Dark Circles Under Eyes Urdu Tips

The skin around our eyes is very sensitive…

If we are not taking care of it properly then the dark spots will take the place.

And you know that dark spots are very irritating.

So, I am going to tell you some natural eyes skin care tips in Urdu here that you can use at home and get away from these silly problems of the skin.

But before I say a word, Let me tell you that if you are using the cosmetics around your eyes…

Then it’s not a good move even it can harm your skin badly.

A lot of chemicals are present in the cosmetics which could give you the instant glow but after some time will damage your skin for sure.

I am not going in the detail of cosmetics this time as I had already explained that how it damages our skin in many guides.

So, let’s jump to our exciting eyes skin care tips plan…

Eyes Skin Care Tips in Urdu (Audio)

Most of the people around the world are already using these remedies for sorting the skin problems at home without spending money on the cosmetics.

You can use these dark circles tips in Urdu and get the better results in just some days…

Apply Tea Bags on your Spots:

Tea Bags are very useful for removing the dark circles from our sensitive skin areas.

The reason is that tea has natural antioxidants which can easily treat the dark circles. According to many studies, caffeine is also good for removing the spots.

Caffeine also shrinks our blood vessels which ultimately reduce the dark spots.

Here’s how you can use tea bags on your skin:

1: Simply take two tea bags and place them in the hot water glass.

2: After some time, squeeze the bags for removing the water.

3: Now place those bags in the fridge for getting it cool.

4: Place those chilled tea bags on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.

5: Wash your face with cold water.

Note: you can do this daily for seeing the perfect results.

Apply Cucumber on your Eyes:

Cucumber is the old and popular method of removing the dark circles that people are using even at beauty parlors and before shooting for freshness.

So, I am just reminding you this simple and working remedy again.

1: Simply take a fresh cucumber and cut it into the slices without removing its peels.

2: Now lay down straight and place two pieces on your both eyes.

3: Wait for some time and place another two for some time.

4: Wash your face with cold water for inflammation.

Note: You can do this daily for seeing the better results

Apply this Special Tomato Remedy on Skin:

You may also know that tomato is also the very effective remedy for removing the dark spots from our sensitive skin areas.

It is one of the best answer to your question how to remove dark circles permanently listed here due to its bleaching properties.

Tomatoes are also loaded with natural antioxidants which can remove the dark spots very easily in less time possible.

Here’s how to make and use this tomato remedy:

1: Simply take one fresh tomato and put it into the grinder for getting the pulp.

2: Add 2 spoon of pulp in a bowl.

3: Mix one pinch of turmeric in this pulp and mix.

4: Add half spoon of fresh lemon juice in it.

5: Also add one spoon of gram flour in it.

6: Mix all the ingredients for making the thick paste.

7: Apply a layer of this remedy below your eyes, you can also apply it on your face and neck.

8: Wait for 20-25 minutes and wash your skin with cold water.

Note: You can use this remedy for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the clear results.

Apply Rose Water Dip on your Skin:

We all know that rose water is also a cool product for removing the dark skin spots at home.

In fact, millions of ladies in Pakistan and India using this natural remedy on the daily basis for making their sensitive skin bright.

There are many nutrients present in it which can slowly fade the dark spots from your skin.

You can use it in this way:

1: simply take a small cotton piece.

2: Dip it into the rose water completely.

3: Close your eyes and put the dipped cotton on your eyes.

4: Wait for at least 10 minutes.

Note: If you can use it daily it will remove the dark spots near your eyes completely and make your look fresh again.

Apply this Honey + Almond Oil Remedy:

Honey is naturally loaded with antioxidant properties which can remove the dust and dark circles from your skin and make your skin bright.

On the other hand, almond oil is also providing the genuine results for skin whitening.

So, this overall remedy is working perfectly for most of the people and they are seeing their spots faded in a matter of weeks.

Here’s how to make and use this remedy:

1: Simply take one spoon of honey in a small bowl.

2: Now add half spoon of pure almond oil in it.

Note: You can easily buy this oil from your nearest oil shop.

3: Mix these two products for making a kind of paste.

4: Apply it on your dark circles especially near the eyes at night.

5: You can keep it on your skin for the complete night.

6: At morning wash your skin with cold water and dry your skin.

Note: You can do this 3-4 times in a week for seeing the fast results.

Final Words:

These are some working eyes skin care tips that people are already using including me and getting the perfect results.

We all knew the pain of dark circles below our eyes, so I also suggest you to stop spending much time on screens at night and also get the quality sleep every day.

These little changes in your daily life will not only remove the dark circles but you will also keep feeling fresh at morning, come on you knows that already…

As you can see, these are all the natural remedies or not the chemicals which will start working very quickly for some days…

But you have to keep using these remedies even you are not seeing any results in the first week which is not possible, and then keep using it for further weeks because soon you are going to see some big results.

Which home remedies or eyes skin care tips you are using for removing your dark circles? Let us know in the comments…

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