Tips for Long Hair in One Month: 30 Days Challenge

Do you want to grow your hair long in Just One month? It’s not Impossible !!!

You can do this by just taking care of your hairs properly and apply some natural items

But do You Know?

The average hair growth rate is 4 inches in one month…

You may not even get the average hair growth, right?

Here are some tips for long hair in one month that you can use to get the average hair growth naturally.

The problem with not getting the average hair growth is less care of hair and using them too many chemicals on your hair.

I must say that Shampoo is just for cleaning the dust from your hair not for growing your hair, If you are using it every time you take a shower then you are damaging the hair slowly.

Other Chemicals for coloring etc…are also damaging your hair. So, Here is your 30 days Plan of growing hair at the natural rate…

Tips for Long Hair in One Month:

You have to follow these minor routines for at least 30 days without making any mistake and feel and see the difference in your hair…

If you see the clear results then it’s better to make this your routine for getting the long hair more than your friends.

1: Use Shampoo for 8-9 Times in a Month

The first step of our tips for long hair on one month plan is to use the less shampoo and also don’t stop using this in your routine.

In one week you only have to shampoo your hair two times for cleaning the dust, Also protect your hair from dust because you are not going to shampoo your hair every day.

It will make your hair strong because Shampoo is damaging your hair slowly without your permission.

2: Use Conditioner After Shampoo

It is also compulsory that every time you use Shampoo on your hair then also use the conditioner at the end.

So, next time when you shampoo your hair don’t forget to use the quality conditioner at the end of the shower.

It will make your hair more smooth and can prevent your hair from the damage of the Shampoo.

3: Apply Egg on Friday

The third step of our plan is to apply the Egg and olive oil on your hair every Friday because it can make your hair smooth and silky for better growth.

As I have mentioned before that Eggs are actually the main source of protein that you can use for the benefit of your hair easily.

You do have to break one egg and mix some olive oil in it (It’s okay if you don’t have olive oil) and now apply it on your hair.

After applying egg on your hair Now brush your hair for expanding it on all of your hair.

Now, Wait for at least 30 minutes then wash your hair with shampoo using the cold water.

Do this every Friday without making any excuse, It only needs your thirty minutes for boosting your hair growth naturally.

4: Massage with Coconut oil on Sunday

This is the fourth step of our Plan “Tips for Long Hair in one Month” that you have to massage your head with coconut oil every Sunday.

Coconut oil can give your hair the Nourishment for faster growth and make them more smooth in very less time.

You simply have to take some coconut oil and heat it for some time and now apply it to your hair and Do Massage for 5-10 minutes gently.

After doing massage leave your hair for 2-4 Hours and then wash it out with Shampoo and cold water, You will start seeing the clear results after doing this every Sunday.

5: Trim your Hair After 2 Weeks

Studies have shown that if you are trimming your hair before curling the ends, It can increase your hair growth because your ends are healthy now.

Two weeks is the average time, If your growth is fast you have to cut your hairs when you think that it’s start damaging now.

Simply cut it from the very end using the sharp scissor after 2 weeks and don’t delay this because it can stop your hair growth.

Some More Fast Hair Growth Tips:

1: Always Wash your Hairs with Coldwater.

2: Don’t tie your hair with a towel.

3: Always use Silk pillowcase (or any other softcover)

4: Don’t make tight hairstyles with Pony

5: Don’t use any chemicals and heat styling tools.

Final Words:

Actually, These Tips for Long Hair in one Month are for growing your hair fast but it also depends on your hair type and effect time.

I mean some people start seeing the results very soon but other see after some time, even they are using the same techniques.

So, If you are not seeing results in early days then keep following this Plan. Soon you are going to see the big results.

After using these techniques for one month If you feel that these are helping you for fast hair growth, then do these for next months until you get the long hair.

Also, Don’t stop caring your hair ever…

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