Grow Long Hairs Easily: Your 2-Step Guide

Are you looking for some perfect Fast Long Hair tips in Urdu?

Then, You are at right place…

I am not going to suggest you some costly cosmetics, In fact, you can easily grow your hairs long by just making some minor changes in your routine…

I mean you have to protect your hairs in a proper way and apply some natural ingredients on your hairs that can work fast without any kind of side effects.

Hair falling is the common thing nowadays and people are losing their hairs and also losing the hope of having naturally long hairs.

The common reasons for hair fall are using too much shampoo, low-quality conditioners, using heat styling tools, coloring your hairs, stress, and deficiency of Vitamins.

Sure, There are thousands of quality products are available in the market for getting long hairs but most of them are loaded with chemicals that can damage your hairs badly.

If some of them are quality products then it’s compulsory that those products are matched with your hairs type and that’s a long process to select special ones you know…

So, It’s always best to use natural long hair tips for growing your hairs long as fast as possible.

2 Step for Growing Long Hairs:

Here are some fast long hair tips in Urdu that are actually divided into two parts

1: Protect Your Hairs.

2: Apply natural ingredients on your hairs.

Firstly, we will discuss how you can protect your hairs for proper growth and getting the long hairs at the end of the process.

Step 1: Protect Your Hairs

Protecting hairs is the first step towards getting the long hairs which you must need to follow before growing your hairs any longer…so here we go:

Don’t use Shampoo Daily:

It’s almost very common these days that whenever we are taking a shower we use the shampoo for cleaning our hairs but it’s actually wrong and may be damaging your hairs slowly.

The concept of shampoo is actually going wrong that “Use every Time you take a Bath” and companies are happy with this trend…

I just need to remind you that shampoo is just made for cleaning the dust from your hairs not for clearing dandruff and making it silky.

So from now ON, You have to use shampoo just for cleaning the dust from your hairs 2-3 times in a week because the chemicals present in it are actually damaging your hairs.

Use Good Quality Conditioner:

The second step of taking care of your hairs is to use the conditioners every time you shampoo your hairs…

Because the quality conditioners can make your hairs smooth, strong and shiny and can also lower the damage of chemicals present in the shampoo.

I suggest you use the Apple Cider Vinegar as a Conditioner after shampooing your hairs because it’s the best natural hair conditioner you can use easily without thinking about the side effects.

You just have to take the equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar and then apply it on your hairs for at least 5 minutes after shampooing, After 5 minutes wash your hairs with cold water without using the shampoo.

Don’t Use heat Tools and Cosmetics for straightening or Curling:

The third step of our hair protection method is to stop using all the hair styling tools for straightening and curling your hairs just for the beauty of some time.

Because after the event you can notice that your hair became dry and dull and that’s the actual damage of these heat styling tools available at home including dryer, straightener…

The same talk is applied to the cosmetics available in the market for making your hairs straight quickly and also the coloring chemicals.

Believe me, If you know the side effects of these coloring chemicals you will say that “It’s better to have some white or brown hairs than using these local colors”.

Long story short, Don’t use any tools and chemicals for just the sake of events because it can damage your hairs more than you think not instantly but slowly.

Don’t Tie your Hairs strongly:

The fourth step of hair protecting method is that don’t tie your hairs strongly with a towel after taking a bath or with ponies for the tight hairstyle.

If your hair is not very strong and falls often then tying strongly with something can damage your hairs.

So, Next time after taking a bath don’t wrap your hairs in a towel just for the drying purpose and also don’t massage fastly your hairs after taking a bath.

Because when your hairs are wet those are actually more sensitive than dry hairs and you have to take care properly especially after taking a shower.

Now let’s move to the second step of fast long hair tips that which natural ingredients you have to apply on your hairs…

Step 2: Apply Natural Ingredients

When you are protecting your hairs from any kind of damage by following the step 1 now its time to grow your hairs by applying the natural ingredients, here we go again:

Massage with Warm Oil:

When you are trying to get long hairs then it’s compulsory that you are doing massage on your hairs for at least 2-3 times in a week.

According to a study, Warm oil massage is more beneficial for getting the long hairs due to its fast effect.

You only have to take a mustard oil which is normally present at our homes and then heat it for some time and do massage for 10-15 minutes and then after waiting for 30-40 minutes wash your hairs with shampoo using cold water.

It’s much better if you are using coconut oil for doing your head massage 1-2 times in a week, Here you can also read best natural remedies for long hair in details…

Final Words:

I must say that these are all natural products and can take some time to show the results and it all depends on your hair type or the damage.

If you have less damage then these fast long hair tips can easily recover you from the damage, In other cases, it may take some weeks.

So, When you are using these home remedies don’t lose hope and think like it will work in 1-2 weeks You have to follow these methods for seeing the clear results soon…

If you have any queries regarding fast hair growth or I am missing something? Then comment below I’ll be happy to meet you in the comments.

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