Migraine Pain in Urdu (Symptoms and Treatment)

What is Migraine Pain in Urdu? Migraine pain is actually the serious headache which happens continuously on one side of the head most of the time.

Some people also have the common symptoms of a migraine like Vomiting, Nausea and instant pain after seeing the light and listens the sound.

A migraine is a common health problem affecting one man from every 15 men and one woman from the five women.

Experts still don’t know the exact reason of developing migraine pains in a person and it’s most common in the women around the globe.

Migraine Pain in Urdu (Audio):

Symptoms of Migraine Pain:

These common migraine pain symptoms occur right before or after the severe pain as there are also many types of migraines.

1: Severe pain in the half head and then in the other half head.

2: The pain is very severe and throbbing as compared to a common headache.

3: People facing problems in regular life activities due to continuous pain.

4: Feeling sick without any sickness.

5: Increasing and severe pain while doing any physical activities like exercise.

6: Sensitivity to sound and light, pain relieved in the quiet dark room.

Causes of Migraine Pain:

As I have already mentioned above that after too many experiments and studies the exact reason of migraine pain in Urdu is still unknown but it is said that reason is the abnormal activity of the brain.

The abnormal activity of brain causes the changes in the blood flow, changes in the chemicals and nerve which cause the severe pain in the head.

Some studies said that migraine pain triggers due to these common causes:

1: Bright lights, heavy sound, smoky rooms, strong smells and too much perfume.

2: Tiredness and physical activities like exercising.

3: Stress, depression, tension, and excitement.

4: Due to a different kind of allergies.

5: Big changes in the sleeping routine or disturbed sleep routine.

6: Excessive smoking and drinking.

7: Low blood sugar due to not eating meals on time or skipping.

8: Specific foods and drinks.

9: In women while starting their periods.

These are some common causes of migraines which are discovered from the studies or doing surveys with the affected people, they said that due to these common life activities a severe headache starts and effect continuously for weeks to some people.

Other people are just getting it occasionally after much time passing due to solid reasons listed above.

Treatment of Migraine Pain:

There is not any complete treatment or cure for migraine pain, but these little treatments can reduce the pain and symptoms of people’s migraine problem.

Painkillers: You can use the normal painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen for reducing your pain as much as possible.

Proper Sleep: If you are taking the enough sleep every day then chances of migraine pain is very low as compared to not resting properly.

Triptans Medicines: It is the category of the medication which can surely help you in reversing the chemical changes in your mind for reducing the pain.

Drink Much Water: Normally when our body is not hydrated properly then we get a headache for some time but it’s perfect for the people facing the migraine pain.

A small session of Exercise: You don’t need to start any heavy exercise because it may cause you pain but you can do some low-intensity cardio exercises like walking, jogging and cycling for 10-25 minutes daily which can help you in reducing the stress and pain as well.

How to Prevent Migraine Pain:

I have mentioned above the maximum possible causes of a migraine that you need to avoid in your daily routine but if you are getting the headache due to some other causes then don’t do and eat those things in your routine.

In a nutshell: If you are feeling that listening to high sounds causes you a severe headache then do your best to prevent listening to that much sound because it’s always better to care than to treat your health issues.

Final Words:

These are some common questions answered about a migraine in Urdu and if you are following the steps above then there is a high chance that you will never get that much issue again.

I must say again that always notice the causes which are giving you a headache and then protect yourself from those things and products.

If you are feeling that I am forgetting something about a migraine then kindly drop it in the comments, I will surely add it in the article further I will be very happy to meet you in the comments section because we are trying our best to solve the health problems of you people.

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