Lips Care Tips in Urdu

Attractive Lips is the main Beauty factor, especially for Ladies and here are some lips care tips in Urdu for you…

Everyone wants to get the pinky and glowing lips but due to some common reasons like dehydration, our lips become dull and dry.

The problem of dry lips usually comes in the winter or cold season because there is very fewer moisturizers in the air and can damage your skin and lips as well.

Here are some simple Lips care tips in Urdu that you can follow easily for recovering from the damage and protecting your lips from dry air as well.

Some people suggest you apply the expensive products on your skin but most of them never match your lips type and can just waste your time and money.

It’s always better to take care of your lips instead of ruining your time and beauty…

Let’s get to the list of simple lips care tips at home.

Lips Care Tips in Urdu (Audio):

Drink Much Water in Winter Season:

As I have already mentioned above that the main reason of dry and rough lips is dehydration which you can only recover with the help of simple water.

It is very common that we drink very less amount of water in winter due to the less thirst which is very wrong for our body and skin as well.

So, you also have to drink the maximum water in the cold season even you are not feeling the need of the water. I mean if you are drinking 7 glasses of water these days now it’s the time to increase it up to 12 glasses.

It can also boost your body metabolism and tours to the washroom and both of these things are very helpful for getting the healthy body and skin.

Apply Brush on your Lips Also:

When you are doing the brush in the morning then you can also slowly rub the brush on your lips for some time.

Doing this process daily can remove the dead cells off your lips and helps you in getting the glowing and healthy lips in very less time.

It can also help you in the improvement of lips glow as much as possible.

Apply Vaseline or Lotion at Night:

You may already know about this method which is still considered as one of the best lips care tips in Urdu at our homes.

Actually, our lips is a very sensitive area of the body and every time when there is a dehydration in your body then your lips get effected firstly and then other body parts like hands and feet.

So, it is always better to moisturize your lips properly for getting the proper glow and smoothness.

You can do this by just applying the Vaseline and other moisturizing creams for lips at night before sleeping and then rub slowly it for some time and then press your lips until it gets into the skin of your lips.

If you are applying Vaseline daily on your lips before sleeping then the chances of damage will be very less.

Apply Sugar Scrub on your Lips:

It is also considered as one of the perfect lips at home because scrubbing your lips with sugar can surely help you in removing the dead cells as soon as possible.

You can apply sugar scrub in this way on your lips:

1: Simply take some sugar and add some water in it and mix it.

2: Now apply this sugar and rub it on your lips for some time.

3: Wash it with lukewarm water.

4: Do this 2-3 times in a week for removing the dead skin cells from the lips.

Apply Sunscreen on Lips while going outside:

Protecting your lips is always better than recovering from the damages, you can also protect your lips like face by applying the sunscreen while going outside in the sunlight.

We know well that sunlight can burn our body cells and can also make the skin darker as soon as possible so you need to make it your habit that before going outside apply the sunscreen on lips as well if you are facing the damage issues.

Doing this can easily protect your lips from the burn as much as possible.

Don’t Lick your Lips:

According to many studies if it’s your habit to lick your lips most of the time then you are going to get the serious damage soon because it can make your lips dry and then crack.

We normally lick our lips due to the dehydration for making the things fresh again but it’s not actually helping you in getting the things even better.

So, when you feel that you are licking your lips very much without your own permission then drink water or juice for getting the proper water in your body.

Final Words:

These are some simple Lips Care Tips in Urdu that you can use at your home for making your lips smooth and glowing in the very less time possible.

I am again saying that it’s always better to protect your lips than recovering them from the damages, So you have to follow these lips care tips in winter for protection as much as possible.

I must say that if you are facing the dryness and crack issues then you can use these tips on the daily basis for seeing the results as soon as possible.

But if you are not seeing the fast results in the early days then don’t worry about anything because it also depends on the lips type or skin type as well so keep following these methods in your daily routine because soon you are going to see the big results.

If you are thinking that I am forgetting something or you have some better lips care tips for us then feel free to drop it in the comments section below.

Also, I will be very happy to meet you in the comments section !!!

Lemon ke Faide in Urdu

Lemons k bohat se b ziada benefits hain agar ap lemon water ko apni routine main use karna start kar dain to best ha…

Lemon water agar ap subha k time use kar rahy hain to is k perfect benefits mil sakty hain jaisa k

Lemon digestion main help karta ha:

Bohat sary logon ko digestion system main problem hota ha k jab wo khana khaty hain to wo digest karne main problem hoti ha…

Lemon ke faide ye hain k agar ap lemon water use kar rahy hain to ye apky digestion system ko boost karta ha. Doctors b suggest karty hain k agar ap neem garam pani subha use karty hain to apko digestion main problem nahi hoga.

Isi liye lemons ko digestion system k liye best product samja jata ha jo k ap week main kuch days use kar k apna ye problem solve kar sakty hain.

Lemon Immune System ko Boost karta ha:

Lemons k andar bohat ziada amount main Vitamin C hota ha or Potassium b hota ha jo k best lemon ke faide main shamil hain.

To agar ap ye vitamins subha uthty hi apni body ko lemons se ya kisi or product se provide karty hain to ye apky immune system ko boost kar dety hain.

Kafi researches k mutabik Vitamin C stress ko khatam karne k liye b best ingredient ha.

Lemon Skin ko Bright or Clear Karta ha:

Lemon ke faide main Research k mutabik agar a daily lemon water drink use kar rahy hain ya lemon water ko apni skin par apply kar rahy hain to ye apki skin ko glow kar deta ha.

Lemons main Vitamin C k sath antioxidant properties b hoti hain jo k hamari skin k dead cells ko remove karti hain or skin ko glowing banany main help karti hain…

Yehi waja ha k lemons ko skin k liye best product kaha jata ha.

Lemon Wazan ko Kam karne main help Karty hain:

Lemon k faide main se best benefit ye b ha k ye apky wazan ko maintain rakhny main help karta ha.

Jaisa k main ne phly b mention kia ha k lemons digestion system ko boost karny main help karty hain to is se apko motapa khatam karne main b help milti ha.

Jaisa k hamara wazan tab increase hota ha jab hamara digestion system sahi se khany ko digest karny main fail ho jata ha or hamari body main calories barh jati hain.

To agar ap lime water daily basis par use karty hain to apki body mazeed calories store karne k bajaye usko burn kary gi jis se apko motapay ka ilaj karne main help mily gi.

Akhri Alfaaz:

Ye jo main ne apko lemon kef aide bataye hain ye researches k mutabik proof kiye gaye hain.

Hamari body main problems tab ana start hoti hain jab hamain dehydration ya pani ki kami ho jati ha to lemons water main aisy Vitamins hoty hain jo k is kami ko khatam karne main help karty hain.

Isi liye zarori ha k ap week main 2-3 dafa lemon water use karein or apni body ko hydrated rakhien especially garmi k season main ye best product ha.

High Blood Pressure Diet in Urdu

High Blood Pressure is also known as a silent killer due to no pain and symptoms…

But, after the time passes most of the time it causes the heart issues, kidney issues, and many other serious problems.

Most of the people never notice the high blood pressure on the daily basis and keep eating the oily foods which harm them badly after some time, I am not saying that you need to take the medicines on the daily basis.

You can still control it by just making some minor changes in your lifestyle and by eating this high blood pressure diet in Urdu mentioned below, these foods can surely control your blood pressure as much as possible.

As you know that, Diet plays an important role in controlling the blood pressure so you need to stop eating products filled with fats, oil, and sodium and start eating these foods for high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure in Urdu (Audio):

After many studies, Doctors found that if you are eating these products then chances are that you will never see the problem of high blood pressure again further people are using these products at home for controlling their blood pressure and getting the positive results as well.

Eat Green Vegetables:

Green Vegetables like Spinach, Cabbage, green Peas, mustard greens etc… are loaded with Potassium which can surely help your kidney in getting rid from sodium.

You need to eat green vegetables cooked at home as much as possible for getting the proper excretion of sodium from your kidney.

Eat Potatoes:

Potatoes are also the perfect product of our list high blood pressure diet in Urdu because potatoes have lot of magnesium and potassium which is very beneficial for you.

Fibers are also present in the potatoes which are good for healthy diet and overall potatoes can surely help you in lowering the blood pressure.

Baked Potatoes are my favorite product, you can also enjoy one every day in your dinner for fulfilling your tummy and also for lowering the blood pressure.

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Eat Blueberries and Strawberries:

Strawberry is a very special fruit which most of the people love to eat and there are also plenty of benefits present in these tinny berries.

One Study found that there are compounds called flavonoids present in these berries which may reduce your blood pressure.
So, when you go to market for buying the fruits then also buy some amount of these tasty berries for eating in your extra hunger.

Drink Beetroot juice:

According to many researches, If you are drinking the beetroot juice at the daily basis then it will surely help you in lowering your blood pressure within the 24 hours and also save you from the many other health problems.

It will be easily available in your nearest fruit market and the nitrates present in it will help you in controlling your high blood pressure.

Drink Milk without cream:

Skimmed Milk is also one of the best high blood pressure diet in Urdu in which much calcium is present and not having many fats in it.

Its properties can easily help you in controlling the blood pressure and you can drink it daily while removing the cream and can also eat yogurt without much cream and sugar in your breakfast.

Eat Banana Every Day:

Banana is the rich source of Potassium that is the essential mineral for having the stabled blood pressure and there is also a good amount of magnesium present in it.

So, buy some bananas also when you are visiting the fruits market and store them for at least eating one banana every day for a better diet plan.

Bonus Point: Start Doing Exercise from Tomorrow

It has been proved many times that doing exercise daily can control your blood pressure very easily, I am not saying that you need to spend hours in the gym but the little physical activity every day.

You just need to choose your favorite cardio exercise from running, walking, jogging and rope jumping and then do it daily for at least 15 minutes which will drop your blood pressure to the safe level.

So, set up your routine of exercise from tomorrow because it will also help you in lowering the stress which ultimately makes your blood pressure high and keeps you safe from many health problems.

It’s better to consult with your doctor before starting doing exercise.

5 Facial Tips for Glowing Skin

White Skin color is the hidden desire of every Pakistani…

I am going to show you some face facial tips here which you can make and use at home without wasting your money on beauty products and be keeping your skin safe from any side effects.

People are buying beauty products and facial creams from the market for making their skin bright but most of those cosmetics are filled with chemicals and can damage your skin badly.

Sure, Most of the branded creams are also present in the market which cannot hurt your skin but you may also notice that the results of those cosmetics are just for some time.

This is the reason that I will suggest you use these herbal facial tips which can show you results slowly but those results will be permanent and you also don’t need to worry about any side effects.

Let’s jump to our list of homemade facials without making more suspense.

Facial Tips in Urdu (Audio):

I must say that these facials are already used by many people around the world and they are giving the positive reviews about these facials, you can also get the same results by just using these consistently on your face.

Aloe Vera + Honey Facial:

It is considered as one of the best facial tips in Urdu listed here due to its healing and soothing properties, Aloe Vera can also help you in getting your skin’s original color back.

Pure Honey is also very beneficial for your skin complexion.

You can make Aloe Vera face mask in this way:

1: Simply take some fresh Aloe Vera gel and mix one spoon of pure honey in it.

2: Mix it well for making a thick paste.

3: Apply this on your skin for at least 30 minutes.

4: Now wash your skin with cold water.

5: You can use this facial for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the best results.

Cucumber + Honey Facial:

Cucumber face mask is also considered as one of the old homemade facial tips and people are still using it due to its best results.

The mint leaves have many antioxidant properties which can make your face bright in very less time possible.

You can make cucumber + mint face mask in this way:

1: Simply take 2 fresh cucumbers and add them into the blender after removing peels.

2: Now add cucumbers solution into the bowl and add some water in it.

3: Heat the cucumbers solution with some water and now add some mint leaves in the solution.

4: When it becomes the paste remove it from the flame and wait for some time.

5: After getting the cucumber + mint to the normal temperature apply it on your skin.

6: Wait for 30 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

7: You can use this face mask for 1-2 times in a week for seeing the clear results.

Turmeric + Yogurt Facial:

Turmeric face mask is also considered as one of the working facial tips for people because it has anti-inflammatory properties which can remove the dead skin cells.

If someone having the dark spots on their skin and dull color due to pollution then it can help them in getting their skin’s original color back in very less time.

Yogurt is also doing a great job for making people’s skin bright due to its natural bleaching properties.

You can make yogurt face mask in this way:

1: Simply take some turmeric powder and add some yogurt in it for making a thick paste.

2: You can also add a very low amount of pure honey in this solution for good effects.

3: Now apply this mask your face and neck for at least 30-40 minutes.

4: Wash your face with cold water.

5: Do this for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the clear results.

Methi Dana (Fenugreek) Powder Facial:

Methi dana is also considered as one of the working homemade facials in Urdu after the positive reviews of the people about its results.

Actually, its naturally have many proteins and nutrients which can help your skin for getting the better tone and complexion.

I have never used this personally but it will be worth giving it a try.

It’s very easy to make Methi Dana mask in this way:

1: Simply take some methi dana seeds and put it in the blender for getting its powder form.

2: Now add very low water in it for making a thick paste.

3: Apply this mask on your face and neck until it gets dried.

4: When it’s dried after 30 minutes wash your face with cold water.

5: You can do this for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the good results.

Cinnamon + Honey facial:

Cinnamon is also considered as one of the perfect herbal facial tips due to its anti-inflammatory properties which can help your skin in picking the better tone.

And I have already mentioned above that pure honey is also very useful for getting the better skin.

It’s very easy to make cinnamon Facial in this way Supergirl:

1: Simply take some cinnamon powder in a bowl.

2: Mix some honey in it for making a thick paste.

3: Apply this mask on your face for at least 30 minutes.

4: Wash your skin with warm water.

5: You can do this for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the good results.

Final Words:

Again I am saying that these facial tips listed here are all natural and can take some time to show you the actual results.

I mean at starting if you are not seeing the satisfying results then you need to keep following these facials with patience because soon you are going to see the results.

I also must say that only pick 1-2 facials from the above list which you like more or easily available at your home and then keep following those with the methods given above.

Which facials are you using for making your skin bright? Let us know in the Comments…