Secret Long Hair Tips in Urdu/Hindi

If you need Long Hairs, You have to take special care of your hairs and feed them with correct Diet.

There is no shortcut or magical long hair tips that can work quickly, You have to be patient and wait for the result while taking care of your hairs.

If you are not getting long hairs then it never means that you are not very lucky or don’t know any magical products that others are using…

It might be possible that you are doing something wrong with your hairs or not treating your hairs properly, that’s why you are not getting long hairs.

Long Hair Tips in Hindi/Urdu (Audio):

Here, You can read some best tips for long hair that you can use to grow your hairs long and most of these are linked to science.

Don’t Use Shampoo Every Time you take a Shower:

If you are trying to grow your hairs long with these long hair tips then you have to remind yourself every time you are taking a shower that Shampoo is just for cleaning the dust from your hairs…

It’s not good for your hairs health because it contains some chemicals which can make you feel silky hair for some time but then can damage your hairs, No matter which Shampoo you are using.

According to Experts, All the shampoo are actually damaging your hairs slowly and might cause hair fall.

So, You only have to use shampoo for only 2-3 times in a week just for cleaning the dust in a normal amount.

Use Conditioner Every Time you Shampoo Hairs:

Again, I am saying that you have to stop your routine of using shampoo on the daily basis.

But, When you are using shampoo it’s better to use good quality conditioner after that…because it can prevent you from the damage of chemicals from shampoo.

Conditioners can also make your hairs much soft you can easily brush your hairs without breaking and damaging.

Trim Your Damaged Hairs End:

When you are following these long hair tips to get the long hairs, You also have to trim your hairs from the end especially the damaged ones.

If you feel that your hairs end are damaged or curled then cut it from very ends.

Experts said that: For getting long hairs you have to trim the ends for healthy and fast growth otherwise your hairs will start breaking from the ends and will never grow properly.

Protein Foods are Perfect for Long Hairs:

If you are not getting long hairs it might be due to the shortage of proteins in your body because for better hair growth proteins is very necessary.

So, In your diet plan, you have to add the foods loaded with proteins It will surely increase your hair growth at a good rate.

Start eating protein foods every day because these are also very useful for your overall health like Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Chicken, Turkey, Nuts, and Beans.

Drink much Water:

Hydration can also play important role in your hair growth and our body is hydrated when we are drinking plenty of water daily.

If you are drinking 8-9 Glass daily then you have to drink 12 glass from now for keeping your body hydrated.

It will also make you feel better by boosting your metabolism.

Use Cold Water for Hairs:

When you are taking a shower you have to use the cold water or if it’s cold weather then you can use warm instead of hot water.

If you are washing your hairs with cold water at the end then you are opening the cuticles of your hair which gives proper absorption of essential nutrients to your hair.

So, If you are washing your hairs with warm water then it’s better to rinse at last with cold water.

Massage your Head with Warm Oil:

When you are following these long hair tips then it’s very compulsory to massage your hairs with warm oil.

No matter, which oil you are using but you have to heat the oil and then do massage for at least 10-15 minutes slowly and then wait for another 30-40 minutes before washing your hairs.

Apply Eggs on your Hairs:

Proteins are very necessary for getting the strong and healthy hairs and Eggs are the main source of getting proteins.

So, Applying egg on your hairs can make It more strong and healthy.

You just have to break an egg in the bowl, Mix it well and then apply it on your hairs. After waiting for 30-40 minutes wash your hairs with shampoo using the cold water.

Apply egg on your hairs for 1-2 times in a week on your hairs.

Apply Aloe Vera on Hairs:

You may already be heard that Aloe Vera is very beneficial for growing your hairs long, yeah you heard it right…

Even I considered it one of best long hair tips mentioned here because there are many ingredients present in it that are very beneficial for your hairs health…

You simply have to get the gel from the leaves of Aloe Vera and mix some honey in it and then apply on your hairs for 30-40 minutes 1-2 times in a week.

Now, You can wash your hairs with shampoo and also with cold water for getting the better results.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar as a Conditioner:

As I have mentioned above that it’s a very difficult task to find a good quality of conditioner that also match with your hairs health and condition.

So, You can use the Apple Cider vinegar which is a natural conditioner.

Apple cider vinegar is actually able to maintain your hairs PH level which is very important for getting long hairs.

You have to take 2 spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 spoons of water and mix it in a bowl and after using shampoo apply this on your hairs.

After waiting for 5 minutes (So it settle down on your hairs) you can now wash your hairs with cold water for getting the quality results.

It will surely make your hairs more smooth and strong that you can feel after using it, If possible do this every time you shampoo your hairs 3-4 times in a week.

Brush your Hairs Before Sleeping:

While you are reading the long hair tips It is very important to brush your hairs before sleeping and then lay down on a soft pillow because most of the time hair breakage done at night.

The main reason for hair fall or hair damage at night is you are not putting your hairs in a proper way and using hard pillows for sleeping.

So, for preventing the hair damage at night you have to brush your hairs properly and then sleep on the soft pillow of Silk cover on it.

Wait for the results:

This is one of the best tips for long hair that you have to be patient and wait for the results because it’s not very fast Process to get long hairs.

The average rate of growing hair in women is half an inch in one month, So you have to keep protecting your hairs and wait for the results.

If you are using the long hair tips mentioned above properly and can wait for the results then the day is not very far when you have the long and shiny hairs in the family function.

But, If you have any queries or I am forgetting something then write it in the comments I will be happy to meet you there and can respond you as soon as possible.

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