Easy Hair Fall Treatment in Urdu

Are you looking for easy hair fall treatment in Urdu? Then you arrived at right Place…

I am not going to suggest you costly products from the market but I will tell you some methods that you can easily use at home and prevent hair fall.

Experts said confidently that If you are losing 50-100 hairs per day then it’s normal for most of the people.

But If you are continuously losing your hairs on the daily basis mostly after taking a shower or getting up in the morning then it’s not normal and you have to start natural hair fall treatment.

Sure, There are thousands of product available on the market for preventing hair loss but most of them are useless and can harm your hairs more than you expect.

So, it’s better and safe to use the hair fall tips made up with home remedies for hair fall treatment because these have zero side effects on your hairs.

Listen, Firstly you have to stop doing some activities that are damaging your hairs like doing shampoo every day, using too much conditioner, tight hairstyle, using heat styling tools etc…

Your half hair fall treatment is to take care of your hair as much as possible because if you have hair fall problem then it clearly means that your hairs are not very strong to bear these experiments on them.

Hair Fall Treatment in Urdu (Audio):

Here is the best homemade hair fall treatment that you can use to reduce the amount of losing hair on the daily basis without having the fear of any side effects.

These home remedies work slowly but can surely help you in preventing hair loss…

Coconut Milk:

Coconuts are very rich in Potassium and Iron that will help you in promoting hair growth. It also has some essential nutrients that can easily stop hair loss as early as possible.

You can use coconut milk for applying on your hairs weekly.

1: Simply crush the coconut into small pieces and then add in the grinder.

2: After grinding you can squeeze the mixture for getting the coconut milk.

3: Now simply apply the coconut milk on your hairs for 20-30 minutes once in a week for seeing the results.

Garlic with Coconut Oil (Giri ka Tail):

Garlic is loaded with the Sulphur which is the essential nutrient for growing your hair long and preventing the hair loss at the same time.

On the other hand, Coconut oil also contains some essential nutrients for stopping hair loss.

It is also considered as the best hair fall treatment.

1: Cut garlic into very small pieces and add some coconut oil and boil it for some time.

2: When the mixture came to normal temperature, use it for the massage on your head and also hairs.

3: After applying it on your hairs and then wait for the 30 minutes before washing your hairs.

4: Do this at least once in a week.

Mehandi and Mustard Oil:

Mehandi is commonly used for coloring the hairs but it has some properties that help also help you in growing your hairs naturally.

If you are using it with mustard oil then it will surely help you in getting the strong hairs.

1: You have to add some Mehandi leaves and mustard oil in a bowel and then boil it for some time.

2: Now filter the oil and use it for massage for 3-4 times in a week.

3: After doing massage of this Mehandi and mustard oil mixture you have to wait for 1-2 hours before washing it with shampoo.

Apply Eggs on your Hair:

Actually, Eggs are loaded with proteins and for growing, your hairs proteins are the best choice.

You may also hate the smell of eggs while applying on your hairs but it will prevent your head from hair loss as soon as possible.

Applying egg on your hair is also considered as the best hair fall treatment that you can easily use at your home.

1: Simply break one egg and mix it well it’s both parts like we do before making omelets.

2: Now apply this paste throughout your hairs.

3: Now wait for at least 30-40 minutes and then wash it with shampoo using cold water.

4: You will feel now your hairs are more shiny and silky and soon your hair falling will also stop.

Final Words:

In this Hair fall treatment in Urdu article, I have already mentioned above that the best treatment is to use the natural products instead of those cosmetics from the market.

Sure, these remedies will work slowly but never hurt your hairs health and also give you the results forever and not for only some days.

You just have to select 1-2 home remedies from the above list that suits you more and then start applying according to the method for seeing the results soon.

If you got some queries regarding hair fall then you can comment below and I will respond you as soon as possible.

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