Face Hair Removal Tips in Urdu

Unwanted Hairs on the Face is the big problem for Ladies…

I know it’s very irritating for you, I am going to show you some face hair removal tips in Urdu that can solve your problem and put the smile back on your face.

Sure, there are some cosmetics present in the market but most of them failed in removing the hairs from face permanently. In other words, their results are just for some time.

If you are applying those creams filled with chemicals on face then it may harm your skin as well.

So, it’s always better to use the natural remedies especially on the sensitive areas like skin. The results will be little slower but permanent and without any side effects.

Let’s jump to our face hair removal tips list without further reading …

Face Hair Removal Tips in Urdu (Audio):

These hair removal tips for face in Urdu are used by most of the people around the people and they are giving the positive reviews…

So you can also get the same results by following these remedies consistently and with patience.

Wax with Boiled Sugar and Honey on Face:

It is considered as one of the perfect natural tips to remove hair from the face which can give you the results as soon as possible without hurting your skin.

Here’s how to make this remedy:

1: Simply take 2 spoons of sugar in a bowl.

2: Add one spoon of honey and one spoon of water in it.

3: Now heat this mixture in microwave or light flame for some time until its color changes to brown.

4: After getting it to normal temperature, apply this solution on your face.

5: Now take a small wax strip piece and apply it on the hairs and then wax it instantly.

6: Repeat the process again if needed.

7: Doing this one time in a week will remove the hairs permanently.

Wax with Boiled Sugar and Lemon Juice:

It is a very old method of face hair removal at home in Urdu which is still working perfectly without any doubt and people are getting the good results with this remedy as well.

Here’s how to make this remedy:

1: Simply take one-quarter cup of water in a pan.

2: Now add one cup of sugar and some fresh lemon juice in it.

3: Heat this solution of flame until it starts bubbling due to heat.

4: After heating wait for getting it to the normal temperature.

5: Now apply this on your face hairs.

6: Take a cotton ball and apply it on the hairs and wait for some time until it sticks with your skin.

7: At last, put it off the cotton quickly for removing the hairs.

8: Doing this 2 times in a week can remove the hairs from face completely.

Final Words:

These natural waxes are the perfect face hair removal tips in Urdu which will not only remove the hairs from the ends but also prevent your skin to grow the hairs in that area again.

I must say that before doing these waxes don’t forget to wash your face completely and then quickly remove the wax in the direction of hairs growing for removing the hairs completely.

After removing the hairs once, don’t wait for the hairs to grow again simply apply these waxes for at least 2 times in a week for getting the proper solution of your problem.

Which permanent face hair removal tips in Urdu listed here are working for you? Let me know in the comments below…

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