Best Hair Fall Tips in Urdu

It looks like your dream of having long, shiny and healthy hair is crashed due to this hair loss…

Hair Fall becomes the most common thing nowadays especially in women not just due to those Cosmetics claiming that you will get the long and silky hair.

But there are also many other reasons that lead you to lose your hairs frequently and puts you in the fear of the being bald.

I can feel the pain of seeing too many hairs stuck in the brush after brushing your hairs.

There are many reasons for hair fall including Hereditary factors, Hormonal changes, Pregnancy, physical and mental stress, Viral Infections, Medicines, heat hair styling tools, iron deficiency, Unhealthy diet and more…

It’s best that you have decided to stop your hair fall from now on…

Hair Fall Tips in Urdu (Audio):

Here are some best hair fall tips that you can use or apply to your hairs and routine for preventing hair loss and I am not going to suggest you any cosmetics.

These are all natural products and natural ways that people are already using for preventing hair loss and you can do the same for getting the results as soon as possible.

Don’t brush Wet Hairs:

After taking a shower and cleaning your hairs you don’t have to brush your hairs early before waiting for your hairs to become dry…

If you are already facing hair loss then it’s clear that your hairs are not very strong and it’s actually less strong while wet, So It’s better to never comb your hairs before dry.

Don’t tie your hairs with Towel:

When your hairs are wet don’t wrap your hairs with the towel for getting dry, It’s actually breaking your hairs when you are wrapping tightly or damaging for later hair fall.

Also, Please don’t rub your hairs hardly with the towel which we are normally doing for drying the hairs after taking a shower.

Experts said that if your hairs are very healthy then still you don’t have to do these with your hairs.

Massage with Warm Oil:

When you are trying to stop hair fall then it’s compulsory that you are massaging your head with warm Oil.

You can select the one oil from Mustard, Coconut, Olive and Canola oil and heat it for some time and then after getting it to the normal temperature you can use it for massage.

Massage at least for 10-15 minutes but very slowly in the round and then wait for more 30-40 minutes before washing the oil.

Use Shampoo only 2 times in a Week:

It is our common mistake that we think that Shampoo is good for our hairs health and most of the wise people are saying that “Shampoo is not good for our hair” but I am sure still they are using it daily while taking a shower…

Experts said that Shampoo is just for cleaning the hairs dirt and there are some chemicals that can give you the feel of silky hairs for some time.

So, You just have to use the shampoo for cleaning the dirt from your hairs and using 2 times in a week is enough for this purpose.

Don’t use Chemicals and Tools for Styling:

When you are going to any Function or event don’t use colors and other chemicals for straightening your hairs because it can damage your hairs more than you think.

Sure, for some time It can give you perfect look but after that, you are going to see the much hair fall because your hairs are not that strong to do these experiments.

You also have to stop using the hair dryer and other heat styling tools for your hairs because it can burn the essential nutrients from your hairs.

Again, I am saying that if you are a user of these items then stop using these from now.

Don’t tie your Hairs Tightly for Hairstyle:

Most of the girls are wearing tight ponytails, elastic bands and other rubber bands for pulling back hair tightly.

If you are doing the same on the daily basis then it’s better to change your hairstyle because it’s actually causing hair loss by damaging your hairs.

Apply Onion Juice at your Hairs:

You can apply the onion juice on your head and then spread it in all of your hairs by brushing the hairs slowly.

After waiting for 30-40 minutes you can wash your hairs, It’s better to wash the hairs in the morning after applying onion juice for a whole night.

Eat Protein Foods:

According to many studies, If you need long and silky hair you have to eat more protein foods and fewer proteins in the body are also the major reason for hair loss.

So, Eat protein foods in your diet like Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Nuts, Fish, Chicken, Turkey, and Beans etc…

These foods will surely keep you safe from hair loss and you will start seeing the results early.

Reduce Stress with Exercise:

As I have mentioned above that stress is also one of the major reasons for hair fall and doing exercise is the best solution for reducing stress.

I am not saying you to Join a Gym or run for hours but at least you have to start doing an exercise like walking or running for 15-20 minutes daily at your nearest park or in your lawn.

It will reduce your stress and perfect for your overall health, Some of you say that 15-20 minutes are very less for exercise but believe me the benefits of these 20 minutes are very beneficial for your health including hair loss.

Final Words:

These are some easy hair fall tips that you can use to prevent hair loss from now, It looks very simple but the benefits of these small changes can stop your hair fall.

You only have to be consistent with this routine of using above natural nutrients and stop doing activities mentioned here and wait for the results.

Believe me, there is not any shortcut of preventing hair loss, I suggest you to never try new products and only use these natural nutrients which are guaranteed risk-free but works slowly.

Smart people are also very strong action takers, I hope you start adding these changes in your routine from tomorrow for seeing the results early.

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