How to Lose Weight in 5 Days in Urdu

It’s Possible to start seeing results of weight loss in Just 5 days…

Well, It’s not a trick or I am not a magician but it’s still possible, you just have to make some minor changes in your routine for getting most of the benefit from this How to lose weight in 5 Days in Urdu Plan.

When you are trying to lose weight there is a simple equation

Eat Low Calories + Burn More calories = Fast Weight Loss

So, You are just going to follow this equation for 5 Days and you will start seeing the amazing results with your own smart Diet and Exercise Plan,

Let’s Go without further reading…

How to Lose weight in 5 Days in Urdu:

Stop Eating Carbs and Fats:

When you are trying to lose weight fast the very first step is to cut out the extra fats and carbs from your diet before those 5 days of Plan.

But How? Simply stop eating foods that are not vegetables and fruits.You only have to start eating vegetables in your diets and fruits for removing your extra hunger.

Yes, you have to stop eating all those special foods including Burgers, Shawarma, Nuggets, Biryani and many others…

This is the first step of our Plan and by just doing this you will start seeing the good results.

Only Eat when you are too Hungry:

The first step of your plan is that you have to shift your diet plan with vegetables and fruits before those 5 days plan.

When you have managed to eat vegetables daily, Now the second step is to only eat meals when you are too hungry otherwise try to survive on fruits and nuts.

But, I am not saying that you have to punish your belly with starvation.I am just saying that pass much time you can without eating meals.

I mean you have to eat less as possible or you may skip a meal by just eating fruits at that time but don’t use bananas because that one is solid fruit for gaining weight.

Do some High Intensity Exercise Daily:

In our first two steps make sure that we are only eating the low amount of vegetables and Roti in our lunch and dinner with good breakfast (Not Paratha).

Now start doing some heavy exercise at high intensity for giving a good signal to your body for burning more and more calories.

I suggest you go to Gym for 30-40 minutes exercise session where you can lift heavy weight at your Shoulders, Chest and Biceps.

But If you don’t want to Join Gym then you have to do Running or Cycling for at least 30-40 minutes without more than 1-minute break in it.

Whatever you are going to do, Do it with your maximum power for maximum time at daily basis and also with very short breaks in between your exercise.

Drink Green Tea and Cold Water:

When you are doing high-intensity exercise you are already losing calories as much as possible if you are also not eating extra for filling that empty space.

After getting home after completing your exercise, Now drink green tea for weight loss because it’s very beneficial for burning more calories and it will work like Chocolate on the Cone for your weight loss.

Drinking a Cup of Green tea will surely help you in fast weight loss.
Secondly, Drink as more water as you can daily it will boost your metabolism for burning more calories.It’s perfect if you are drinking very cold water in double amount daily for burning more calories.

If you are drinking 8 glass of water daily then now drink 16 that will boost your metabolism and also increase the washroom trips.

Your Diet Plan Now:

When you are doing heavy exercise it will only effective if you are eating foods written above, As I have already mentioned.

So, your diet plan must be like Eat Whole Egg with 2 slices and cup of tea in Breakfast for weight loss.

Eat vegetable in your Lunch with 1 Roti.

Then eat the same vegetable in your Dinner with 1 Roti.

If you still feel that you are hungry then eat fruits like Watermelon, Grapefruit, Avocados, Oranges etc.

Final Words:

When you are following this guide on How to lose weight in 5 Days in Urdu you just have to remind yourself one thing that you have to eat as many low calories as you can without facing hunger and burn more calories you can in your exercise session.

You also have to wait for the results because it’s not very much quick but you will start seeing the results in 5 days If you see a difference in your weight then keep doing the same routine for major weight loss.

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