Castor Oil for Skin: Here’s how to use it for Best?

Are you going to use the castor oil for skin? To be honest it will never improve your skin when used alone…

It’s an old remedy having many natural ingredients which are beneficial for the skin but cannot show you the big results when you are just applying this oil on your skin…

But studies and experiments found that when castor oil is mixed with some other natural remedies its results were extraordinary compared with the alone use of this oil.

So, I am going to tell you all the remedies which work perfectly with the castor oil for getting the bright, smooth and the glowing skin in less time…

But yes, first let me tell you the actual benefits of castor oil for face which make this oil super beneficial for our skin…

You are going to enjoy the facts, let’s jump:

Castor Oil reduces Acne on your Skin:

It’s shocking news because oil on the skin is one of the reasons of acne then how it can reduce the acne from the skin, right?

Researchers have already proved that there are many natural ingredients present in this oil like ricinoleic acid which can remove the bacteria and that is the main reason for acne…

Another reason for acne is the clogged skin pores and castor oil has the natural properties to open your clogged pores which can relief your skin from acne.

So if you have the acne problem, then using castor oil for skin is your good friend which can take care of your skin and in the next section, I will tell you how to use castor oil for acne problem…

Castor Oil reduces the Skin Aging and Wrinkles:

The skin aging causes the wrinkles which are also one of the major skin problems, right?

Sure, there are many natural ingredients based cosmetics present in the market but that can only make your skin tight and wrinkles free for some time…

Many experiments and people after using this simple remedy have reported that castor oil is very beneficial for removing the wrinkles and skin aging signs…

Why is that?

Because castor oil has antioxidant properties naturally that can fight free radicals which are the main reason for wrinkles on skin and especially under eyes skin…

While using Castor oil for skin it also stimulates the quantity of elastin which can surely help you in reducing the skin wrinkles.

All these properties are not present in the products available in the market which the shop owners are selling us by saying that it’s the product that can reduce acne before you even reach home…

Castor oil Moisturize Dry Skin properly:

The people having dry skin see the fewer skin problems but still face some problems like rough and dull skin…

Yes, it happens when your skin is not getting moisturized completely…

Castor oil is rich in the fatty acids which can complete the hydration of your skin that will get you the smooth, soft and glowing skin.

Studies have also proved that it is one of the good skin moisturizers which is almost free to use at home and will give you the best results without any fear of side effects.

Whenever you are seeing the rough skin, feel free to use this castor oil for skin remedy for some days and you can see the results very quickly.

Castor oil can remove the Suntan Quickly:

In summer, the sun can make skin dull and rough even in few days and you already know suntan effect ends after a long time…

Many sunblock creams also use this oil for improving the efficiency of their product but if you are using it directly then the results will be quick.

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory and healing properties which can reduce the sun effect on our skin pores.

Castor oil reduces Dark circles from Skin:

Dark circles on the skin are considered as one of the biggest skin problems, right?

I know you cannot completely remove them from your skin quickly. Let me tell you that making cosmetics for the dark circles also became the very profitable industry.

The big companies sell the cosmetics for removing the dark circles but those products are costly and their results are slow enough to make the best profits for their companies.

And also when you are buying the cosmetics for acne scars and dark circles then you are also going to get the side effects, this is also the story of two of my close friends…

Sure, natural products work slowly but there is no side effect of using these castor oil for skin remedies and the results will be a long time.

This is the reason I always use to tell the people that natural remedies are more beneficial…

Back to castor oil, due to a lot of fatty acids present in it the oil penetrates deep into our skin and remove the dark circles.

Also, it works perfectly when mixed with other dark circles remedies for skin that I am going to mention below…

Here’s how to use Castor Oil for Skin?

All these benefits of castor oil are actually research-based and backed by many studies but it can only give you big and fast results on the skin when you are using it with these remedies…

Who doesn’t like the fast improvement of skin? Let’s go then…

1: Baking Soda + Castor oil for Acne

Clogged pores and the dead skin cells are the major reasons for having acne on the skin and baking soda can reduce the skin inflammation which causes the clogged pores…

There is not any harmful chemical present in the baking soda-You are going to deal with the acne in a natural way.

When it mixed with castor oil, the results will be faster because it also has many antibacterial properties as mentioned before…

Here’s how to use it:

1: Simply take some baking soda in the bowl

2: Add some castor oil for making the paste

3: Apply it to your acne for 25-30 minutes

4: Wash it off by using the face wash (natural ingredients based preferred)

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2: Egg + Castor Oil for reducing Skin Aging or Wrinkles

If you are seeing the skin aging problem or the wrinkles on your face especially under eyes, eggs face pack is very beneficial due to a lot of fatty acids present in it…

Eggs are also the power source of zinc and protein which can surely help you in reducing the wrinkles…

So, when it’s mixed with this oil which is also loaded naturally with fatty acids can give you the best results while using the castor oil for skin.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Simply take one egg white in a bowl (don’t include egg yolk)

2: Now add one spoon of milk cream in it

3: Also add one spoon of castor oil in it

4: Apply this on your skin for 30 minutes

5: Wash it off by using the cold water

Note: you need to do this 2-3 times in a week for seeing the actual results

3: Honey + Castor Oil for Dry Skin Moisturizing

Dry skin often gets dull and rough especially when the season is changing…

Studies proved that honey is the best natural skin moisturizer which can give you the results in less time effectively.

Honey actually cleans up your skin pores, also hydrate it properly.

But when it combines with the castor oil for skin remedy the results are even faster than the chemical based lotions and creams whose results end up in few days.

The reason is that castor oil is rich in fatty acids and can hydrate your skin even better when used along with the natural honey.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Simply take some honey in a bowl

2: Add some drops of castor oil in it and mix

3: Apply it on your skin for 20 minutes

4: Wash your skin with lukewarm water

Note: You need to use this quick remedy for 2-3 times in a week for hydrating skin properly.

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4: Tomato + Castor oil for removing Suntan

As you know Suntan is very irritating-it’s the dark color of skin which we normally get in summer after exposing the skin for some time to the sunlight.

People also call it the sunburn which you can’t remove easily…

So, Tomato is the best natural suntan remover due to its depigmentation properties. It can go deeper into your skin and remove the effect of suntan in less time.

Castor oil also has the healing and anti-inflammatory properties which can surely reduce the effect of sunburn.

Combining these two natural suntan fighters can give you the perfect results for using the castor oil for skin.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Take one fresh tomato cut into two pieces and squeeze its juice into a bowl

2: Now add some drops of castor oil in it and mix

3: Apply it on your suntan effected skin for 20 minutes

4: Wash it off with normal water…

Note: You can also cut a lemon into two pieces and rub it on your skin for 2-3 minutes before applying this remedy for seeing the best results.

5: Potato + Castor oil for reducing Dark Circles

Dark circle is also annoying which normally appears under the eyes and this is the problem of many people.

I must tell you that natural remedies are the better solution of dark circles because natural ingredients go deep in your skin and fix the problem from the pores of your skin.

It’s not a serious or big skin problem but it can make the look of anyone changed.

However, Potato contains Vitamin C and Zinc which can nourish your skin problem and ultimately reduce the dark circles from your skin.

And castor oil penetrates deep into the skin pores and reduce the dark circles, so after combining these two the results are good.

Here’s how to use this remedy:

1: Simply take one raw potato and get its juice by peeling, cutting and putting it in the juicer

2: Add some drops of castor oil in it and mix

3: Apply this solution only to your dark circles for 20 minutes

4: Wash it off by using the normal water and face wash

Note: You can do this 3-4 times in a week for seeing the clear results.

Bonus: Massage with castor oil at night while using remedies

If you are using the any of these above remedies for improving your skin tone and conditions then doing a little massage at night can boost the results.

Let’s assume for a minute that you are going to use the remedy of removing the dark circles for 3-4 times in a week then doing castor oil massage at night can show you quick results, so consider doing this…

Here’s how to simply do it:

1: Simply take some castor oil and apply it on your skin

2: Massage slowly in the circular motion until it gets absorbed by the skin

3: Wash it off with normal water at morning

Final Words:

If you using the castor oil for skin by following these remedies then the results surely will be better because of the other powerful natural ingredients.

But I must say that these are not chemicals so it will take some time to show you the actual results so at starting if you are not seeing big results then keep following properly and you will start seeing better skin.

It’s better to use the natural remedies than using the chemicals and buying side effects by especially visiting the market with a routine.

Which remedies do you use for your skin? Let us know in the comments…

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