Lips Care Tips in Urdu

Attractive Lips is the main Beauty factor, especially for Ladies and here are some lips care tips in Urdu for you…

Everyone wants to get the pinky and glowing lips but due to some common reasons like dehydration, our lips become dull and dry.

The problem of dry lips usually comes in the winter or cold season because there is very fewer moisturizers in the air and can damage your skin and lips as well.

Here are some simple Lips care tips in Urdu that you can follow easily for recovering from the damage and protecting your lips from dry air as well.

Some people suggest you apply the expensive products on your skin but most of them never match your lips type and can just waste your time and money.

It’s always better to take care of your lips instead of ruining your time and beauty…

Let’s get to the list of simple lips care tips at home.

Lips Care Tips in Urdu (Audio):

Drink Much Water in Winter Season:

As I have already mentioned above that the main reason of dry and rough lips is dehydration which you can only recover with the help of simple water.

It is very common that we drink very less amount of water in winter due to the less thirst which is very wrong for our body and skin as well.

So, you also have to drink the maximum water in the cold season even you are not feeling the need of the water. I mean if you are drinking 7 glasses of water these days now it’s the time to increase it up to 12 glasses.

It can also boost your body metabolism and tours to the washroom and both of these things are very helpful for getting the healthy body and skin.

Apply Brush on your Lips Also:

When you are doing the brush in the morning then you can also slowly rub the brush on your lips for some time.

Doing this process daily can remove the dead cells off your lips and helps you in getting the glowing and healthy lips in very less time.

It can also help you in the improvement of lips glow as much as possible.

Apply Vaseline or Lotion at Night:

You may already know about this method which is still considered as one of the best lips care tips in Urdu at our homes.

Actually, our lips is a very sensitive area of the body and every time when there is a dehydration in your body then your lips get effected firstly and then other body parts like hands and feet.

So, it is always better to moisturize your lips properly for getting the proper glow and smoothness.

You can do this by just applying the Vaseline and other moisturizing creams for lips at night before sleeping and then rub slowly it for some time and then press your lips until it gets into the skin of your lips.

If you are applying Vaseline daily on your lips before sleeping then the chances of damage will be very less.

Apply Sugar Scrub on your Lips:

It is also considered as one of the perfect lips at home because scrubbing your lips with sugar can surely help you in removing the dead cells as soon as possible.

You can apply sugar scrub in this way on your lips:

1: Simply take some sugar and add some water in it and mix it.

2: Now apply this sugar and rub it on your lips for some time.

3: Wash it with lukewarm water.

4: Do this 2-3 times in a week for removing the dead skin cells from the lips.

Apply Sunscreen on Lips while going outside:

Protecting your lips is always better than recovering from the damages, you can also protect your lips like face by applying the sunscreen while going outside in the sunlight.

We know well that sunlight can burn our body cells and can also make the skin darker as soon as possible so you need to make it your habit that before going outside apply the sunscreen on lips as well if you are facing the damage issues.

Doing this can easily protect your lips from the burn as much as possible.

Don’t Lick your Lips:

According to many studies if it’s your habit to lick your lips most of the time then you are going to get the serious damage soon because it can make your lips dry and then crack.

We normally lick our lips due to the dehydration for making the things fresh again but it’s not actually helping you in getting the things even better.

So, when you feel that you are licking your lips very much without your own permission then drink water or juice for getting the proper water in your body.

Final Words:

These are some simple Lips Care Tips in Urdu that you can use at your home for making your lips smooth and glowing in the very less time possible.

I am again saying that it’s always better to protect your lips than recovering them from the damages, So you have to follow these lips care tips in winter for protection as much as possible.

I must say that if you are facing the dryness and crack issues then you can use these tips on the daily basis for seeing the results as soon as possible.

But if you are not seeing the fast results in the early days then don’t worry about anything because it also depends on the lips type or skin type as well so keep following these methods in your daily routine because soon you are going to see the big results.

If you are thinking that I am forgetting something or you have some better lips care tips for us then feel free to drop it in the comments section below.

Also, I will be very happy to meet you in the comments section !!!

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