11 Totkay for Skin in Urdu

Are you looking for some best totkay for skin in Urdu? You came at right Place…

Actually, there are many reasons of your dull skin like sunlight, dust, stress and the use of cosmetics and chemicals from the market.

You may already be tried some creams and lotions from the market which claims that you are going to get the very clear skin in some days, but it’s actually not.

Sure, there are some quality cosmetics are also present in the market but those are costly and you are also not sure that those costly cosmetics will match with your skin type and give you some results.

Most of those cosmetics from the market are loaded with chemicals which may harm your skin badly.

If you want to save your skin and time then these totkay for skin in Urdu are the best solution that you can use without the fear of any side effects.

Totkay for Skin in Urdu (Audio):


These are all natural Urdu totkay for skin that will take some time to show you the results and never work like instant chemicals, Most of the people are already using these home remedies for skin and giving the positive reviews.

You can also get the same results by adjusting these in your daily routine, but you have to wait for seeing the permanent results.

1: Apply Yogurt on your Skin

Yogurt is one of the best dairy products for your skin that you can use on the daily basis for seeing the clear results as It is the by-product of milk.

It has many bleaching properties in it due to the presence of lactic acid.

1: Wash your skin properly before applying the yogurt.

2: Now apply some yogurt on your face, hands, and neck and wait for 25-30 minutes.

3: Wash your skin with lukewarm water.

4: Do this daily for one time and you will start seeing the results soon.

2: Apply Gram Flour and Rose Water on your Skin

Gram flour is also one of the best totkay in Urdu for skin whitening or for lightening your complexion as well. It also has the ability to make your skin healthier due to the many nutrients present in it.

It is also the best remedy for oily skin because there are many nutrients present in it which can remove the oil from your skin and make it bright and dry.

1: Mix some gram flour (Besan) and rose water in a bowl.

2: Mix it well for some time and apply this paste on your skin.

3: After 25-30 minutes wash your skin with water.

4: You can do this for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the results.

3: Apply Coffee Beans and Coconut Oil on Skin

Coffee beans are also very helpful for lightening your skin in less time due to the anti-inflammatory properties present in it which can easily improve your blood circulation.

Its antioxidant properties can easily neutralize the age spots, wrinkles, and radicals.

1: Mix some melted coffee beans and coconut oil well.

2: Apply this mixture on your skin for 20-25 minutes.

3: Massage with it on your skin properly for some time.

4: Now wash your skin with lukewarm water.

5: Do this for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the clear results in your skin color.

4: Apply Orange Peels and Yogurt on your Skin

It is one of the traditional totkay in Urdu for Face that you may already know but not using these days, let me tell you the benefits of Orange peels for Skin.

Oranges are very rich in Vitamin C that are way much beneficial for your skin, There are also many bleaching properties present in oranges which can help you in making your skin bright.

You can use this remedy for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the fast results possible.

1: Take some Orange peels and place them in the sunlight for one day for drying.

2: Simply grind those peels for getting the powder form.

3: Now mix some powder with yogurt and apply this paste on your skin.

4: Don’t scrub this mixture on your skin and wait for 25-30 minutes.

5: Wash your skin with lukewarm water.

Note: Don’t do this more than 2-3 times in a week for seeing the good results.

5: Apply Lemon Juice on your Skin

Lemon juice is also known as one of the best totaky for skin in Urdu that you can use for making your skin bright as soon as possible.

There is also a high amount of Vitamin C present in it which is beneficial for your skin, Some bleaching properties are also present in it which can make your skin bright.

1: Squeeze one fresh lemon in a bowl for getting the lemon juice.

2: Now apply this lemon juice on your skin by using a cotton piece or any other…

3: Wait for at least 1 hour for drying it properly.

4: Wash your face with lukewarm water.

5: Do this for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the good results of this simple Urdu totkay for the face.

6: Apply Natural Honey on your Skin

If you can get the pure honey then it is also very beneficial for your skin because it can bleach your skin properly and also known as work as the moisturizing agent for skin.

Dry skin is also the problem somewhere for not getting the beautiful skin and honey can also solve your this problem as well, It can also help you in removing the dead skin cells.

1: Take some pure honey and apply it on your skin.

2: Wait for 20-30 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.

3: You can do this at daily basis whenever you have some time.

Note: For getting the fast results you can do this at daily basis.

7: Apply Potato Juice on your Skin

Potato juice is also considered as one of the perfect totkay in Urdu for skin that you can use at home daily for seeing the perfect results.

There are many moisturizing properties in it which can help you in making your skin bright.

1: Simply take some fresh potato and get its juice with Juicer.

2: Now apply this juice on your skin a piece of cotton.

3: Wait for 20-30 minutes until it dries.

4: Wash your face with lukewarm water.

5: Do this daily for seeing the clear results.

8: Apply Almond with Milk on your Skin

Almonds are also a very old remedy for getting the clear skin which is already working for many people and is very effective than those costly cosmetics from the market.

Studies found that there are many nutrients present in Almonds which can surely help you if you are using it properly with routine.

1: Take some almonds and grind them for getting the fine powder.

2: Add some milk in this almonds powder and mix it for making a thick paste.

3: Apply this paste on your skin for 30-40 minutes.

4: Now wash your face or skin with lukewarm water.

5: Do this for 3-4 times in a week for seeing the clear results.

Note: Doing this with proper routine can lighten your skin, You can make the powder once of many almonds and then store it for using.

9: Rub Tomatoes on your Skin

Rubbing Tomatoes on your skin is also one of the best totaky for skin in Urdu because there is a lot of Vitamin C present in it which is very compulsory for getting the healthy skin.

There is also many bleaching properties in it which help can help you in getting the glowing skin and also helps you in balancing the PH level of your skin.

1: Simply take one fresh tomato and cut it in two pieces then rub the inner side on your face and hands.

2: Wait for some time until the tomato juice is dried on your skin.

3: After 25-30 minutes you can wash your skin with lukewarm water.

4: Do this for 3-4 times in a week for seeing the clear results soon.

10: Apply Aloe Vera Gel on your Skin

Aloe Vera is also a cooling agent which helps your skin to relax and remove the spots from it as soon as possible as there is a compound called Aloesin present in it which can control the melanin production of your skin.

By using this with proper routine and method, You will start seeing the results as fast as possible.

1: Take one fresh leave of Aloe Vera and cut it then extract the gel from it by using the spoon.

2: Apply this gel on your skin for at least 30 Minutes or until it gets dries properly.

3: Now wash your face with lukewarm water.

4: Do this for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the fast results.

11: Apply Turmeric Powder with Milk Cream on your Skin

This is also one of the working totkay in Urdu for the face that people are already using and giving the positive reviews.

It can also do the Job by improving your skin complexion, There is also many antioxidant properties present in it which can help you in getting the glowing and healthy skin.

1: Mix some turmeric powder with Milk cream.

2: Apply it on your skin and wait for 25-30 minutes.

3: Now wash your face with lukewarm water by using the quality soap.

4: Do this for 2-3 times in a week.

Final Words:

Totkay for Skin in Urdu provided above are actually the best and working one’s, As I have already mentioned that most of the people are using these and getting their desired skin.

It must be noted that you don’t have to apply all these home remedies for skin at once but I have just given you the choice that you have to select your 3-4 favorite remedies or which are easily available at your home.

Then start applying those with the directions given above, I must say that if you are trying to get the fast results by the overuse then it’s not possible.

Even you just have to use most of these remedies for 2-3 times in a week because of the side effects and natural results.

At Last, You need to remember yourself again that these totkay in Urdu for skin whitening will never work overnight and you have to wait for the results might be for some weeks.

If you are not seeing any major changes in the early days then don’t worry and keep using the remedies because soon you are going to see the big results.

Which remedies are you going to use for your Skin? Drop your views in the comments, I will be happy to meet you there.

Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People in Urdu

AHH, The Laziness will give us Life loss one day !!

I know everyone wants to be fit but some of us don’t have enough time and others are very lazy that they also like to order for Water Glass…then how exercise ??

Believe me, You can still lose weight by just making some minor changes in your daily life routine and maintaining it at daily…

If you also like to watch Movies and TV shows while lying on the bed you might also observe a thing that most of the time soon or later Hero will be the winner.

You may notice that there are two type of heroes in Movies;
One is having the cool Body and always ready for the Missions, Fight and Travel and is also very motivated and consistent for his work.

The other one is just chilling somewhere and planning everything from there because he’s smart enough to complete the Mission without moving anywhere.

The Same thing is applied to our Fitness, Some people are Going to Gym for workouts and very consistent with their routine and other ones are just smart enough to manage their meals in a way that they are losing weight and getting fit without any extra efforts.

You may already tired of hearing that You need a strict diet Plan and heavy exercise session for losing weight, It’s actually not…Get ready for our alternative weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips in Urdu for Lazy People (Audio):

Make your Diet Smart Like Yourself:

I guess that you don’t like the exercise or you may don’t even know the feel of exercise and If you are not doing any workout and eating fearlessly and want’s to lose weight then it’s impossible…

I mean you are not even doing a single physical activity and eating more calories or gaining more weight and fats…

But If you don’t want to start any exercise then make your Diet Plan very smart that you start losing weight without spending hours at Gym…Yes it’s possible mate

Now, Your Smart diet only includes the vegetables and fruits in it because it’s very easy to digest this kind of natural foods.

As I have already told you that there are two choices eat high calories food and burn daily at Gym or secondly eat low calories food and do a very little cardio exercise at nearest Park, and we are actually following the second one.

So Now you have to stop eating junk foods including Fast Foods, Spicy Biryani, Chicken Roast etc…and just eat delicious homemade vegetable recipes without making any excuses.

Don’t Imagine You are on Diet:

Uff, This is the biggest problem I heard from the people that they are not able to control their self from eating market foods. Let me tell you one story

If you go to Doctor and he says that for 3-4 days you are not eating any spicy foods, From that time you heard that you are restricted from spicy foods, you want’s to eat every food with bit more spice in it…

Same the matter is here, If you start thinking that you aren’t able to eat Pizza, Burger etc while following this plan then you will surely break the rule very early…

But if you just say to yourself that I am eating vegetables these days and will eat your favorite fast food at the end of the week, then It will be perfect and will work in a way you actually needs.

It will surely motivate you to achieve your weight loss goals and restricts from eating Junk Foods.

Maintain Your Routine:

Eating vegetables in your meals is not just for some days even you need to follow this Plan until you have achieved the desired goals, Let’s think it in this way…

When people are eating fast foods most of them are convincing their self that I am not going to gain more weight just with this Pizza, Now you have to apply the opposite to yourself…

I mean eat the vegetables in Lunch and Dinner and think like just these meals are not going to help me lose much weight, So I have to eat more vegetables and fruits like I did with fast foods.

This is motivating some of my friends and might also work for you, But if you have some better plan for motivating yourself to maintain your routine because the Goal here is to maintain your diet routine to vegetables and fruits only…

Give a Try to Cardio Exercise:

I know you don’t like the exercise, but when you have already maintained your diet routine to low-calories food then now you are not gaining any extra weight and your body is actually ready for burning the old calories…

Simply, Get ready some day for a very little session of exercise after you have a good routine of eating low-calories diet, Okay !!

Now select the Cardio exercise in which you are more interested from Running, Jogging, Rope Jumping, Cycling and do it for 10-15 minutes and don’t exceed this time…

Because your body is not actually used to it and you will get the tiredness at next day, but go for your exercise session at the selected time and do again for 10-15 minutes.

Soon you will start liking your exercise because you will feel that now you are losing weight quickly, Now you can increase your session time slowly and reach the 30-40 minutes of running or cycling daily….

In this way, You can achieve your weight loss goals if you’re very lazy and don’t want to follow any strict diet plans or doing heavy exercises at Gym.

This plan is working a little bit slowly but perfectly for most of my friends that’s why I think it will work for you too…

Remember, Smart People are also very quick Action takers so without further thinking, Start Following this from today or tomorrow !!

Isabgol for Weight Loss: Here’s how to Use it?

Listen I will tell you how to use Isabgol for weight loss…

But firstly, I have a bad news for you that you are not able to achieve your weight loss goals by just using items like isabgol and ajwain.

I mean it can help you in burning some more calories but for losing weight you need to start the exciting routine that can help you in burning enough calories.

Sounds Good? Let me tell you the complete plan for losing weight in less time…

The story of weight loss is that if you are eating fewer calories and burning more calories than you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Otherwise, you are just playing like gaining weight and then burning those calories and claiming that why I am not losing weight even after doing exercise daily.

I know it’s not very easy but it’s also not very difficult if you have decided to lose weight that I noticed from your searches of isabgol for weight loss.

Without getting you angry let’s jump to our actual Plan…

How to Use Isabgol for Weight Loss?

Start Eating Natural Foods:

You know why using isabgol for weight loss will help? because it can help your digestion system in digesting the food quickly…

But if you are eating fast foods like burger, Pizza, Nuggets, and Biryani full with oil then what cute isabgol can do for you?

So, for losing weight the first rule is that you have to eat low calories food that your digestion system can digest easily without exercise.

I mean if you are using isabgol for weight loss while eating low calories foods then it can faster than you think.

Now, what the heck are Low calories food? You’re saying

The simplest introduction of low calories food is the products that our digestion system can easily digest without any physical activity.

I also call it the natural foods which grown up only for humans and have very low calories including vegetables, fruits, and nuts without any further processing.

So if you are eating just vegetables and fruits in your meals and skipping the fast foods and other oily products then you can easily lose weight because you are not gaining any new calories now.

Most of the people after listening that vegetables are good for losing weight decide to shift their diets towards natural foods but after some days again start eating junk foods.

But you are smart and not going to make this mistake, right?

So when you have decided to lose weight then stick with your diet plan of eating vegetables in your meals and fruits in your snacks until you have achieved your desired results.

If you are eating vegetables and fruits in much amount then don’t worry because these are low calories food and you can also control it after some time, Also here is the best diet plan for weight loss I have already provided.

Now use Isabgol for Weight Loss:

As I have already mentioned above that when you are eating vegetables and fruits half of your job is done and your body is ready for losing some weight.

But for burning some more calories now you can use isabgol for weight loss because it has the ability to boost your digestion system.

Many American studies have already proved that isabgol has the ability to help you in digesting the food more quickly and also considered as one of the best weight loss drinks.

So you can use isabgol for weight loss in this way:

1: Simply take one spoon of isabgol with water at morning before breakfast daily.

2: You can also mix isabgol with yogurt and eat it in your breakfast.

3: You can also use isabgol with water before sleeping for better digestion.

Note: Select one routine from above three and keep using isabgol for weight loss daily while eating low calories food for seeing the best results.

Start Exciting Physical Activities Now:

I am repeating the sentence again and again that using isabgol for weight loss is useless if you are not eating low calories food for stopping your body from gaining more calories.

But its common sense that if you are not gaining more calories than your weight will almost stop there or you may burn some old calories with daily life physical activities.

So, for burning your old fats or calories you need to start doing some weight loss exercises daily. It will help your body to burn all those calories because you don’t have any new calories now.

I am not saying that you need to spend hours in the gym daily but you just have to do your favorite exercise for 25-30 minutes at your nearest park.

Simply select your favorite cardio exercise from running, jogging, rope jumping and cycling and perform it daily for 30 minutes, believe me, it can skyrocket your weight loss.

I must say that when you are following your exercise plan don’t skip it. I mean if you are busy then do it for 10 minutes or 5 minutes but don’t break your routine.

Now you are actually using isabgol for weight loss in the right way.

Final Suggestions for using Isabgol for Weight Loss:

Now you realized that isabgol is just a product which can help your digestion system in digesting the low calories food which can ultimately help you in weight loss.

It’s actually a three steps process: Eat the low calories food, Eat isabgol for digesting food quickly and do some exercise for burning your old calories.

You can also read some easy and detailed weight loss tips here for improving your results.

So which products and routines you are following for weight loss? Let’s discuss in the comments below…

7 Dalchini ke Fayde

To Ap dalchini ke fayde dhond rahy hain is dafa ap bilkul perfect jagha par aye hain.

Dlachini ko normally hum khany main spice k liye use karty hain lekin dalchini ki medical properties ki waja se isko bohat sary prize mil chuky hain…

Yahan main apko 10 dalchini ke fayde batany ja raha hun jo k science already prove kar chuki ha.

Dalchini ke Fayde:

Dalchini aik spice ha jo k tree se banayi jati ha jis ka name cinnamon ha.

Jaisa k hum janty hain isko khany main ingredient k liye use kia jata ha or pehly isko bohat kam amount main banaya jata tha or Countries k kings ko gift diya jata tha.

Lekin ab dalchini bohat normal product ha or almost sary areas k markets main easily available ha.

Dalchini ki 2 main types hoti hain:

1: Cassia Cinnamon: Ye dalchini ki normal variety ha jo k normally sary areas main available hoti ha.

2: Ceylon Cinnamon: Ye dalchini ki specific form ha jisy true dalchini b kaha jata ha.

Dalchni main aik compound hota ha jisko cinnamaldehyde b kaha jata ha, Ye compound ki waja se iski medical properties famous hain jo k hamari health k liye beneficial hain.

1: Cinnamon main bohat sary Antioxidants hoty hain:

Dalchini ke fayde main ye b shamil ha k is main bohat sary antioxidans hoty hain jo k hamari body ko oxidantive damage se protect karty hain jiski reason free radicals hoty hain.

Dalchini main polyphenol jaisy powerful antioxidants hoty hain.
Aik research k mutabik dalchini k antioxidants ko 26 dosry spices k sath compare kiya gaya jis ka winner dalchini tha q k is main bohat beneficial antioxidants hoty hain.

2: Cinammon main Anti-inflammatory Properties hoti hain:

Ye bat science ne prove ki ha k hamari body ko inflammation ki bohat ziada zarorat hoti ha…

Or dalchini ke fayde main sab se main benefit ye b ha k is main bohat sar anti-inflammatory properties hain jo k hamari body infections k sath fight karny k sath sath tissues k damage ko repair b karti hain.

Dalchini main bohat sari anti-inflammatory properties hony ki waja se ye hamari body k liye bohat beneficial product samja jata ha.

Zara ye b Check Karein: Anjeer ke Fayde

3: Dalchini Heart Diseases ko Kam karta ha:

Jaisa k apko pata ha k jaldi death ki sab se common reason heart diseases hoti hain lekin dalchini ke fayde main heart diseases ko kam karna b included ha…

Aik research k mutabik jo logon ko diabetes 2 ka problem ha wo 1 gram dalchini use karein to unka blood level raise nahi hoga.

Ye hamary cholesterol level ko kam karny k sath HDL cholesterol level ko stable rakhta ha.

Isky elawa ye hamary blood sugar level ko b kam karta ha jo k hamari body k liye bohat zarori ha or, collectively ye sari properties hamain kisi b type ki heart diseases se protect karti hain.

4: Dalchini Insulin k Effect ko Barhata ha:

Diabetes ya sugar k patients ka ye problem hota ha k kuch time k bad unki body insulin ki used to ho jati ha or unhain uska effect hona khatam ho jata ha.

Means k wo jab insulin apni body main inject karty hain usky bad wo khana khany k bad blood sugar main increase feel karty hain.

Lekin dalchini ke fayde main ye b bohat big benefit ha k ye insulin resistance ko kam karta ha or insulin ko is ka kam karny main bohat ziada help karta ha.

Means k jo blood sugar ya diabetes ki waja se pareshan hain unko apny khany main ziada amount main dalchini ka istemal karny se unka blood sugar level bohat level tak control ho jaye ga.

5: Dalchini Neurodegenerative Diseases se Protect karta ha:

Neurodegenerative Diseases actually hamary brain k cells k functions ki waja se start hoti hain or is ki 2 common types hain:

1: Alzheimer’s disease
2: Parkinson’s disease

Dalchini main tau name ka aik protein hota ha jo k hamari body ko aisi mental diseases se protect karta ha or neurons ko healthy karny main help karta ha.

Iska benefit ye ha k apka mind kisi b infection se door rahy ga or ap ziada se ziada kam karny main fast hony k sath sath working time main fresh feel karein gy.

6: Dalchini Cancer se protect Karta ha:

Kafi researches k bad ye cheez prove ki gayi ha k dalchini ke fayde ye b hain k ye cancer jaisi dangerous diseases se body ko protect karny main help karta ha.

Jaisa k apko pata ha k cancer aik serious health issue ha jo k abnormal cells ki growth ki waja se start ho jati ha.

Dalchini koi cancer ko cure karny k liye medicine nahi ha balky research k mutabik agar apki body main cancer k cells grow kar rahy hain to khany main dalchini use karny se wo slowly khatam hona start ho jain gy.

Ye confirm news ha or study ne kafi logon par ye method apply kar k deikha ha or notice kia ha k ye abnormal cells ki growth ko khatam karta ha or cancer k cells ko stop kar deta ha.

7: Dlachini Bacteria or Fungeal Infections se Fight karta ha:

Dalchini k andar aik component hota ha jiska name Cinnamaldehyde rakha gaya ha or ye boht active component ha jo k bacteria se body ko fight karny main help karta ha.

Ye body main kisi b waja se bacteria ki hony wali growth ko rokny k sath sath infections ko b khatam karta ha.

It means k normally agar ap isy apny khany main use kar rahy hain to spice k sath sath ye apko bohat sary infections se b safe kar lega.

Akhri Alfaaz:

Last main ye kehna chahta hun k dalchini ke fayde bohat hain or ye sab se perfect spice ha jisy apko khany main ziada amount main use karna chahiye.

Agar apko upper diye gaye problems main se koi b health problem ha to ap isko daily basis par use karny ki routine banain to thory hi time k bad apko clear results milna start ho jain gy.

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Weight Loss Tips for Hips in Urdu

Hips Fat is the most irritating thing and may be ruining your Beauty, I can Understand !!!

When it comes to fat, Hips and thighs are actually welcoming the extra fat to stay here especially in women which are very uncomfortable and unattractive.

If you want’s to lose weight from hips then here is some weight loss tips in Urdu for Hips and you also need to choose overall weight loss reduction methods instead of just looking for the hips loss tips.

Let me explain you: If you are just doing exercise to reduce hips, It may lead you to some weight loss but those burned fats are coming back soon due to your incomplete treatment and your bad eating habits.

But if you want’s to burn extra fat from hips completely then you need to change your diet plan, start a small exercise daily and some other minor changes in your daily routines.

Here’s How to lose weight from hips Naturally, Let’s start

Weight Loss Tips in Urdu for Hips:

Stop Eating Extra Calories Food:

Everyone teaches you to start eating low calories food, But first of all, you need to eliminate the extra calories food from your eating routine.Simply write down the foods you have eaten last 3 days.

After writing the last 3 days foods or products that you eat in your normal routine, Now mark the fast foods and high calories food including Biryani, Qorma, Paye or other related items.

These marked items are actually high calories food that is giving you fat on the daily basis without cheating.

First of all, stop eating these marked foods. In my case, these foods are Pizza, Shawarma, Burger, Nuggets, and Biryani that I have left eating and lost enough weight by just doing this.

If you could also stop eating these marked items in your daily routine you will start seeing the results of these weight loss tips in Urdu for Hips soon.

When It comes to drinking, You also need to stop taking the Coca-Cola, Fanta, Shezan, Sprite or other juices or soft drinks that are totally loaded with much sugar as possible and delivering you calories secretly by just increasing your hunger.

In other words, these juices and soft drinks are actually helping you in eating more by increasing your hunger.

Start Eating Low Calories Food:

The second step of reducing hips is started eating natural foods that are easy to digest and burn, But don’t come to this step if you haven’t stop eating fast foods and other high calories one, Otherwise it’s not going to work in a way we are actually trying to follow…

So, You only have to use vegetables in your meals and fruits in your snacks because these foods are easily digestible with your digestion system and will never give you extra fats and your hips and thighs will stop gaining any extra weight now.

Actually, you need to eat 4 Pieces of bread with Egg at morning, Your favorite vegetable in the Lunch with 1 Roti and then another vegetable at your Dinner table and If you feel hungry in between the meals then feel free to eat fruits instead of ordering from nearest Hotel.

This weight loss diet will surely increase the results of these simple weight loss tips in Urdu for Hips.

Eat Less than 500 Calories and Drink More Water:

When you are already eating your favorite vegetables and fruits Now it’s time to only eat the 500 calories even you are on a Special meal or going out with your family but don’t want to use the sick sentence “I’m on Diet”.

Simply choose a small plate for eating as the study suggests that people using small plates eat less automatically. Secondly, don’t eat when you are not feeling hungry for a meal and fill your system with your favorite fruits.

No matter you are trying to lose weight from hips or stomach you always need to drink enough water as you can and visit the bathroom early than before, It will surely boost your this plan of weight loss tips in Urdu for hips.

Because water is not only boosting your metabolism but can also help you in fast digestion and makes you feel full so you never eat extra calories and will digest your food.

At least make your water glass count double and always drink water before your meals and fill one glass for drinking it after your meal, It will surely help you in grabbing the results as fast as possible.

Exercise for Hips at Home:

When you are done dealing with your Diet routine now it’s time to force your body to lose some weight from hips by doing exercise for hips reduction.

As I have already discussed that if you are only doing hip weight loss exercises without filtering the Junk Food from your diet plan then any hip exercises for women are not going to show you major weight loss from hips.

But Now these hip weight loss exercises will surely help you in seeing the big results because you are already on a low-calories food and these workouts for hips surely going to burn your old calories you have gained before, Here We Go:

Lifting Your Hips Upward:

1: Lay Down the ground by putting your arms straight to the Ground and face up towards the ceiling.

2: Now slowly lift up your hips and extend your left leg straight towards the wall.

3: When your leg is full straight towards the wall, Now move it further left at 90 degrees and then came back to your situation of step 2.

4: Do 15 times moving your straight leg towards left then back to straight position.

Chair Position (Squats):

chair position hip squat

1: Stand straight and place your hands straight towards the wall, make sure there is a gap between your feets.

2: Sit down like you are sitting on the chair by putting your weight on heels, your hips must be pushed behind you and now go down as much as possible or your thighs are parallel with the ground.

3: Now stop for some time while your things are parallel with the ground, Now come back to your starting position or step 1 and go again for chair position, Do this for 15 times after some break of 1st exercise.

Note: If you are doing it at the daily basis then it will increase the results of your this weight loss tips in Urdu for hips plan very easily.

External Hip Raises:

external hip raises squat

1: Lay Down the ground and move towards the right side with your arm settled below your head and another arm on your thigh.

2: Keep your legs straight and raise your upper leg upwards slowly and then get back in the prior position or step 1, Do this for 15 minutes straight after exercise 2.

3: After 15 moves change the side and do the same with other leg or while you’re lying on left side.


These are some best natural hips loss tips that you can use to easily lose weight from hips by just making minor changes in your diet and doing these hip exercises for women at home, But the important thing for getting the results is consistency.

Being consistent is very important in following any Plan, If you are not seeing any results in early days keep following it because the results differ in different individuals.Hope it helps you with your question weight loss tips in Urdu for hips and if you still facing any problems I’ll be happy to answer you in the comments section below as soon as possible.