Brain Tumor in Urdu Symptoms and Treatment

What is a brain Tumor in Urdu? In this disease your brain is growing the abnormal cells in a low and restricted space of your brain which causes some serious problems, brain tumors are both not- cancerous (benign) and cancerous (malignant).

Benign brain tumors which are also non-cancerous grow very slowly and will never grow again after the complete treatment.

Malignant brain tumors which are also cancerous grow rapidly and there are high chances of getting this problem again even after the treatment.

Brain Tumor in Urdu (Audio):

In this page, you will also find the brain tumor symptoms in Urdu listed below which are very common in our lifestyle and most of the time we ignore this serious issue.

Brain Tumor Symptoms:

The accurate brain tumor symptoms depend on the part of the brain which gets the damage, some common symptoms are

  • Severe Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Persistent Vomiting and Nausea
  • Memory and personality changes
  • Vision Problems, speech problems, and other body weaknesses.


We know that headaches are the most common sign of many diseases but when there is a brain tumor problem then people get some different kinds of headaches like.

1: Waking up at morning with a severe headache.

2: You started getting persistent headaches but not had this problem before.

3: You are getting headaches with illness together.

The people with brain tumor problem usually have headache problem for long sessions and get the worse while coughing, sneezing, shouting or even exercising.

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Seizures (Fits):

It is one of the most common brain tumor symptoms that you started twitching or jerking your hands, legs or arms.

Sometimes fits affecting your whole body for less time…

Unconsciousness is also the cause of serious seizures.

If you are facing this problem continues then it’s better to visit the doctor for confirming its reason, it’s also not sure that you are getting fits due to the problem of brain tumors.

Eye Sight Problems (Vision):

Most of the time people with brain tumors are facing the issues of vision even after getting the exactly matched glasses
The common problems of vision are blur view, tunnel vision, floating images, seeing darkness for very less time.

So, if you are not seeing any improvements in your vision after getting the treatment from your eye doctor then it’s better to visit the specialist for confirming its reason once again.

Symptoms of Brain tumor due to the position of tumors:

The symptoms given above are actually normal and can also be caused due to the other health problems but here are some specific symptoms due to the brain tumor position.

In frontal lobe brain tumors position, people face changes in personality, behaving in a way which is not normal, losing interest in life activities, difficulty in the planning process, being aggressive, difficulty in walking, sense of smell affected, facing problems with speech and vision.

In temporal lobe brain tumors position people face forgetting words continuously, memory loss for some time, difficult in remembering the correct words, fits with strange feelings and hearing weird voices in the head.

In parietal lobe brain tumors position, people normally face difficulty in speaking and understanding, problems with writing and reading, no feelings in the body even on special events.

In occipital lobe position, people normally lost their vision and see some eyesight problems even after the complete treatment of eyesight.

In hindbrain position, people face poor coordination, sickness, dizziness, neck stiffness, abnormal movement of the eyes.

In spinal cord position people face serious pain in that area, weakness in the arms and legs, lost the control of bladder and bowels.

In pituitary gland position people face infertility in men and women, abnormal weight gain, lack of energy, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

In nerves controlling sight, people face serious damage to the eyesight.

In hearing nerves people face serious damage in the hearing process.

I must say again that some symptoms are familiar with other diseases or you may be seeing some of the symptoms listed above due to some other reasons.

But, if you are continuously facing the same symptoms then you have to see a specialist doctor for confirming the reason for your issues because it’s always easy to treat any disease at its starting even without any serious damages.

Brain Tumor Treatment in Urdu:

The most used treatment of brain tumors is the surgery which can remove much of the abnormal tissues possible.

Its treatment never completed with just surgery because it cannot remove the complete tumor from your brain so people treated again with radiotherapy for killing the abnormal cells which are still present in your brain.

As I have already mentioned above that benign tumors are easily treated completely with very low risk of getting this problem again.

But the malignant tumors are rarely treated completely and there is a high risk of getting this problem again depends on the type of tumor and treatment as well.

After reading/listening to these brain tumor symptoms in Urdu if you are feeling that you have some relevant issues then visit the specialist as soon as possible for confirming the actual reason and solve those little issues before getting the serious problems.

If you have any queries regarding brain tumors? Feel free to drop it in the comments, I will try to respond you as soon as possible.

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