Weight Loss Tips for Hips in Urdu

Hips Fat is the most irritating thing and may be ruining your Beauty, I can Understand !!!

When it comes to fat, Hips and thighs are actually welcoming the extra fat to stay here especially in women which are very uncomfortable and unattractive.

If you want’s to lose weight from hips then here is some weight loss tips in Urdu for Hips and you also need to choose overall weight loss reduction methods instead of just looking for the hips loss tips.

Let me explain you: If you are just doing exercise to reduce hips, It may lead you to some weight loss but those burned fats are coming back soon due to your incomplete treatment and your bad eating habits.

But if you want’s to burn extra fat from hips completely then you need to change your diet plan, start a small exercise daily and some other minor changes in your daily routines.

Here’s How to lose weight from hips Naturally, Let’s start

Weight Loss Tips in Urdu for Hips:

Stop Eating Extra Calories Food:

Everyone teaches you to start eating low calories food, But first of all, you need to eliminate the extra calories food from your eating routine.Simply write down the foods you have eaten last 3 days.

After writing the last 3 days foods or products that you eat in your normal routine, Now mark the fast foods and high calories food including Biryani, Qorma, Paye or other related items.

These marked items are actually high calories food that is giving you fat on the daily basis without cheating.

First of all, stop eating these marked foods. In my case, these foods are Pizza, Shawarma, Burger, Nuggets, and Biryani that I have left eating and lost enough weight by just doing this.

If you could also stop eating these marked items in your daily routine you will start seeing the results of these weight loss tips in Urdu for Hips soon.

When It comes to drinking, You also need to stop taking the Coca-Cola, Fanta, Shezan, Sprite or other juices or soft drinks that are totally loaded with much sugar as possible and delivering you calories secretly by just increasing your hunger.

In other words, these juices and soft drinks are actually helping you in eating more by increasing your hunger.

Start Eating Low Calories Food:

The second step of reducing hips is started eating natural foods that are easy to digest and burn, But don’t come to this step if you haven’t stop eating fast foods and other high calories one, Otherwise it’s not going to work in a way we are actually trying to follow…

So, You only have to use vegetables in your meals and fruits in your snacks because these foods are easily digestible with your digestion system and will never give you extra fats and your hips and thighs will stop gaining any extra weight now.

Actually, you need to eat 4 Pieces of bread with Egg at morning, Your favorite vegetable in the Lunch with 1 Roti and then another vegetable at your Dinner table and If you feel hungry in between the meals then feel free to eat fruits instead of ordering from nearest Hotel.

This weight loss diet will surely increase the results of these simple weight loss tips in Urdu for Hips.

Eat Less than 500 Calories and Drink More Water:

When you are already eating your favorite vegetables and fruits Now it’s time to only eat the 500 calories even you are on a Special meal or going out with your family but don’t want to use the sick sentence “I’m on Diet”.

Simply choose a small plate for eating as the study suggests that people using small plates eat less automatically. Secondly, don’t eat when you are not feeling hungry for a meal and fill your system with your favorite fruits.

No matter you are trying to lose weight from hips or stomach you always need to drink enough water as you can and visit the bathroom early than before, It will surely boost your this plan of weight loss tips in Urdu for hips.

Because water is not only boosting your metabolism but can also help you in fast digestion and makes you feel full so you never eat extra calories and will digest your food.

At least make your water glass count double and always drink water before your meals and fill one glass for drinking it after your meal, It will surely help you in grabbing the results as fast as possible.

Exercise for Hips at Home:

When you are done dealing with your Diet routine now it’s time to force your body to lose some weight from hips by doing exercise for hips reduction.

As I have already discussed that if you are only doing hip weight loss exercises without filtering the Junk Food from your diet plan then any hip exercises for women are not going to show you major weight loss from hips.

But Now these hip weight loss exercises will surely help you in seeing the big results because you are already on a low-calories food and these workouts for hips surely going to burn your old calories you have gained before, Here We Go:

Lifting Your Hips Upward:

1: Lay Down the ground by putting your arms straight to the Ground and face up towards the ceiling.

2: Now slowly lift up your hips and extend your left leg straight towards the wall.

3: When your leg is full straight towards the wall, Now move it further left at 90 degrees and then came back to your situation of step 2.

4: Do 15 times moving your straight leg towards left then back to straight position.

Chair Position (Squats):

chair position hip squat

1: Stand straight and place your hands straight towards the wall, make sure there is a gap between your feets.

2: Sit down like you are sitting on the chair by putting your weight on heels, your hips must be pushed behind you and now go down as much as possible or your thighs are parallel with the ground.

3: Now stop for some time while your things are parallel with the ground, Now come back to your starting position or step 1 and go again for chair position, Do this for 15 times after some break of 1st exercise.

Note: If you are doing it at the daily basis then it will increase the results of your this weight loss tips in Urdu for hips plan very easily.

External Hip Raises:

external hip raises squat

1: Lay Down the ground and move towards the right side with your arm settled below your head and another arm on your thigh.

2: Keep your legs straight and raise your upper leg upwards slowly and then get back in the prior position or step 1, Do this for 15 minutes straight after exercise 2.

3: After 15 moves change the side and do the same with other leg or while you’re lying on left side.


These are some best natural hips loss tips that you can use to easily lose weight from hips by just making minor changes in your diet and doing these hip exercises for women at home, But the important thing for getting the results is consistency.

Being consistent is very important in following any Plan, If you are not seeing any results in early days keep following it because the results differ in different individuals.Hope it helps you with your question weight loss tips in Urdu for hips and if you still facing any problems I’ll be happy to answer you in the comments section below as soon as possible.

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