Make Dry Skin Glowing Easily with Honey

Honey is used by many people to make their skin smooth and glowing…

According to many studies, honey has many anti-oxidant properties which are perfect for your hairs and dry skin growth…

You know why your dry skin became dull and ruff?

The answer is very simple due to the less moisturizing. Honey has the ability to make your skin properly moisturized in less time and give it a natural glow.

After researching this much on honey, I decided to try it on my dry skin for seeing what will happen and the results were amazing. Further, you can also look complete dry skin tips I have provided before…

I used it for almost 3 weeks and got the glowing and smooth skin, you can use it too for the beauty of your dry skin.

Here is the list of honey for dry skin remedies that you can use at home:

1: Honey Facial Scrub

I have also found that most of the expensive facial scrubs available in the market are using the honey as their major ingredient due to its unlimited benefits.

So, you can make it easily at home without any major cost and use it daily for making your skin bright.


Pure Honey
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

How to make this Facial?

1: Simply add some pure honey to a bowl.

2: Now add the juice of one fresh lemon in it and mix.

3: Now add 1 spoon of olive oil in it and mix again.

4: At last add some sugar and mix it well for making a thick paste.

5: Apply it on your skin for 30-35 minutes daily.

Note: You have to use this for 4-5 times in a week for seeing the clear results on your skin.

2: Egg + Honey Face Mask

If you are facing the very dry and rough skin problem then you can apply this honey face mask on your skin and get the amazing results.

It will not only moisturize your dry skin but can also make your skin bright and glowing.

How to make this Face Mask?

1: Simply add two spoons of pure honey in a bowl.

2: Now add one egg yolk in it.

3: Mix it well for making a thick paste.

4: Apply it on your skin for 40 minutes.

5: Then wash your skin with warm water.

6: You can do this 2-3 times in a week for seeing the best results.

Note: Only use the yolk area of egg for seeing the proper results.

3: Honey + Butter Face Mask

This method is also very beneficial for the dry skin due to the benefits of butter and obviously our main ingredient honey.

It can remove the dead skin cells from your body and make your skin the bright and smooth again in very less time.

How to make this Face Mask?

1: You simply need to add the two spoons of honey in a bowl.

2: Add the two spoons of butter in the bowl.

3: Mix it well for making a thick paste.

4: Apply it on your skin for 30-40 minutes.

5: Now you can wash your skin with normal face wash or soap.

6: You can do this 3-4 times in a week for seeing the perfect results.

Final Words:

These are some simple home remedies for dry skin that I am using for making my dry skin bright and glowing naturally.

Most of my family friends are also started using these remedies on my suggestion and getting the better results.

That’s why if you have dry skin then this is highly recommended for you.

To be honest, I must tell you that these natural remedies never work like creams which give the quick results just for some time.

But if you are using these remedies then you have to be patient because it will take some time to show you the actual results.

Once, you started getting the results it will be long lasting and not just for some days.

I must tell you to give these remedies a try at your home…
Which home remedies you are using for dry skin? Let us know in the comments below…

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