5 Home remedies for Removing Acne Fast

Acne makes us Angry…

Very angry when there is any family function coming…

In fact, people say a joke that “if you got a pimple or acne then it means function is coming”

I know it’s very difficult to get rid of acne problem even you are using costly cosmetics.

But if you want to remove the acne from your skin permanently then I am going to tell you some home remedies.

These natural remedies can effect slowly but can solve your problem permanently so you don’t need to worry again about your acne problem…

Looks like a Fairness cream advertisement?

It’s actually not… In fact, these remedies are already working for many people.

Let’s jump to our list

5 Home Remedies for Acne:

I must tell you to read the methods of using these remedies completely for getting the accurate results…

1: Apply Green Tea on your Acne

Green tea is considered as one of the best remedies for acne because it has many antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds which can stop acne.

According to many studies, Green tea has many compounds which can help your skin to fight acne.

You can Apply Green Tea in this way:

1: You can simply make a cup of green tea by dipping one bag

2: Now cool it completely (don’t use while it’s warm)

3: Wash your face with green tea and you can also apply it on your acne for some time

4: Then wash your skin with normal soap or face wash you are using

5: You can do this daily or 3-4 times in a week for seeing the good results

2: Apply Pure Honey on your Acne

Honey is also a very beneficial remedy for treating the acne due to its antibiotic properties which can stop the acne and repair your skin.

It can also increase your skin tone and complexion in very less time.

You can Apply Honey in this way:

1: Simply take some pure honey in a bowl

2: Add some milk or milk cream in it

3: Mix it well for making a thick paste

4: Apply it on your Acne for 30-35 minutes

5: Wash your skin with warm water

6: you can do this daily for seeing the fast results

3: Apply Mint on your Acne

When you have the acne problem then it blocks your skin pores which increase the problem with time. Mint has many properties which can reopen those pores by removing dust and oil from your skin.

It can make your skin fresh and smooth in very less time as you know about its cooling properties.

You can apply mint in this way:

1: Simply get some ground mint in a bowl

2: Now add some yogurt in it

3: Apply it on your skin for 30 minutes

4: You can use it for 2-3 times in a week for the freshness of your skin

4: Apply Aloe Vera on your Acne

Aloe Vera is also considered as the best remedy for acne because it can fight with any kind of skin infections and give you the smooth skin.

According to many studies, it has the cooling properties which can also remove the redness and other skin problems.

You can apply aloe vera in this way:

1: Simply get the aloe vera gel or get it from the leaves

2: Apply it directly on the acne for at least 30 minutes

3: Wash your skin with warm water

4: You can do this for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the best results

5: Apply Lemon Juice on your Acne

Lemon is also the good remedy for the acne because it can easily make your skin bright.

Due to its acidic properties, it can fight with the acne scars and can give you the glowing skin in very less time possible.

You can apply lemon juice in this way:

1: Simply take a fresh lemon and squeeze it in a bowl

2: Apply the juice properly on your acne with cotton piece

3: Wait for 20 minutes and wash your skin with warm water

4: You can do this daily for seeing the fast results

Final Words:

These are the natural and simple remedies which you can easily make at home in minutes and start reducing your acne scars.

I must remind you again that these are the natural remedies and can take some time to show you the actual results.

So, at the start, if you are not seeing any big results then keep using the remedies because you will get the big results in the coming weeks and it will be permanent.

Which remedies are you using for your Acne scars? Let me know in the comments…

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