Kalonji for Weight Loss in Urdu

There are many weight loss products, If some of them worked for someone it never means that it’s going to work for you as well because different body types or different ways of intaking these metabolism boosting products don’t have the same effects, Here’s the complete guide on how to use kalonji for weight loss in Urdu.

Kalonji is used for many health benefits and one of them is weight loss, due to the bunch of nutrients present in it like vitamins, aromatic oils, and enzymes.Black seeds also have compounds present in it such as amino acids, saponins, crude fiber etc…

Kalonji for Weight Loss in Urdu:

There is a high fiber content and nigellone present in kalonji which helps to reduce the central fat of your body without any kind of side effects, that’s why people use kalonji for weight loss.

How to Lose Weight with Kalonji?

When it comes to weight loss, you need to burn more calories than you earn in order to lose some weight.We use kalonji for boosting our metabolism for burning some more calories with our physical activities.

But, If you are already eating high calories food and not doing weight loss exercises daily then these kalonji benefits for weight loss in Urdu are not going to help you.The reason is that you are already taking many calories that cannot be burned by just using kalonji for weight loss.

So, If you want’s to use the kalonji for weight loss in a real way then you also need to start following weight loss diet plan while you are also going out for your cardio exercise session then it will work like Icing on the cake.

You also need to know, Studies show that kalonji can interact with many supplements and can lower the blood-sugar possibly, It’s better to firstly consult with doctor before using cumin seeds for weight loss because everyone has their own health state and it’s not good to use one product for solving one problem while creating other in your body.

It’s better to research or satisfy yourself before using any kind of products or medicines for your health so you will never claim yourself after some time.

How to USE Kalonji for Weight Loss?

1: Take five seeds of Kalonji, crush them and add it to the warm water.

2: Now add a spoon of honey and squeeze a lemon in the water.

3: Mix it well and use on daily basis.

NOTE: Please don’t use more than five or six seeds at once because it may lead you to many interactions with other supplements you are using as we discussed before, Use this kalonji for weight loss recipe daily and you will see the results soon.

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