Easy Winter Skin Care Tips in Urdu

Winter is a cool weather but it’s not that cool for our Skin…

Actually, there is a dry air outside in the winter season which can surely harm your skin as much as possible by making it much dry.

When our skin is not getting the proper moisture then mostly it leads to cracking skin problems.

So, you need to take care of your skin by using these simple winter skin care tips in Urdu at your home without thinking much about any kind of problems.

Winter Skin Care Tips in Urdu (Audio):

These tips are actually referred by most of the skin experts and also used by many people who are giving the positive reviews.

You can try these at your home for seeing the clear results.

Don’t Wash your skin with Hot Water:

You heard it right that you don’t have to wash your skin with very hot water which we usually do in the winter especially at Mornings.

Sure, It feels very good when we wash our face with very hot water but it’s actually damaging your skin here’s how:

Doctors said that when you are washing your skin with hot water and Soap or face wash then your skin’s natural oils are also washed and now you are going to get the dry and rough skin after some time.

I am also not suggesting you use the cold water but you just have to use the lukewarm water which is not very hot or cold as well, It is perfect for washing your skin every time.

Use Moisturizer after Washing your Skin:

This is also one of the best winter skin care tips for dry skin that you have to use the moisturizer right after washing your skin.

As I have already mentioned that the romantic air outside is actually removing the moisturizers from your skin and trying it’s best to give you the dry and dull skin.

Whenever you wash your face you have to apply some moisturizer for getting the smooth and glowing skin, It will be perfect if you place the bottle near the washing place.

I must say that when some people heard “You have to use Moisturizer in Winter” they suddenly buy one from the market without thinking about the quality.

There are many moisturizers present in the market which are only loaded with chemicals and can make your skin dry.

You need to use the quality moisturizer that also contains some oil in it, I am using the Garnier Skin Natural Oil control fairness cream in Winter for my skin and getting the much dating opportunities.

Wear Gloves while Visiting Outside:

We all know the perfect feel of small family tours in the nights of December and January but whenever you are going outside for anything wearing the gloves for protecting your skin as well.

I know your parents are already reminding you many times for wearing the gloves and you are not here for reading these kinds of simple pieces of advice.

But believe me or not, these little routines are damaging our skin when we don’t care and we also know the importance of the saying of the mother because they are teaching you something after their own experiments.

So, from the next time when you are going outside wear your gloves and also place your favorite gloves in your bags or near something that you remember every time.

Drink More Water in Winter:

When I asked the skin specialist that which advice you give your patients every time for protecting skin in winter he said simply “Drink much water and don’t pass much time in front of heaters”

It is the reality that we drink very less water in the winter due to the less thirst which results in dryness in all of our body including the skin, So you have to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water even in the winter season.

Secondly, You also don’t have to sit in front of heaters for much time because it can remove the moisturizers from your skin.

Apply Lotions at Night:

Actually, we see most of the dryness on our Hands, Feet, and knees because the skin of these areas is very thin and sensitive as well.

So, forgetting the proper moisturizers on your skin you simply have to use some quality lotions at night especially on these areas so you will get the fresh and smooth skin after washing it at morning with lukewarm water.

Eat Foods filled with Water:

You need to eat foods filled with natural juices because it is the perfect solution for keeping your skin hydrated because our skin is not only about what we are applying on it but also what we are eating and drinking as well.

So, You have to start eating Oranges, Apples, Tomatoes, Carrots and other related products for getting the smooth and soft skin.

Final Words:

These are some best Winter Skin Care Tips in Urdu that you can easily adjust to your routine and forget about any problems related to the Skin.

If you have dry skin in winter then you need to take more care of your skin and especially remember these points then you will start seeing the exciting results and may some people also ask you that which products you are using for getting such glowing skin even in the winter season.

If you have any more winter skin care tips then drop it in the comments for our help as well, Also I will be happy to meet you in the comments section.

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