Hand Care Tips in Winter (Urdu)

Winter is not a romantic season for our hand’s skin.

Actually, In winter season our body is not getting the proper moisturizers due to the cold wind which makes our skin dry and rough.

Hands effects quickly due to the thin skin and can be very difficult to recover to its original condition without taking proper care, so use these simple hand care tips in winter…

Low moisturizing is also the major reason of damage so you have to use some Hand care Tips in Urdu which is provided here for protecting your hands from these common problems.

Sure, using some moisturizing creams can also help you in getting the glowing and smooth hands but its always better to protect instead of recovering.

So, here is your hand care tips that you can follow easily in your daily routine…

Hand Care Tips in Winter (Audio):

Let me tell you that most of the people are already using these simple hand care tips at home and seeing the better results.

You can also see the big difference by just molding these methods in your daily routine.

Wear Gloves while going outside:

You must be thinking that what I am trying you to teach that you already know well but believe me this is the major reason of our hand’s damage in winter.

If you are wearing gloves every time you go outside then you can see a clear difference in very less time.

Just try this out and make it your habit to wear gloves while you are going outside, further you can place your gloves at the nearest place of the gate so you don’t forget to wear the gloves.

You also need to wear the rubber gloves while you are doing some house works like washing plates or others because cold water and soap also harm our skin in winter.

Apply Moisturizing Cream before Sleeping:

This is also considered as one of the best hand care tips in winter that You may already be heard this that if you are applying the cream and lotions at night then you can easily protect your skin from any kind of damages, Also it is considered as one of the best hand care tips.

So, before sleeping you just have to take some cream or lotion and apply on your hands and do massage for some time until it gets dry.

At morning, you have to wash your hands with quality soap and using the lukewarm water because using the hot water can also damage your skin which we use most of the time.

Apply Warm Oil on Hands before Bathing:

Most of the people commonly face an issue that they start getting the dry hands after taking a bath with hot water which is a need in the winter.

So, before taking a bath you just have to take some olive oil and heat it for some time and after getting it to the normal temperature you can now apply it on your hands and feet and massage for some time.

It can surely make your skin smooth and glowing after getting the bath even with hot water.

Apply Gram Flour and Milk on Hands:

It is also considered as one of the best in our hand care tips in Urdu list due to its fast effect on the dry and rough hands, I also apply this remedy on my hands once in a week.

You can use gram flour and milk in this way on your hands:

1: Simply take some gram flour in a bowl and mix some milk in it for getting the thick paste.

2: You can apply this paste on your hands for 20 minutes.

3: Now wash your hands with lukewarm water using the quality soap.

4: Do this for at least 2-3 times in a week for seeing the clear results.

Final Words:

As I have already mentioned above by using these simple winter hand care tips in Urdu people are already getting the valuable results and we are seeing the positive response.

You just have to follow these in your daily routine and if you are not seeing any big results at the starting of the process then don’t worry it’s normal and you just have to keep following this because soon you are going to see the big results.

It also depends on the type of the skin, I mean some people can get the fast results and for others, it may take some more days.
If you feel that I am missing something and you have some good tips for protecting the hands as well then Kindly don’t forget to drop your views in the comments below.

Also, I will be happy to meet you in the comments !!!

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