Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People in Urdu

AHH, The Laziness will give us Life loss one day !!

I know everyone wants to be fit but some of us don’t have enough time and others are very lazy that they also like to order for Water Glass…then how exercise ??

Believe me, You can still lose weight by just making some minor changes in your daily life routine and maintaining it at daily…

If you also like to watch Movies and TV shows while lying on the bed you might also observe a thing that most of the time soon or later Hero will be the winner.

You may notice that there are two type of heroes in Movies;
One is having the cool Body and always ready for the Missions, Fight and Travel and is also very motivated and consistent for his work.

The other one is just chilling somewhere and planning everything from there because he’s smart enough to complete the Mission without moving anywhere.

The Same thing is applied to our Fitness, Some people are Going to Gym for workouts and very consistent with their routine and other ones are just smart enough to manage their meals in a way that they are losing weight and getting fit without any extra efforts.

You may already tired of hearing that You need a strict diet Plan and heavy exercise session for losing weight, It’s actually not…Get ready for our alternative weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips in Urdu for Lazy People (Audio):

Make your Diet Smart Like Yourself:

I guess that you don’t like the exercise or you may don’t even know the feel of exercise and If you are not doing any workout and eating fearlessly and want’s to lose weight then it’s impossible…

I mean you are not even doing a single physical activity and eating more calories or gaining more weight and fats…

But If you don’t want to start any exercise then make your Diet Plan very smart that you start losing weight without spending hours at Gym…Yes it’s possible mate

Now, Your Smart diet only includes the vegetables and fruits in it because it’s very easy to digest this kind of natural foods.

As I have already told you that there are two choices eat high calories food and burn daily at Gym or secondly eat low calories food and do a very little cardio exercise at nearest Park, and we are actually following the second one.

So Now you have to stop eating junk foods including Fast Foods, Spicy Biryani, Chicken Roast etc…and just eat delicious homemade vegetable recipes without making any excuses.

Don’t Imagine You are on Diet:

Uff, This is the biggest problem I heard from the people that they are not able to control their self from eating market foods. Let me tell you one story

If you go to Doctor and he says that for 3-4 days you are not eating any spicy foods, From that time you heard that you are restricted from spicy foods, you want’s to eat every food with bit more spice in it…

Same the matter is here, If you start thinking that you aren’t able to eat Pizza, Burger etc while following this plan then you will surely break the rule very early…

But if you just say to yourself that I am eating vegetables these days and will eat your favorite fast food at the end of the week, then It will be perfect and will work in a way you actually needs.

It will surely motivate you to achieve your weight loss goals and restricts from eating Junk Foods.

Maintain Your Routine:

Eating vegetables in your meals is not just for some days even you need to follow this Plan until you have achieved the desired goals, Let’s think it in this way…

When people are eating fast foods most of them are convincing their self that I am not going to gain more weight just with this Pizza, Now you have to apply the opposite to yourself…

I mean eat the vegetables in Lunch and Dinner and think like just these meals are not going to help me lose much weight, So I have to eat more vegetables and fruits like I did with fast foods.

This is motivating some of my friends and might also work for you, But if you have some better plan for motivating yourself to maintain your routine because the Goal here is to maintain your diet routine to vegetables and fruits only…

Give a Try to Cardio Exercise:

I know you don’t like the exercise, but when you have already maintained your diet routine to low-calories food then now you are not gaining any extra weight and your body is actually ready for burning the old calories…

Simply, Get ready some day for a very little session of exercise after you have a good routine of eating low-calories diet, Okay !!

Now select the Cardio exercise in which you are more interested from Running, Jogging, Rope Jumping, Cycling and do it for 10-15 minutes and don’t exceed this time…

Because your body is not actually used to it and you will get the tiredness at next day, but go for your exercise session at the selected time and do again for 10-15 minutes.

Soon you will start liking your exercise because you will feel that now you are losing weight quickly, Now you can increase your session time slowly and reach the 30-40 minutes of running or cycling daily….

In this way, You can achieve your weight loss goals if you’re very lazy and don’t want to follow any strict diet plans or doing heavy exercises at Gym.

This plan is working a little bit slowly but perfectly for most of my friends that’s why I think it will work for you too…

Remember, Smart People are also very quick Action takers so without further thinking, Start Following this from today or tomorrow !!

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