Easy Weight Loss Exercises in Urdu

When you are trying to lose weight there are almost two easy steps to do this…

1: Start Eating Low calories Diet
2: Start Doing Exercises for Burning Calories

Low-calories foods are one’s which grown up for humans like vegetables and fruits, I have already explained this in losing weight with natural foods.

Secondly, you have to start doing exercise daily which helps you in burn more and more calories.

But today we will talk about what are some best weight loss exercises and how to start doing those in your daily routines.

Weight Loss Exercises in Urdu:

High-intensity exercises are considered as the best for losing weight naturally but when you are a beginner you don’t have to spend hours in the gym for doing heavy workouts.

You also don’t need to run for hours in the park for losing weight, In fact, you have to do these in a right way….Let’s Go


Cycling is known as the perfect weight loss exercise because it’s both high intensity and low-intensity exercise depends on your speed and session time.

According to a research, cycling can burn in between 380 to 1000 calories per hours which depend on your speed and weight.

It’s best to use gear cycles for exercise and set the back gear to 1st or 2nd slot, It will need your more pedals or leg rotations for moving.
Cycling can surely boost your metabolism If you are just starting then do it for only 20-25 minutes daily without taking a break.

After some days increase your time and reach the 1 hour daily but slowly…


If you don’t like cycling and love to run in the nearest park then it’s a great opportunity for you.

According to a study running burns almost 600 calories per hour, and also helps you in pumping your heart at a healthy rate.

Before starting running you have to buy good joggers and also change your dress to trouser and T-shirt.

When you are running take a very short break after 1 round of 1-2 minutes and then start running on the track.

But when you are just starting, Only run for 15-20 minutes so you are not tired enough and will happily go for next day.After the time passing increases your running duration.

Rope Jumping:

Most of us used to jump the rope in our childhood, I always try to win from my cousin but he can easily do 143 reps in one set…I just hate him at that time.

Well, It’s also considered as one of the best weight loss exercise because it can burn 800 calories in one hour…but if you are expert at it
Jumping rope is a high-intensity activity, No matter how many experts you are but at starting you have to do this only for 25-30 minutes and then increase the time…It’s perfect if you are looking for weight loss exercises at home.


Doing pushups daily can also help you in burn calories easily, According to a study 15 Pushups can burn almost 100 calories.

But I can only do 12 at once easily because I am also a loser in this game from my cousin who is now training people at Gym.

In this exercise, you are not only losing calories but also building muscles as pushups are very effective for abs, shoulder, chest, triceps and lower back.

You can easily do pushups at home, but make sure that you are doing this slowly and perfect no matter you are doing 7-10 at once.

When you are starting do daily 2-3 sets of 12 reps, After the time when your body gets use to it increase the number of sets and you will see the results very soon.

Join Gym:

If you are doing any of the above exercises and want’s to complete your weight loss goal early then join the gym, believe me, the results will clear and fast.

If you were already doing gym but stop due to some reasons then Gym is the perfect place for you to burn your calories.

You have to lift weight (that you can easily) at your shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps and also do little workouts of tummy.

But, when you get home after doing high-intensity exercises at the gym make sure that you are not eating enough and just relying on vegetables and fruits, Also don’t eat bananas and other solid fruits in this routine.

If you are new and also don’t want to join any trainer then open youtube and learn the exact method of doing exercises at Gym, Also don’t feel shy about asking from experts there at Gym believe me they will guide you properly.

I also used to do the same, learned the basics from youtube trainers and while performing I always ask for someone to see if I am doing this right or wrong.

Some More Tips (Must Read):

Select any one exercise from the above list of weight loss exercises that interests you more or you feels that you can easily do that daily…
Start doing daily, At starting you just have to do for very short time and then increase the time slowly.

Same applies to Gym start with low weights and increase the weight with the time for preventing your body from injury.

When you are doing exercise daily, don’t skip 1-2 days in a week instead do this for half time but don’t skip for better results.

After your exercise session doesn’t eat too much. Just eat weight loss diet and have some weight loss drinks.

If you are not seeing results at starting then don’t worry it’s normal or it varies from body to body type, Keep doing exercise soon or later you are going to see the major results.

After closing this tab doesn’t wait for the next Monday instead start from tomorrow and keep doing, I wish you best of luck for your weight loss journey.

Also, whenever you needs motivation come to our blog we are trying our best to motivate people for living a healthy life.

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