Lemon Vitamin C Mask for Glowing Skin

Everyone is trying to get the smooth and glowing skin…

No matter what we have to do; like using the cosmetics on our skin and taking the medicines for cleaning the skin pores.

Believe me or not, It’s actually very easy to get the glowing skin by just using the home remedies.

Natural home remedies take some time to give you the glowing skin but the results will be permanent and not just for some time like other cosmetics.

The other benefit of using natural remedies on your skin is that you don’t need to worry about any kind of cosmetics because you know that natural items never react with skin.

So, here is the Vitamin C mask which is one of the best beauty tips for face and also worked perfectly for my friends due to its pretty fast results.

Why will this Vitamin C Mask help you?

According to many studies, our skin is acidic and when it’s dull and ruff then it means that our skin has the deficiency of Vitamin C.

So, if you are using the natural remedies which have the Vitamin C in good amount then it will give you the healthy glowing and bright skin in less time possible.

This is the reason that we were trying this Vitamin C remedy by adding the honey which has many anti-inflammatory properties and already proved great for our skin.

My friends and family members including me used this remedy for 4 weeks and got the perfect and glowing skin, you can also do the same.

How to make this Vitamin C Face Mask?

It’s not very difficult and you don’t need to buy any special ingredients for making this face mask. I mean the things required for this remedy might be already available in your kitchen.

If not available, then you can easily purchase from the nearest general store in very less amount…

Here’s the complete method:

1: Simply add one spoon of pure honey in the bowl.

2: Now add half spoon of sugar in it.

3: Squeeze one fresh lemon juice in it which is the pure Vitamin C (you can also use vitamin C powder from the market).

4: Mix the items well for some time until the sugar is mixed and you get the thick paste.

5: Apply it on your skin and massage slowly for 5 minutes.

6: Then wait for 30-35 minutes and wash your skin with warm water.

7: Do this for 3-4 times in a week for seeing the perfect results.

Note: Always wash your skin properly before applying this face mask and wash your face with warm water while removing this mask from your face.

Final Words:

As you can see that all the ingredients used in this Vitamin C mask for glowing skin in Urdu are natural. So, it will take time to show you the actual results.

If you are using this mask and not seeing the big results in the early days then instead of getting angry keep using it because after some time you are going to see some special results.

Further, we also tested that it is working for every kind of skin like oily or dry skin, feel free to use it and get the natural results.
Which home remedy you are using for your skin? Let us know in the comments so we can try that too…

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