Dalchini for Weight Loss in Urdu

Besides Losing weight with using low-calories diet and doing smart exercise session…

People also want’s to know the secret of using Dalchini for weight loss in Urdu.

The truth is that if you are trying to lose weight even faster or easier then natural foods and exercise are best and easy choices for you.

But when you are already taking low-calories diet and consistent with your exercise routine than using Dalchini for weight loss is a perfect choice.

Because It will help you in burning more calories by decreasing your blood Sugar, boosting your metabolism and controlling your insulin levels, Here’s how:

Dalchini for weight loss in Urdu (Audio)

How Dalchini (Cinnamon) Helps in Weight Loss?

Dalchini is a super food and may easily available at your home due to its various use in the recipes, Here are some of its properties that can help you in losing weight

By Decreasing Your Blood Sugar Level:

When we eat a meal our body converts the available carbohydrates to blood sugar which is absolutely the main source of our energy.

Blood sugar levels gives us a message that how much hungry or full we are feeling. It also determines that whether we are going to lose or gain weight.

So, Blood sugar level plays a major role in losing weight and Dalchini helps us in decreasing the sugar level by controlling the Insulin.

When you are using dalchini with your diet you’re already controlling your blood sugar level.

By Boosting Your Metabolism:

Experts said it in this way that you can lose more weight by tricking your body into burning more calories with fewer efforts.

So Dalchini heats up your body and boosts the metabolism and now you are actually burning more calories with your physical activities than before.

It’s perfect for people doing a small session of the exercise while using Dalchini for weight loss because the results will be double.

By Reducing your Belly Fat:

There is a compound called polyphenol present in it which is an antioxidant helps in decreasing the development of fat cells and can reduce fat tissues in our body.

It will affect on your body’s abdominal fat which is obviously present in our belly area that also contains the much fat than other areas.

In a Nutshell: It will help you in burning belly fat due to useful compounds present in it.

By Controlling your Appetite:

There is a mineral called Chromium present in Dalchini which can help you in normalize your blood sugar level and controlling your appetite that will make you feel full instead of hunger.

You will obviously end up with eating less than before because your hunger is much less than before that you can satisfy with normal fruits or low-calorie meal.

By Killing Bad Bacteria:

There are many anti-bacterial properties present in the Dalchini that can surely help you in getting rid of bad bacteria which may cause problem in between your digestion system.

So It will kill that bacteria and make your digestion system working fine and making sure that you are not gaining any extra calories now.

How to Use Dalchini For Weight Loss?

As you have already read that Dalchini (Cinnamon) have many properties that fight against your extra weight and fat but it’s only possible if you are using it in a right way, Otherwise, don’t bother we are already using it in many recipes but didn’t get any results.

Here are some methods that you can apply while using Cinnamon for weight loss because it may never work if you are already eating high calories food and drinking soft drinks on the daily basis.

So If you want’s to see the results faster then make sure you are eating low calories diet and doing exercise daily.

As I have already mentioned that for losing weight perfect diet plan and exercise session is compulsory.These super foods just work like Icing on the Cake.

Mix Dalchini (Cinnamon) with water for Weight Loss:

1: Take 1,2 Cinnamon sticks and boil it with a cup of a water.

2: Now Filter the Cinnamon water and allow it for cool down.

3: Drink it before your breakfast for better results.

Sprinkle Dalchini on Your Food:

You can Sprinkle it on your food if the taste is not acceptable in the water, however, it also has same effects while using it with meals, But the best one is sprinkling a spoon of cinnamon on your breakfast for a better day with low calories.

1: Take 2 teaspoons of Cinnamon and sprinkle it on your breakfast e.g Egg

2: Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of Cinnamon on your favorite Fruits before eating.

Mix Dalchini with Normal Tea or Coffee:

You may also a tea or coffee lover and now you can make your tea more special for losing weight by just adding 2 spoons of Dalchini in it for better day or night.

Simply take 2 teaspoons of Ground Cinnamon and add it in your tea while cooking on the burner.

Dalchini and Honey in Water for Weight Loss:

You may already hear about it somewhere because it’s a working recipe of cinnamon for weight loss, If you are listening to it from me then here’s how can you use it…

1: Boil a cup of water and then add 2 teaspoons of Dalchini in it.

2: Mix it and boil it for another 2 minutes.

3: Allow to cool for some time.

4: Now Add a teaspoon of Honey in your Boiled Dalchini Water.

5: Best time for drinking this recipe is before taking breakfast or before getting slept.


No Doubt, Losing weight with Dalchini is possible but it’s a super food that will only effects well if you’re already following proper weight loss diet plan and going for your exercise daily, Then If you are using Dalchini for weight loss you’re on right track.

Otherwise, It will only show little results that you may not able to see on the weight test machine and you will make yourself more depress this time that by saying that “this recipe is also not working for me”.

In a Nutshell: You need to leave your bad eating habits and start eating low calories food with exercise session if you want’s to see the major results with Cinnamon, At least Go for a walk daily before taking breakfast.

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