How to get rid of Cold sores Fast (Easy Guide)

I know you are in hurry of getting rid of this blister appeared on your face as you are asking how to get rid of cold sores fast?

Luckily it’s not a serious skin problem and you can get rid of this by using some effective natural remedies.

Actually, Fever blisters are a viral skin infection which can target anyone who is in contact with the already infected person.

Herpes simplex virus is the reason of getting cold sores on the skin and these are normally appeared outside of the lips, mouth, nose, fingers, and cheeks.

In fact, everyone knows cold sores are going to vanish after 20-25 days automatically but still they want to get rid of it due to pain, unattractiveness, and irritation.

Most of the people go for the synthetic or medicines treatment which may cause some side effects on your skin…

So, I must suggest you use the natural remedies which can remove the fever blisters in less time without the fear of getting any side effects.

I am going to share with you a complete routine of one week including one remedy instruction per day which is very easy to follow and will show you the good results…

This routine is actually tested by many people and working fine for removing cold sores while reducing the itching and effect from very first days…

So, without any further discussion let’s jump to remedies routine.

How to get rid of Cold Sores Fast (Complete Week Routine):

All these remedies are natural and when you are following this routine I must remind you to never use any synthetic treatment because it can some time trigger or increase the fever blisters…

Also, make sure that you are following the remedies with complete instructions provided below and everything will be all right.

Tea tree Oil + Ice on (Day 1):

Tea tree oil has the antiseptic properties naturally which can dry your cold sores and its antiviral properties can remove the bacteria.

There is no need to mix anything in this oil because it has the ability to deal with your cold sores alone.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Simply take a cotton piece and dip it in this oil

2: Now apply it slowly on your cold sores that some of the oil gets absorbed by the skin.

Note: You have to do this 3-4 times in a day for seeing the results.

Now Rub the Ice cube on Cold Sore:

Ice is no doubt a perfect solution for reducing the redness and swelling of your skin. Ice can reduce the irritation of itching on your sores.

Take an ice cube and rub it slowly on your cold sores for 2-3 minute.

Note: Do this 2 times on the first day.

Apply Garlic + Ice on (Day 2):

Garlic is also loaded with antiviral and antibacterial properties naturally which can fight with the virus to extract and remove it.

It also has the anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the itching and the swelling of your fever blisters in less possible time.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Take a fresh garlic clove and cut it from mid

2: Now rub slowly the juicy side of clove on the affected area for 2-3 minutes

Note: Do this 3-4 times for seeing the actual results

Don’t forget to rub ice on Fever blisters: Because it can you will see reduce the itching and redness of your cold sores in less time.

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Aloe Vera Gel + Lemon Juice (Day 3):

Studies suggest that Aloe Vera contains the minerals, vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids that can deal with the skin conditions.

Its quick healing properties for skin can help you in getting rid of cold sores.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Take some fresh aloe vera gel (you can easily extract from its plant)

2: Apply it directly on cold sores and wait until it gets dried
Note: Apply it 3-4 times in a day

Now Apply Lemon Juice on cold Sores:

Lemon juice also has the natural antibacterial properties that can remove the bacteria and help you in the healing process.

Simply take some lemon oil and apply it on fever blisters for some time on the third day for 2 times while using the aloe vera gel for healing.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Salt (Day 4):

Apple cider Vinegar is also very effective for removing the infection or virus from your skin. It has many antibacterial properties which help in healing.

You can easily get this vinegar from the nearest store if not present at your home right now and it will worth it.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Simply take some apple cider vinegar

2: Dip a cotton piece in it and apply slowly on your cold sores until it gets dried in the skin

Note: You have to apply this 2-3 times in a day for seeing the results

Now Apply Salt on cold sores:

You may already know that salt is very beneficial for removing the viral skin infections due to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

So, if you have any rashes and skin infections you can apply it for some time and get rid of irritation and redness in less time.

Apply it 2 times in a day at least for seeing the actual results.

Vanilla Extract +Used Tea Bags (Day 5):

Vanilla extract is also one of the best answers to your question how to get rid of cold sores fast? This is because of its anti-inflammatory properties which can heal the cold sore.

Its natural antibacterial properties can fight the infection and kick-start the healing process in less possible time.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Simply take some vanilla extract in a bowl

2: Dip a cotton piece in it and apply directly to the cold sore

3: Now wait until it gets completely absorbed by the skin

Note: You can apply this 3-4 times in a day for seeing the actual results

Now Apply Used Tea Bags to fever blisters:

Cold sores are caused by the infections and this is also a good remedy for drawing out the infections from the skin.

There is not any solid study behind this remedy benefits for cold sores but most of the people are seeing the positive results for removing the skin infection by using this old remedy.

1: Simply take a used warm tea bag and hold it on your cold sore for some time

2: Do this for 2 times in a day

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Peppermint oil + Honey (Day 6):

Peppermint oil also comes with the natural antiviral properties that will help you in removing the cold sore infection.

Its properties make it a very good healing agent. There is no side effect of this oil when you are using it for the skin.

1: Simply take some peppermint oil in a bowl

2: Dip a piece of cotton in it and apply it in fever blisters

3: Wait for some time until it gets absorbed by the skin

Note: You can do this 3-4 times in a day for seeing the results

Now apply honey on Fever Blister:

Honey is very beneficial for reducing the irritation and inflammation of your skin due to its antimicrobial properties which can fasten the healing.

You just need to take some pure honey and apply it on fever blister directly for 10-5 minutes then you may wash it or honey will be dried automatically.

Do this for 2 times in a day for getting its proper benefit.

What are the symptoms of cold sores?

You may also want to know the common symptoms of cold sores while asking the question how to get rid of cold sores fast?

Here are some common symptoms of fever blisters:

1: Itching on the Skin

Before getting the cold sore you will experience itching and burning on the skin mostly outside of your lips which is the clear sign that you are going to get the fever blister in a day or two.

If you are facing itching then the best solution is to apply lemon juice or honey, it will reduce the effect of virus in less time.

2: Blisters on the Skin

In this stage, you will see a blister appeared on your skin right after 1-2 days of itching which is a small bumped skin filled with fluid on your skin.

Fluid Seeping from Blisters:

At this stage when fluid is coming out slowly from the infected area can cause the serious problem of getting more blisters on the nearby skin of infected area.

So, at this time you need to follow the natural treatment for reducing the virus and stopping the blisters right there.

Final Words:

I hope that you got the satisfied answer to your question how to get rid of cold sores fast after seeing this complete routine of 6 days treatment.

I am confident that you will reduce the infection in just 3-4 days while using the remedies properly due to our recent experiments of these remedies on the infected people.

Which remedies are working perfectly for you? Let me know in the comments…

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