Secret Hair Fall Solution in Urdu

Hair Fall Solution in Urdu is the most asked question these days because now this problem is very common among us.

There are many products available in the market claiming that those are best hair fall solution but all are useless and may damage your hair badly.

It’s better to use some home remedies for hair fall that may work slowly but never hurt your hairs health and can stop your hair loss easily.

Some common reasons for hair fall are hereditary conditions, stress, pregnancy, head infections, tight hairstyles and other styling products and tools.

Hair Fall Solution in Urdu (Audio):

Here are some best hair fall solutions that you can use to prevent hair loss at your home.

Stop Using Hair Fall Products and Styling Tools:

If you are using any products from the market for preventing hair fall then kindly stop applying those products on your hairs because those cosmetics can damage your hairs health and soon you might start losing more hairs.

Everyone loves to make some fancy hairstyles by using a hair dryer and other heat styling tools If you are using one while going to work or any event then don’t use those tools because heat tools can damage your hairs.

This kind of damage never start effecting early but after using these tools you will feel your hairs are drier and start breaking from your head every time you wash or get up in the morning.

Again, I am saying that these cosmetics for hairs are dangerous for your hairs and also those heat tools.

Stop using shampoo Daily:

The second best hair fall solution is to stop using shampoo every time you take a shower because it contains chemicals which can harm your hair badly.

I would like to remind you that shampoo is just made for cleaning the dust from your hairs and not for making it silky and healthy.

So, You only have to use shampoo 2 or 3 times in a week for cleaning your hairs only.

Apply Coconut Milk on your Hairs:

This is also considered as one of the best hair fall tips because it can nourish your hair tissues and stops your head from hair fall as soon as possible.

1: Break the coconut into small pieces and then add these pieces into the grinder.

2: Grind for some time and then squeeze the material for getting the coconut milk.

3: Now apply this coconut milk on your hairs for 25-30 minutes and do massage for some time.

4: Apply coconut milk for at least 1 time in a week for preventing hair loss.

Apply Honey and Zaitoon Oil on Hairs:

Zaitoon oil is also very beneficial for preventing hair loss due to some essential nutrients present in it that can give your hair a healthy feel.

1: Simply add 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of Zaitoon oil in a Cup.

2: Mix it well and then apply this paste on your hairs.

3: Wait for 20-25 minutes after applying on hairs.

4: Then wash your hair with shampoo using cold water.

5: Applying shehad (honey) and Zaitoon oil once in a week can prevent hair loss easily.

Apply Eggs and Yogurt on your Hairs:

This is also considered as one the best hair fall solution because both Eggs and Yogurt are loaded with proteins. Also, for growing the long hairs and stopping hair loss proteins are very important.

SO, You also have to eat the foods which are a good source of proteins…

1: Simply mix 1 egg and some yogurt in a bowl.

2: Mix it well and get a proper paste.

3: Now apply this Egg and Yogurt paste on your hair and leave for 25-30 minutes.

4: After this wash your hairs with shampoo using cold water.

5: Applying this paste 1-2 times in a week can help you in stopping hair fall.

Do this Hot Oil Massage:

If you are busy or don’t have much time for applying the above mixtures on your hairs even once in a week then you can simply do massage with warm oil on your head.

1: Simply take some mustard oil and heat it for some time.

2: Now massage your hairs with this oil for 25-30 minutes slowly and then wait for another 30 minutes.

3: Now you can wash the oil by shampoo again using cold water.

4: Doing massage with warm oil 1-2 times in a week can surely prevent you from hair loss.

Final Words:

These are some best hair fall solution that you can easily make at your home and apply on your hairs for some time for preventing hair loss easily.

Also, You don’t have to apply these all mixtures in a week but you only have to select 1 or 2 from the list that suits you or easily available at your home.

Then start using these hair fall solution at your home weekly and you will start seeing the results more than those shitty cosmetics.

Is still have any questions regarding hair loss, You can drop a comment and I will try to respond you as early as possible.

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