[Start Here] Quick Weight Loss Tips in Urdu

So, You are looking for some best weight loss tips in Urdu?

Here are some guides that you can use to lose your weight as fast as possible…

Most of us think that losing weight fast is only possible if we leave eating meals and start doing hard exercise from the day one, It’s actually not.

In fact, we only have to burn those extra calories as fast as possible with only reducing calories intake and smart exercise session.

Why Most of us Failed in Fast Weight Loss?

You may already be tried some diet plan for weight loss and still not lost any extra weight, it’s because you were not consistent or your diet plans are not matching with your body…

Here In my today’s podcast of weight loss tips in Urdu, You will learn that how you can easily lose weight fast without facing hunger and doing a hard exercise of sessions daily.

This plan only needs your consistency and focus towards your diet and exercise instead of weight loss.

Weight Loss Tips in Urdu:

1: Make Your Goal Clear

As I have already mentioned above that this weight loss tips in Urdu Plan only needs your consistency and focus towards your weight loss goal but if you are going to only use this plan as some tricks then this method may not suit you because it needs your attention towards your diet plans and exercise plans.

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So, Before doing anything the most important and first thing you have to do is make your goal clear that how much weight you are trying to lose in some days and make yourself determined enough to work for achieving your goal as soon as possible.

It will surely motivate you to quit bad eating habits and force you to go out for your exercise session daily.

This is also the mistake most of the people do, they start following any weight loss tips plan without setting their goal and stop following that eating habits after some days written in the plan by saying that

“This one is also not helping me in losing weight”, Don’t be like them…

2: Stop Eating Fast foods and High Calories

After setting your Goal and committing with yourself like “This time I must have to lose weight by following this method”.

The first thing you need to do is stop eating fast foods as soon as it’s possible because if you are eating fast foods or other loaded with high calories than quick weight loss may even not possible…

You have to start following the natural weight loss.

Why quick weight loss not possible with Fast foods?

I know this question arose in everyone’s mind because this is one of the most favorite food these days and everyone want’s to eat this kind of item at least one time in the Day.

Back to the point, these all products such as shawarma, burgers, nuggets, sandwiches are totally loaded with calories and help you in gaining weight even you are doing a small exercise of session daily…

The simplest formula of fast weight loss you need to know is “Burn more calories fast and eat low calories slowly”, but when we are eating high calories food we are actually reversing the formula like “Eating more calories fast and burning calories slowly”.

How to Quit Eating High Calories food?

It’s not that difficult to quit bad eating habits, here is the simple method that I always suggest to everyone that start eating vegetables with new recipes because it will make you more excited towards your paleo diet plan and try quitting the fast food slowly…

Because whenever most of us try quitting bad eating habits instantly, we end up with eating the same food.

When you decided to quit eating those products then try stopping it slowly while you start eating delicious vegetable recipes.

3: Avoid Eating Sugar, Soft Drinks, and Sweeteners

“Oh Shit, I also have to stop eating sugar” you’re saying, Obviously you heard it right because sugar and other artificial sweeteners gifting you the more calories than you think…

We have already discussed that losing weight fast is not that easy you have to quit your bad eating and drinking habits and half of your job is done…

Let’s back to the point Actually, sugar is not giving you weight directly but studies show that sugar can increase your hunger at the extreme level that you will end up eating high calories food that we are actually avoiding…

Say with me that “I’m not going to eat sugar in any form for next 4 weeks at least”, Believe me, if you stop eating or drinking sugar and then you will start seeing the weight loss results as fast as possible and these are the Easy weight loss tips.

4: Eat Vegetables and Fruits

While you are trying your best to quit eating high calories food and stop using sugar, Make your meals special only with vegetables no matter which recipes are you using but don’t start mixing your low calories vegetables with meat.

As I have already mentioned above that if you want’s to make your day special with Vegetables try some new recipes of vegetables that you can easily get from your special family cook, if not?

Then search it on the internet for Vegetable Recipies in Pakistan or get the list from your other secret sources, But only use the vegetables for your Lunches and Dinners.

5: Drink More Water than Enough & Before Meals

When you are trying to lose weight quickly then, believe me, Water is your best friend, You have to drink more water than enough daily for boosting your metabolism at next level and also for decreasing your hunger.

If you were drinking 7-8 Glasses before, now you have to drink 13-14 glasses daily.

Studies show that cold water also helps in reducing weight because your body have to burn some calories for matching the temperature of that water with your body temperature, but it’s okay to use simple water in good amount daily.

Also, try drinking much water before meals because it will help you in feeling full and you will end up with less eating and if you are also drinking a full of glass of water after your meal then it will help your body to digest it as soon as possible.

At the end, you will collect fewer calories while following these simple weight loss tips in Urdu.

6: Take a Strong BreakFast

Healthy breakfast in this plan of weight loss tips in Urdu is one where you feel full instead of making yourself overloaded with calories such as eating brown bread with one egg and cup of tea is perfect instead of eating “Paratha’s” full with oil or Donuts full with calories.

So, You only need to eat a low-calorie breakfast and make yourself satisfied at morning.

In other words, eat enough at morning so you never feel hunger till your Lunch and automatically avoid eating snacks till your Lunch Time.

7: Don’t Skip Meals

This is a common mistake most of us do when trying to lose weight fast that we skip our meals and ready for facing the hunger and think’s that it will bring the fast results, it’s actually not.

In fact, Starvation reduces your body calories out in an attempt to restore the energy balance and obviously stop your body from losing any more weight, even you are avoiding eating any more calories.

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So, Instead of facing starvation take your vegetables special meal or feel free to eat some fruits whenever you feel hungry because these foods are very easy to digest with some physical activities while you are working at the office, hanging around in university or doing some work at home.

8: 30-40 Minutes of Exercise Session

Well, After maintaining your Diet plan on Natural Foods Now it’s time to force your body to lose weight quickly and this time your body will accept your message for weight loss happily here’s why…

You’re already eating fewer calories than before, Right? So, Now when you do an exercise session your body will automatically start burning old calories you have gained before because there is no new ones available there and you will end up with burning more calories…

So, Select any of your favorite weight loss exercises in Urdu (Walking, Running, Jogging, Swimming, Rope Jumping) and do it daily for 30-40 minutes.

At starting, Do it for 20 minutes but make your goal for the daily 40-minute exercise session.

In this Plan of weight loss tips in Urdu, Exercise is not the choice it’s compulsory if you want’s to see the faster results.Go for it daily without listening to your own excuses.

9: Drink Coffee or Green Tea

Green Tea and Coffee have the beneficial amount of caffeine that can surely help you in boosting your metabolism and your body will start burning the more calories in a natural way.

But the results will be double if you drink your cup of coffee or green tea after the session of your exercise as now it’s affecting your body instantly and as the result, you can see a difference in burning your calories.

It is also clear that drinking too much of coffee or green tea may harm your body, I mean 2 cups in a day is a good amount both for your body and for achieving your weight loss goals in the desired time.

I am not going to explain it in further detail as I have already written an ultimate guide to using green tea for weight loss.

10: Daily Morning Walk

When you are trying to lose weight quickly with these weight loss tips in Urdu then it must be noticed that you don’t have to miss a single chance for burning your calories, Sure you are already doing your exercise session daily.

But when you are consistent with your exercise routine, Now it’s time to start a morning walk that is both beneficial for your health and burning some more calories before getting into the routine of your day.

You will also burn some extra calories easily you have gained last night with your meal.

So, It’s better to start a little morning walk session may be at your home or nearest park just for 10-15 minutes that will surely help you in seeing the results quickly.

11: Be consistent with diet and Exercises

Let’s Imagine a scenario that you are already eating low calories diet and doing your favorite cardio exercise daily but still not seeing the major results you are actually expecting, then what?

For some People these weight loss tips in Urdu showing results in less time and for others it will take some patience and time for displaying the results because different bodies have different time periods to show the results but I am just saying that don’t ever break your routine of diet and exercise even you are not seeing any results in the early days.

When you will be consistent with your routine of both diet and exercise, Sooner or Later you are going to see the results.

So, without thinking about the results keep maintaining your this routine and the results must be there in some time.

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