Skin/Face Polish at Home with Sugar

Do you want to get the silky and face polish at home? I know you are saying…


It’s very difficult to protect our skin especially when the season is changing or you are not protecting your skin from the sunshine and the dust.

Some people use the cosmetics from the market but those creams only work for some time and then they are going to get their old skin back.

Today I am going to tell you the sugar scrub or the face polish at home for glowing skin that you can easily make at home and use daily for getting the silky and polished skin.

Face Polish at Home Complete Method:

Excited to know my remedy? Come with me I will tell you the complete method

How to make and use this sugar scrub at home?

1: Simply take a half cup of white sugar which is normally used in our homes.

2: Add half cup of olive oil or coconut oil (it’s better if you add the both oils with sugar)

3: Mix it well for some time so the sugar gets dissolved as much possible with the oil.

4: Save this scrub in the tight jar for further use.

5: Daily apply it on your skin and scrub it on your skin slowly (on hands, feet, arms, neck)

6: You can use it 4-5 times in a week for getting the silky and glowing skin.

Note: While using this face polish at home You can apply it on the face but scrub very gently and slowly on your face for preventing any kind of damage.

Why will this Sugar Scrub give you the silky skin?

Actually, sugar is a perfect remedy for skin polish at home because it has the ability to remove the dead skin cells from your body and get you the fresh skin.

It’s the natural scrub which has many nutrients present in it which can help you in getting the new skin cells and remove the unwanted dust and clean your skin pores in very less time.

Olive and Coconut oil also has many properties which can help you in getting the smooth and glowing skin by removing the dust stick to your skin.

Overall, it’s very simple remedy but has many benefits for making your skin smooth and glowing in very less time.

After using it for 3-4 weeks now my skin is very silky and glowing and ladies have to must give it a try for checking the amazing results.

Final Words:

As I have already discussed that our skin only gets the dark color when we are not protecting it properly from the sunlight and other dust issues.

But if you are just using this face polish at home before washing your skin on the daily basis then you don’t need to worry about removing the dust from your skin.

I must say that it’s the natural remedy and can take some time to show you the actual results. I mean don’t expect the instant results like the cosmetics from the market.

Because the white and glowing skin you are going to get from this remedy will not be for some time but for the longer time period.

So, at the start, if you are not seeing the big results then don’t worry about anything and keep using it for getting your desired results.

Which home remedies you are using for making your skin bright? Let me know in the comments…

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