Now on the other page write your favorite vegetables that you want’s to eat every day from your home and always like to suggest those vegetables when someone asks you the question “What can we cook today”.

Deeply think about your favorite available vegetables and write all of them there on the paper because these are going to help you out with this problem.

Select Your Favorite Fruits:

Now, You have to write all your favorite fruits on the paper that are also easily available or you can get from the nearest market.In my case, I like almost all of the fruits but I still wrote Apple, Oranges, Pineapple, Avocado etc.

Try to write the things very neatly because you are going to see these pages on the daily basis and you are actually making your diet plan, yes it’s true with your favorite products.

Cut and Marking of Products:

As you are asking for easy weight loss tips in Urdu, So now open the favorite market foods list and cross on every product you wrote because you are not going to eat anything from this list or market, Okay? Because these are actually giving you extra calories and not included in your Diet Plan from Now.

Now, You just have to go to the market and buy your favorite vegetables and fruits at least for the 4-5 days.After getting home tell to your Mother or chef for cook you daily your favorite vegetables.

You have already selected your favorite Vegetables so I don’t think that it’s very difficult for you to eat daily vegetables, It’s even exciting new healthy Diet plan: Believe me, instead of making rude look on the screen.

I am only saying that You just have to eat your favorite vegetables in your meals with 1-2 Roti and don’t eat anything from outside, I mean anything if you wants to see some awesome results.

But if you feel hungry in between your meals or at your snacks time then don’t forget you already have your favorite fruits in your Fridge, Eat them for snacks or for extra food I mean.

Select your Favorite Exercise:

I know you are smart but don’t be fast, I mean firstly maintain your diet plan according to the above menu and wait for at least 4-5 days before coming to this step.

Now let’s say you have maintained your diet and ready for the next step, Then select your favorite exercise from these: Running, Jogging, Cycling, Rope Jumping, Weight Lifting.

After selecting your favorite exercise to get ready for it, You just have to do your favorite exercise at morning or evening for 15-20 minutes: It’ very easy…

When your body get’s use to the exercise now it’s time to increase the 5 more minutes and like this increase your exercise session to 30-40 minutes but not quickly, I am doing now 30 minutes running daily and it’s pretty easy for me as I have also started with 10 minutes daily.

Select Your Favorite Motivation:

Without motivation nothing is actually Possible, So for achieving this goal you have to dedicate yourself a motivation every day, I am always saying to myself that

“People will be shocked to see me in this body shape” So I keep following my vegetables/Fruit diet plan.

When It comes to exercise I am also a lazy person, So I have selected some best Music tracks that I am only listening when I am on track for running.You can also use to listen to your favorite podcasts or music on the running track.

Because Music or latest news is something that is always giving me a kick for getting out for my Running session, Hope you got my point.

Final Words:

I have written some easy weight loss tips that you can follow without any hesitation, But one thing is more than important in this plan called “Consistency”.

Believe me at starting you are only going to see the little results but If you keep yourself motivated for this daily Plan and keep following these weight loss tips then you are going to achieve some surprising results.

Please now instead of thinking that you should follow this Plan or not take an action this time and show your efforts and get rid of this bulky body and have some attractive one, you will love it and obviously your friends and special persons will also love it…

I will be happy to read your feelings after reading this article below in Comments, Also If I am missing something mention below for helping me or also other readers…

Easy Weight Loss Exercises in Urdu

When you are trying to lose weight there are almost two easy steps to do this…

1: Start Eating Low calories Diet
2: Start Doing Exercises for Burning Calories

Low-calories foods are one’s which grown up for humans like vegetables and fruits, I have already explained this in losing weight with natural foods.

Secondly, you have to start doing exercise daily which helps you in burn more and more calories.

But today we will talk about what are some best weight loss exercises and how to start doing those in your daily routines.

Weight Loss Exercises in Urdu:

High-intensity exercises are considered as the best for losing weight naturally but when you are a beginner you don’t have to spend hours in the gym for doing heavy workouts.

You also don’t need to run for hours in the park for losing weight, In fact, you have to do these in a right way….Let’s Go


Cycling is known as the perfect weight loss exercise because it’s both high intensity and low-intensity exercise depends on your speed and session time.

According to a research, cycling can burn in between 380 to 1000 calories per hours which depend on your speed and weight.

It’s best to use gear cycles for exercise and set the back gear to 1st or 2nd slot, It will need your more pedals or leg rotations for moving.
Cycling can surely boost your metabolism If you are just starting then do it for only 20-25 minutes daily without taking a break.

After some days increase your time and reach the 1 hour daily but slowly…


If you don’t like cycling and love to run in the nearest park then it’s a great opportunity for you.

According to a study running burns almost 600 calories per hour, and also helps you in pumping your heart at a healthy rate.

Before starting running you have to buy good joggers and also change your dress to trouser and T-shirt.

When you are running take a very short break after 1 round of 1-2 minutes and then start running on the track.

But when you are just starting, Only run for 15-20 minutes so you are not tired enough and will happily go for next day.After the time passing increases your running duration.

Rope Jumping:

Most of us used to jump the rope in our childhood, I always try to win from my cousin but he can easily do 143 reps in one set…I just hate him at that time.

Well, It’s also considered as one of the best weight loss exercise because it can burn 800 calories in one hour…but if you are expert at it
Jumping rope is a high-intensity activity, No matter how many experts you are but at starting you have to do this only for 25-30 minutes and then increase the time…It’s perfect if you are looking for weight loss exercises at home.


Doing pushups daily can also help you in burn calories easily, According to a study 15 Pushups can burn almost 100 calories.

But I can only do 12 at once easily because I am also a loser in this game from my cousin who is now training people at Gym.

In this exercise, you are not only losing calories but also building muscles as pushups are very effective for abs, shoulder, chest, triceps and lower back.

You can easily do pushups at home, but make sure that you are doing this slowly and perfect no matter you are doing 7-10 at once.

When you are starting do daily 2-3 sets of 12 reps, After the time when your body gets use to it increase the number of sets and you will see the results very soon.

Join Gym:

If you are doing any of the above exercises and want’s to complete your weight loss goal early then join the gym, believe me, the results will clear and fast.

If you were already doing gym but stop due to some reasons then Gym is the perfect place for you to burn your calories.

You have to lift weight (that you can easily) at your shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps and also do little workouts of tummy.

But, when you get home after doing high-intensity exercises at the gym make sure that you are not eating enough and just relying on vegetables and fruits, Also don’t eat bananas and other solid fruits in this routine.

If you are new and also don’t want to join any trainer then open youtube and learn the exact method of doing exercises at Gym, Also don’t feel shy about asking from experts there at Gym believe me they will guide you properly.

I also used to do the same, learned the basics from youtube trainers and while performing I always ask for someone to see if I am doing this right or wrong.

Some More Tips (Must Read):

Select any one exercise from the above list of weight loss exercises that interests you more or you feels that you can easily do that daily…
Start doing daily, At starting you just have to do for very short time and then increase the time slowly.

Same applies to Gym start with low weights and increase the weight with the time for preventing your body from injury.

When you are doing exercise daily, don’t skip 1-2 days in a week instead do this for half time but don’t skip for better results.

After your exercise session doesn’t eat too much. Just eat weight loss diet and have some weight loss drinks.

If you are not seeing results at starting then don’t worry it’s normal or it varies from body to body type, Keep doing exercise soon or later you are going to see the major results.

After closing this tab doesn’t wait for the next Monday instead start from tomorrow and keep doing, I wish you best of luck for your weight loss journey.

Also, whenever you needs motivation come to our blog we are trying our best to motivate people for living a healthy life.

Kalonji for Weight Loss in Urdu

There are many weight loss products, If some of them worked for someone it never means that it’s going to work for you as well because different body types or different ways of intaking these metabolism boosting products don’t have the same effects, Here’s the complete guide on how to use kalonji for weight loss in Urdu.

Kalonji is used for many health benefits and one of them is weight loss, due to the bunch of nutrients present in it like vitamins, aromatic oils, and enzymes.Black seeds also have compounds present in it such as amino acids, saponins, crude fiber etc…

Kalonji for Weight Loss in Urdu:

There is a high fiber content and nigellone present in kalonji which helps to reduce the central fat of your body without any kind of side effects, that’s why people use kalonji for weight loss.

How to Lose Weight with Kalonji?

When it comes to weight loss, you need to burn more calories than you earn in order to lose some weight.We use kalonji for boosting our metabolism for burning some more calories with our physical activities.

But, If you are already eating high calories food and not doing weight loss exercises daily then these kalonji benefits for weight loss in Urdu are not going to help you.The reason is that you are already taking many calories that cannot be burned by just using kalonji for weight loss.

So, If you want’s to use the kalonji for weight loss in a real way then you also need to start following weight loss diet plan while you are also going out for your cardio exercise session then it will work like Icing on the cake.

You also need to know, Studies show that kalonji can interact with many supplements and can lower the blood-sugar possibly, It’s better to firstly consult with doctor before using cumin seeds for weight loss because everyone has their own health state and it’s not good to use one product for solving one problem while creating other in your body.

It’s better to research or satisfy yourself before using any kind of products or medicines for your health so you will never claim yourself after some time.

How to USE Kalonji for Weight Loss?

1: Take five seeds of Kalonji, crush them and add it to the warm water.

2: Now add a spoon of honey and squeeze a lemon in the water.

3: Mix it well and use on daily basis.

NOTE: Please don’t use more than five or six seeds at once because it may lead you to many interactions with other supplements you are using as we discussed before, Use this kalonji for weight loss recipe daily and you will see the results soon.