Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

You can still lose weight if you don’t have enough time for exercise or Joining Gym…

We don’t have enough time for maintaining our fitness due to these shitty routines and our fitness and sleep are the first things come to mind for sacrificing, yeah just for completing our work…

But You can still lose weight and have a fit body just by making little changes in your lifestyle, It’s always better to do something instead of waiting for the free time in our routines…

You can do these 3 simple steps for losing weight not quickly but you will start seeing the results very soon without even doing hard exercise and facing hunger…

Yeah, It’s that easy but you have to be consistent with these little changes in your routines…

Let’s GO:

Weight Loss Tips for Busy People in Urdu (Audio):


Step 1: Slowly Shift Your Diet to Natural Foods:

When it comes to weight loss the first step is to make your diet stomach friendly, you have to eat the products that you can digest easily without spending hours at the Gym…

If you are eating Burger, Shawarma, Nuggets and other fast foods in your meals then it’s very difficult to lose weight without doing heavy workouts.So, you have to shift your diet to some natural foods.

But which Natural Foods? You’re saying with your eyebrows Up…

Actually, the natural foods are one which grows up for humans and used without processing such as Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts…

I know it’s very hard to stop eating delicious foods from the market but this time you have to do this for the sake of your body and fitness…You can easily do this by skipping slowly

Most of the people decide to stop eating junk foods and try to stop their self from day one which never works and they end up by saying “It’s very difficult to stop eating these tasty foods”

But if you are just doing this slowly and skipping one by one like if you are eating Zinger Burger in your lunch because there is nothing at home for you to eat…

You have to solve that problem and available the cooked vegetables at your home so next time you will never have the excuse for eating from the market, Start solving your unhealthy eating habits slowly…

The day is not far when you are just eating tasty vegetables cooked at home in your meals and for removing extra hunger you are just eating fruits and your favorite nuts…

You have to complete this step as soon as possible and it’s not very difficult as I have done this easily by just eating new vegetable recipes cooked by my beloved mother..You may do the same !!!

Your goal is to stop eating fast foods and all other filled with oil especially from the market and just rely on vegetables and fruits, You can eat 3 times daily but only natural foods.

Step2: Exercise 3-4 Days in a Week:

When you have maintained your diet plan with natural foods or now you are not eating any junk foods or other filled with oil and sugar, It’s time to take another step.

Again, I am saying that it’s not compulsory to start this step from day 1.You have to do this slowly and start achieving your little goals easily…

Now, you have to fix 3 or 4 days for doing very little exercise at your nearest park or may be Gym.If you are going at Park you can do the cardio exercise like (Running, Jogging, Rope Jumping).

Select the one cardio exercise that interests you more and start doing it for 15-20 minutes daily for your selected days and with the time passes you can increase the exercise time slowly because your body can now easily afford this…

If you are joining Gym then lift the light weights at your shoulders, Chest and Biceps/triceps for 20-30 minutes at the selected days and you will start seeing the results very soon…

I must say that at your starting days you just have to do your exercise for 15-20 minutes maximum for getting less tired so you will enjoy doing exercise at the next day as well…

When you are in the routine of exercise then you can easily increase the time upto 1 hour of exercise but at starting your goal is to go for exercise at the decided days…

Step 3: Keep Doing Your Routine:

When you are eating natural foods which is also a low-calories diet it’s clear that now you will never gain any weight and your body will start burning the calories with your physical activities…

But after some days when you have started doing your exercise for 3-4 days a week now you are surely burning calories and these exercise will burn more because now you are not eating any high calories diet…

Now your Aim is just to maintain this diet and never eat anything special like Pizza in your routine, but you can eat 1-2 if it’s a family or friends gathering or you just wants to change your taste that day…

I know you already know that you have to maintain your routine but most of the people when never starting seeeing results in the starting they decided to stop following these kind of plans, don’t be like so mean people..

You have to convience to yourself that I am not following any strict diet plan or heavy workout routine that I can start expecting the results very soon…

You will surely see the results but it will take some time and at the end you will win if you never lose your heart and keep following your healty diet and exercise routine…

But if you want’s to see the results very quickly then you may increase your exercise time or start eating more less because these are the only ways working for the people to lose weight…

What you are doing for losing your weight in Busy Routines? or what weight loss tips you are following ? I will be happy to listen from you in the comments section…See you there !!!

Weight Loss Foods in Urdu

There are many websites out there providing you the best weight loss foods but sadly that one’s are not easily Available in Pakistan…

Here I am going to show you the List of weight loss foods in Urdu that are easily available in Pakistan at your nearest Stores.

It must be a highlight that losing weight or gaining weight is all depends on our food, In other words, you are able to control your weight by the foods.

I mean it’s your own choice to eat Donuts full of cream for saving fats in your body or eating your favorite vegetable for not even giving a bit of fat to your body.

Memorizing or writing down the diet plan for weight loss is not the success, The actual issue most of us face during following any weight loss plans is that how you could restrict yourself from eating junk foods or start eating best foods for weight loss in a right way for getting acceptable results.

But, If you don’t want to restrict yourself from eating grains or processed foods including Pizza, Burger, Shawarma, Paratha Roll, Donuts etc then studies show that these weight loss products are not going to help you in any way…

Because you are already giving enough fat to your fat cells for storing it, Thanks for keep helping you in being fat.

These weight loss foods in Urdu listed here will only work if you are not providing your body with extra calories or sugar and eating these low carb diet products for your energy which are zero in fats and carbohydrates.

These are also not going to help your fat cells with by giving some fat, then your body do not have any other solution instead of breaking your fat cells and use it for energy when you are doing physical activities at your home or office, Hope you got my Point.

Without Further reading the importance or instructions of these foods, Let’s have a look at our special weight loss foods list:

Weight Loss Foods in Urdu:

Green vegetables:

These leafy green vegetables including Cabbage, Spinach, Cauliflower, Fenugreek (Methi), Sarson Saag are considered as perfect weight loss foods in Urdu here due to low calories in them.

These are filled with vitamins and you also don’t need to worry about if you are eating 3 times or 4 times while using these leafy green vegetables as your diet of weight loss.

It clearly means that you are not going to hungry at all if you are using these vegetables in your meals instead of eating Biryani just one time which is loaded with both oil and calories.

Eggs for Breakfast:

Eggs are very useful for one struggling with weight loss, But Make sure that you are using Whole Eggs (Desi Andy) because white ones are not actually for you.

Eggs are rich in healthy fats, proteins that you can use in your breakfast for feeling full till your Lunch and never eat extra calories in between this time period because all the nutrients are already available in it.

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Boiled White Potatoes:

Most of us think that potatoes are actually used for increasing the fat or weight but these are also the working weight loss foods in Urdu available in Pakistan.

If you are using White Potatoes (Meethy Aloo) without frying according to your taste and only using while boiled, then it’s best for you to gain energy and lose weight.

White boiled Potatoes have nutrients, potassium, resistant starch which makes you feel full by giving you the enough energy to use and you will be safe from eating extra calories.

Vegetables Soup:

Vegetable soup is something interesting that you have to include in your fat burning foods list due to its flavor and benefits.

You just need to collect your chef’s favorite vegetable soup recipes and make it whenever you are feeling hungry…

It will surely satisfy your hunger and may skip your lunch at that time that you have already drunk two bowls of your favorite vegetable soup.

Eat Fruits in your Snacks:

Whenever you are feeling hungry while following a diet for weight loss, It’s best to use fruits instead of ordering Junk food from your nearest Hotel or Shop.

Studies show that fruits are actually helping people struggling with weight loss due to a lot of their properties and also helps one in feeling full and healthy but some of them are highly suggested for weight loss.

Like Avocados and Grapefruits are highly suggested for one trying to lose weight because Avocados are filled with healthy fats, a monosaturated oleic acid which is beneficial for losing weight.Fiber and Potassium are also present in Avocados for not let you eating other foods.

Grapefruits are also one of the perfect for weight loss foods in Urdu because of its various properties and studies show that it can reduce the insulin levels and if you are eating it before your lunch or dinner it will surely help you in eating less and feeling full.

Nuts for Snacks:

According to my rough estimate, If we are living at our home and not living in hostels and flats individually for some reason then we are only eating junk food in our snacks because our home diet plan is smart enough to take care of everyone’s health.

So, If you are living at home and trying to lose weight then you have to take care of your snacks time with healthy eating instead of junk food like eating nuts. Nuts are not just filled with fat but also have the balanced amount of healthy fats, fibers, and proteins.

Almonds are considered as one of the best nuts for one eating the fat burning foods.

Green Tea:

Green Tea is also one of the best weight loss foods in Urdu due to antioxidants and catechins present i it, If you are drinking a cup of green tea with your breakfast or after your dinner or cardio exercise routine.

It will surely burn some more calories and helps you in losing more weight in less time by polishing your efforts of weight loss, Here’s how to use green tea for weight loss.

Boiled Corns:

Most of the People don’t knows that corns are beenficial for losing weight because it is said that it’s increasing your fat but it’s actually not, Studies show that there is a starch present in the corns which may help us in losing some weight.

People here in Pakistan are actually buying the corns from the Corn sellers which are obviously not good due to some reasons, If you wants to use them then try to boil one at your home with little salt added in it that will surely help you in eating less.

Watermelons and Grapes for Weight Loss:

I have to mention these 2 fruits separately because these are extra benefical for weight loss due to their unique properties so eat watermelons and grapes as much as possible in your daily routine.

Actually watermelons are filled with water which can delievers you enough amount of nutrients and water, Beside this it’s a low calorie fruit which makes you feel full and helps you in eating less obviously.

Grapes are rich with phytochemicals and Vitamin C and also many antioxidants which helps you in satisfying your hunger with low-calories so you could use your old calories while doing physical activities.

Behind using these products naturally there are also many home remidies that may helps you in losing some more weight such as using Kalonji, Methi Dana or Ajwain for weight loss.

The products present in this list of weight loss foods in Urdu are easily available at your nearest grocery store or shops, collect them all and try using in your weight loss plans.

Final Words:

Most of us think that these weight loss foods in Urdu are actually helping us directly in losing weight, It’s not. Actually, the purpose of these products is to make you feel full with low calories and let your body use old calories for physical activities you have gained before…

So, Instead of waiting for the results from these innocent foods try to go out daily for cardio exercise for burning your old fats and calories and then use these weight loss products just for filling your tummy in fewer calories.Hope you got my point and will going to stop eating those Junk foods slowly.


Weight Loss Drinks in Urdu

So, You are looking for some best weight loss drinks in Urdu? You landed at the right place…

Our body weight almost depends on what we are eating or drinking and the first step of every weight loss plan is to change your diet plan to low calories and start drinking some weight loss drinks.

You may also be drinking soft drinks on the daily basis but research said that If you are facing overweight problems and drinking these kinds of drinks then it may increase your problem…

But how Soft drinks can Increase your weight Loss Problem?

These drinks are not adding calories directly to your body but these are totally loaded with sugar and will increase your hunger that you ends up by taking heavy lunch or meal.

I must say that if you are going to start using these weight loss drinks then firstly make sure that you are not drinking any Soft drinks or Artificial juices from the market.

Let’s Jump to our weight loss drinks List…

Weight Loss Drinks in Urdu:

These drinks are already working for many people for losing their weight, You can also try and get the similar results…

Lemon Water Drink:

Lemon water is considered as one of the best weight loss drinks in Urdu here because it has the power to increase your digestion system.

If your digestion system is working properly then you don’t have to worry about the weight loss because now the process is actually automated, Here’s how can you use it

Simply squeeze some lemons in the bowl and now add 3 teaspoons of lemon juice in the glass of water, Add 1 teaspoon of black pepper powder and also 1 teaspoon of honey and mix it.

Drink this at morning on empty stomach for at least 1 month for seeing the major results.

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink:

Pure apple cider vinegar is also one of the popular weight loss drinks in Urdu around the world, Research shows that this drink actually breaks your fat and also stops your body from gaining more fats.

Simply mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in the glass of water and drink it at morning before breakfast or you can drink it before your meals.

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Green Tea:

Most of the people are using green tea for weight loss due to its results. Actually, there are some compounds present in it that can stop your body from gaining more weight.

It will also speed up the process of fat usage of your body, I have already written a detailed about green tea for weight loss.

Drink 2-3 cups of Green tea daily, It will work especially after the exercise session for burning many calories.

Drink Cold Water:

When you are trying to lose weight it is very compulsory to drink water as much as you can because it will boost your metabolism and you will start seeing the weight loss results in less time.

Always drink cold water because research shows that if you are drinking cold water then your body will burn the more calories for changing it to the body temperature.

If you are drinking 7-8 glass of water daily then drink at least 14-15 glass daily and increase your trips to the washroom, It will be the best experience for you to boost your metabolism.


If you are going to try these weight loss drinks in Urdu then make sure that you are eating low calories food and also doing some physical activity because these drinks actually work like chocolate on the cream.

So, let’s say you are not eating high calories food then you will get the three time more benefit from these drinks but if you are eating high calories fast foods then these weight loss drinks in Urdu listed here are not going to work.


Baal Lambe Karne k Totkay

Baal lambe karne k liye koi shampoo ya cream abhi tak nahi aayii…

Lekin ap ye baal lambe karne k totkay ghar par istemal kar k bohat acha result le sakty hain jo k apky balon ko 1 inch per month tak barha sakty hain.

Q k baal lambe karne k liye koi shortcut nahi ha or isky liye apko apni body ko proper diet dena pary gi or apny balon ki proper care karna pary gi.

Mazeed parhne k bajaeye hum direct totkay ki list par chalty hain q k mujy pata ha apko or b kam hain.

Baal Lambe karne k Totkay:

Healthy Diet Khain:

Actually main apky baal sirf un par totkay lagany se bary nahi hoty balky isky liye apko proper diet ka istemal b karna pary ga jaisa k kuch Vitamins A, B, C or E baal ko lamba karne k liye bohat zarori hain.

Isky elava magnesium, iron or zinc waly products b apky liye bohat zarori hain jo k neechy di gayi products khany main istemal kar k body main ikatha kar sakty hain.

Isky liye ap doodh, dahi, chicken, eggs, cheese, palak, gajjar, brown bread jaisi products ko apni diet main add karein or daily basis par inka istemal karein.

Agar ap ye products daily apni routine main istemal kar rahy hain to ap almost adha kam pehly hi kar chuky hain, isky bad ap apny balon ki care k liye neechy diye gaye totkay istemal karein.

Garam Oil se Massage karein:

Ap ne phly b ye bat kafi logon se suni hogi k oil best baal lambe karne k totkay main se 1 product ha jo k apky hairs ki proper diet b ha.

Agar ap apny balon ko garam oil se massage kar rahy hain to is se apky sar main blood ka flow taiz hota ha jo k apky hairs ko barhane main help karta ha.

1: Ap thora sa sarson ka oil lain or usy microwave main garam kar lain.

2: Bardasht hony waly temperature par ane k bad isy apny baal par lagain or slowly massage karein.

3: Massage karne k bad ap 30 minutes tak wait karein or phir apny baalon ko thandy pani se saaf kar lain.

4: Daily ya hafty main 3-4 dafa massage karne se apky baal lambe hona start ho jain gy.

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Hairs ko end se Katein:

Ap ko shaid ye sun akr ajeeb lagy ga lekin baal ko lamba karne k liye unko ends se katna bohat zarori ha.

Uski wajah ye ha k hamary baal end se damage ho kar curl huwy hoty hain jis ki waja se experts kehty hain k ap week main 1 dafa lazmi ends se apny baal cut karein.

Is se apky baalon k ends healthy ho jain gy or ap bohat kam  time main bohat ziada growth deikhna start ho jain gy.

Balon par Egg Lagain:

Baal lambe karne k totkay main eggs b top list main aty hain q k is main bohat sari amount main proteins hoty hain or isky elawa iron, sulphur, phosphorus or zinc b kafi achi amount main hota ha jo  k apky hairs ko barhane k liye best products hain.

1: Ap aik egg lain or us main thori sa sarson ka oil daal k achy se mix kar lain.

2: Is mixture ko ap apny balon main lagain or khushak hony tak intezar karein.

3: Usky bad ap baal ko neem garam pani use krty huwy shampoo karein.

4: Is se apky baal bohat soft or lambe ho jain gy.

5: Ap ye baal lambe karne ka totka hafty main aik dafa istemal kar sakty hain.

Hairs par Aloe Vera Gel Lagain:

Ye baal lambe karne ka totka bohat purana ha jo k hamari kafi ladies ghar par istemal karti hain or research k mutabik b ye apky hairs k liye bohat perfect cheez ha.

Aloe vera main kafi aisy ingredients hoty hain jo k apky balon ko hair loss or dandruff se bachaty hain or apky original hairs ko wapis ly aaty hain.

1: Ap aik fresh aloe vera ka leaf lain or us main se gel nikal lain.

2: Gel k andar thora sa lemon ka juice nikaal kar daal lain or mix kar lain.

3: Ab is paste ko apny balon par lagain or 30 minutes k bad shampoo kar lain.

4: Month main aik dfa ye baal lambe karne ka totka istemal karne se apki growth bohat ziada barh jaye gi jo k apko clear nazar ayegi.

Akhri Alfaaz:

Jaisa k main ne apko pehly b bataya k baal lambe karne ka koi shortcut nahi ha or isky liye apko baal lambe karne k desi totkay istemal karny party hain jin ka koi side effects b nahi ha.

Lekin aik baat main lazmi kehna chahun ga k kafi log pehly kuch weeks main result na ane par disappoint ho jaty hain or totkay istemal karna chor dety hain lekin ap un logon jaisy bilkul na banain.

Research k mutabik agar apky baal full healthy hain phir b month main 1 inch tak barh sakty hain to aap ye baal lambe karne k totkay istemal karty rahien or result any ka intezar karein q k bohat jald ap bohat bary results deikhny waly hain.

Agar apko lagta ha k main kuch bhool raha hun ya apko koi question pochna ha to mera naam Talha ha ap neechy comments main apna question poch sakty hain, comments main apse mil kar mujy khushi hogi.


Aloe Vera for Skin: Benefits and Uses Full Guide

Aloe Vera is the most beneficial plant on the Earth for us …

In Pakistan, mostly people are using Aloe Vera for skin treatment and fairness which is giving them the perfect results in very less time.

Aloe Vera is also used mostly in the Local beauty creams but not giving the best results due to the other chemicals addition.

Many studies have proved that if you are using pure aloe Vera gel without adding anything in it then you can get the most benefits of it on your skin.

You may already know that people in Pakistan and India are growing this plant at homes just for using it as a home remedy on their skin due to its cooling effects which can protect our skin from any kind of effects like sunburn.

In local medicines and beauty creams, Aloe Vera latex is used which is present in its cells just beneath the leaf skin but people use only it’s gel as a home remedy.

Mostly it is used for many skin conditions like sunburn, skin damage, Acne and also for hydrating skin in the cold season when our skin normally starts damaging due to the cold air.

Many studies or researchers already proved the Aloe Vera for skin benefits which I am going to explain here in a little bit of detail, Just come with me…

Aloe Vera for Skin Benefits:

Aloe Vera has many antioxidant vitamins like A, E, C and the minerals like Calcium, Copper, Selenium and the fatty acids like cholesterol, campesterol and the hormones like gibberellins and Auxins.

Here’s why Aloe Vera can help you in getting the better skin.

Aloe Vera Reduce Itching and Irritations: According to a Study, it is a very beneficial plant if you are facing any skin infections and allergy causing you the itching and irritations like red spots and continuous itching need, In this condition you can use this plant gel for reducing skin problems.

Protect your Skin from Second Degree Burns: Second-degree burns are the ones which affect our upper layer of the skin like sunburn and heat burn, It means you can treat or protect your skin with aloe Vera gel for second-degree burns as well.

Repair Damage Skin by Moisturizing: Most of the time in winter season our skin starts damaging due to the cold weather effects our skin tissues, in this state you can also use Aloe Vera gel for repairing your skin or getting it back to the original state.

Aloe Vera Reduce Wrinkles and Roughness of Skin: According to a Study, They had done an experiment on the old ladies of age between 30 and 45 and found that after using Aloe Vera gel the wrinkles decreases at higher levels.

This study also discovered that it reduces the roughness of the skin as well. It clearly means that you can use it for making your skin smooth and glowing.

Aloe Vera makes your Skin Bright: If you are facing the dark color issues or the dark spots on your skin then Aloe Vera can help you in getting the bright color skin due to its properties.

The process called hyperpigmentation happens after applying this gel on your skin which can give your skin the original color back…

Its cooling properties will also help you in generating the new skin cells and repair the damaged ones, that’s why it is considered as the perfect remedy for skin lightening.

How to Use Aloe Vera for Skin?

Most of the people normally apply Aloe Vera gel on their skin for beauty and treatment purpose which works fine but I am going to tell you to add some more natural items which are almost different for every remedy.

The benefit of adding some other natural products with Aloe Vera will surely boost the results and it will be worth using Aloe Vera for skin, Let’s get to the list without any further reading…

Using Aloe Vera for reducing Wrinkles:

When you are using Aloe Vera for reducing your wrinkles then you have to add some olive oil which will boost the results, here’s how:

1: Simply take some plant’s gel and add some olive oil in it.

2: Mix it well and apply this paste on your face and neck.

3: Now wait for 30 minutes and then wash your skin with lukewarm water.

4: Do this for at least 2-3 times in a week for seeing the fast results.

Using Aloe Vera for Fresh and Smooth Skin:

As I have already mentioned above that the cooling properties of Aloe Vera can make your skin moisturized and will give you the smooth and beautiful skin, here’s the method:

1: Simply extract the gel from the leave of the plant.

2: Now put it in the fridge for some time.

3: Now apply the cold gel on your skin for 30-40 minutes.

4: Wash your face with natural face wash.

5: You can do this for 3-4 times in a week.

Using Aloe Vera for Acne:

It can also help you in reducing the acne but if you are using it with lemon juice then the results will be clear and fast, here’s how:

1: Simply take some Aloe Vera gel in a bowl.

2: Now mix 2 fresh lemons juice in the gel and mix it for making a thick paste.

3: Apply this paste on your skin for 30 minutes.

4: Wash your face with lukewarm water.

5: You can only do this for 2 times in a week for seeing the clear results.

Using Aloe Vera for Sunburn and Wounds:

When you are using Aloe Vera for skin then it’s always better to apply it’s gel directly on your skin for getting the quick results.

1: You can apply cold Aloe Vera gel on your face for preventing the effect of sunburn.

2: You can just apply the thick gel on the skin wounds for treatment purpose.

3: After 30-40 minutes you can remove the gel.

4: Using this remedy 3-4 times in a week is safe for your skin while applying it for almost 30 minutes.

Final Words:

When you are using Aloe Vera for Skin then I must say that you need to remind yourself that it’s a natural remedy which will take some time to show you the results whether you are using it for beauty or skin treatment purpose.

So, At starting if you are not seeing the big results on your skin then just keep applying its gel on your skin because you are working for the permanent results. I mean soon you are going to see the big results.

Which home remedies you are using of Aloe Vera for Skin? Let us know in the comments.