How to Lose Weight in Ramadan 2018


Do you also think Ramadan can help you in losing much weight?

The answer is Yes if you are not going to drink the bucket of Rooh Afza every day…

And following this simple, how to lose weight in Ramadan plan designed by me for you, yeah you…

I am going to tell you the complete tactics here that already worked for me and my cute fat friends for losing enough weight during Ramadan last year.

But the thing is you have to be consistent with your routine…okay?

So, without further discussions let’s jump to our easy weight loss tips in Ramadan.

How to Lose Weight in Ramadan 2018:

Eat simple in Sehri:

I mean you don’t need to make the special parathas loaded with oil and also the plate of beef or chicken that most of my friends following, you know why?

Because they thought without heavy Sehri they are going to starve to the death till 4 PM.

It’s actually not… Sure, you will face the hunger for first 3-4 days then you will be fine with your simple eating routines…

But what you should eat in Sehri?

You simply need to make 2-3 traditional roti’s and eat it with the dish of vegetable without any kind of meat added in it, sound fair?

Okay,…you could also eat the plate of yogurt and drink Lassi but without any cream and be adding much sugar.

Believe me or not, Sugar is your biggest enemy and you have to avoid adding it to your diet as much as possible.

So, you are done with your simple Sehri without much sugar and cream.

Control yourself in Iftaar:

When you are trying to lose weight in Ramadan, make sure your iftar routine is in your control.

I mean the items loaded with oil and calories on the sheet are not for you, don’t put your eye on those items including Samosa, Pakora, fries and more…

As I have already mentioned above that sugar and oil are your enemies, so don’t eat these kinds of products just for some taste…

Oh, I forgot the bloody Rooh Afza who is acting like the water from heaven on the sheet but actually going to fill your body with sugar and sugar.

So, I think now you understand which things on the iftar sheet are not for you…

Then What Should you eat in Iftar?

I stopped you from eating some traditional Ramadan products but that never means now your iftar diet is going to be very much bored.

You can start with fruit chat but again without adding cream and sweet fluids, homemade simple fruit chat without additional products is recommended.

Also, it’s better to drink the simple water and cup of milk without cream and much sugar in it.

Your family members are going to taunt you on refusing to drink the Rooh Afza but you have to stop drinking this for seeing the big results.

For solid food, you can eat the roti’s with special vegetables cooked by your mother or yourself.

Yes, you can also eat the rice but make sure you are not eating chicken/beef with rice.

Believe me or not, the items loaded with sugar and oil are not only making you fat but also dangerous for your health especially in iftar when your stomach is empty.

So, Also feel free to eat your special fruits in the iftar for getting much energy in fewer calories but it’s better to not consider banana in your favorite list because it increases fats too.

If you can follow this simple iftar diet then you are going to see the big results after some weeks.

Be ready for exercise after Maghrib:

As you can see in this weight loss tips in Ramadan method, I am not restricting your diet to only some fruits and roti’s but after Maghrib, you need to do some exciting workouts.

But first, let me tell you…

Why this lose weight in Ramzan method will surely work for you?

If you are not eating the excessive sugar, creams, and oil in your diet then it means you are not gaining any extra calories and even burning the old calories during fast.

But after eating iftar if you are not going to do some workouts your body will gain enough calories because I believe that we may skip some products but we are not able to eat less in iftar.

So, if you are doing these exercises I am going to share with you here just for some time then you are forcing your body to burn the extra calories and fats.

Let’s get back to our point…

Which exercises did you need to do?

I am not going to suggest you join the gym from day first because it’s not even possible for us if you were not doing exercise before.

So, normally people join the gym and after 5 days they say it’s very difficult with fasting I will do it after Eid and that never came…

Don’t be like that…okay?

You just need to select your favorite exercise from cardio like running, walking, jogging, rope jumping and cycling and do it at your nearest park just for 40 minutes…

Sound’s interesting?

Listen to me, if you are going to your job or college during Ramadan then you need to start from 20-minute exercise because 40 minutes session can make you tired at starting.

But if you are free then start from 40-minutes and after some days increase the time, here’s how…

After selecting your favorite cardio exercise, Wear your trouser and joggers and do it straight for 40 minutes, you have to take the very small breaks

Like if you are doing the running which is my favorite then after 1 round you just have to take the break for 1 minute because you need the high-intensity exercise and long breaks will never help.

So, after 4-5 days when your body is used to it then increase your session time to 50 minutes and so on…

Last time my maximum time was 1:20 minutes and believe me it was fun for me every day with a new target.

If you are following this simple cardio exercise plan then you are going to burn enough calories for big weight loss in Ramadan.

But again I must say if you will start with large time session you will end up leaving your exercise, so your plan will start small and go big.

Plan after exercise Session:

As I have already shared with you, our weight loss diet plan in Ramadan but the problem is when you will get home after exercise you will feel very hungry.

That never means now you can eat the solid foods or drink some fruit shakes…here’s your plan

After 1-2 hours of your exercise session, you can eat the one roti with vegetable so you can sleep easily.

You can also eat your favorite fruits that time but make sure you are not eating too much for saving your hunger for Sehri too.

I must mention here that please don’t use the soft drinks and eat the chips like Lays or other market foods at night.

After eating something, it’s green tea time which will work like the icing on the cake for your weight loss in Ramadan.

You simply need to make the one cup of green tea without adding any sugar and drink it after the exercise session. It will help you in burning the more and more calories at night.

You may also try some other weight loss drinks for burning calories.

So, now you know our complete weight loss tips in Ramadan for quick weight loss in Ramadan.

Please don’t go outside for Iftar:

Last time I noticed that it was the biggest problem for me while trying to lose weight in Ramzan.

No matter it’s the family or friends call, try your best to skip it. You can use any other line if I’m on diet looks odd.

But what’s the reason? You must be saying with your eyebrows up

As I have already mentioned above and explained on this blog before that all the items from the market or from hotels are totally loaded with calories and oil.

Also, they are going to present you with sugar filled juices and drinks which can ruin your efforts of following these weight loss tips during Ramadan.

But if it’s not possible to refuse your special ones from taking you outside then be careful while you are selecting the items from the table.

You can taste some items but in very less amount or just rely on the fruit chat and some other natural items.

I know doing iftar outside for the 1-2 time in a month is not going to make you full fat but the biggest problem is that it will disturb your eating and calories burning plan.

Now I think you will take care of these things when next time you are going to any special iftar.

What to Do after Eid? Bonus Tips

I know when you will be following these simple weight loss tips in Ramadan then before Eid you will see the big difference in your weight.

But what if you need to lose more weight?

When you initiated the weight loss process during Ramadan then you will face some problems in normal routine because this plan is very much easier than normal weight loss plans.

Why? Because of the time between 12 PM to 8 PM, We eat the maximum calories, especially during the summer season.

So, I have already shared some working weight loss guides here before and you can also follow these simple methods for taking care of your weight.

1: Eat the high protein breakfast like eggs, bread or protein fruits.

2: At lunch, you need to eat the vegetables only and like before skipping the meat as much as possible.

3: At dinner, you also need to eat the vegetables or the little meat touch but not the chicken.

4: Keep doing the cardio exercise just for 30 minutes daily because we don’t have much time in normal routines.

5: Also you have to keep drinking the green tea after your exercise sessions.

6: Don’t drink sugar items like juices, soft drinks from the market because it increases our hunger and we end up eating heavy foods.

7: Also stop yourself as much as possible from outside items especially the fast foods including pizza, burger those are loaded with oil and oil.

Note: If you can just follow these simple tips for losing weight then believe me in a matter of months you can achieve the desired weight loss goals of yours without joining the gym and starving all day.

These tips will work slowly because you are eating 3 times but will work for sure and naturally so you will never feel that I am on a strict diet plan.

Final Words:

As I have already answered your question that how to lose weight in Ramadan but it will only work if you are consistent with your routine.

Believe me, if you are not leaving bad eating habits in Ramadan and trying to lose weight with running then it’s not possible at all.

So, simply save this complete plan somewhere in your pocket device and follow these easy weight loss tips during Ramadan both for your diet and exercise and soon be ready for the amazing results.

Which method are you going to use in Ramadan for losing weight? Let me know in the comments…

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