How to Remove Dark Circles in 2 Days

If you are asking how to remove dark circles in 2 days, then there must be a function coming…

It might be your best friend’s birthday party or you are going to some special event organized by your family.

The good news is that it’s not impossible! You can reduce these circles just in 2 days.

But after that, you are going to take proper care of your skin for fewer beauty problems and worries. I’ll tell you that too…

For now, I am going to share some home remedies which can make your skin glow from below eyes in less time possible.

At least, these can reduce your dark circles to the unnoticeable level.

Let’s jump to our plan as you are in hurry…

How to remove dark circles in 2 days:

You just have to follow this routine for 2 days and you will see a clear difference but the thing is that you are applying the home remedies as I mentioned below.

Day 1 Routine:

Start with Cucumber:

As you may already know that cucumber has many natural skin lightening properties which can fix your spots problem in very less time.

1: Simply cut a fresh cucumber into the slices which must be thick and place it in the fridge for the 20 minutes, or until it’s chilled.

2: Place those slices on your eyes for 30 minutes and then wash your skin with normal water.

Note: it’s better to do this in the morning

Apply Rose Water:

After waiting for almost one hour now it’s time to apply the rose water on your skin.

It will give the soothing effect to your eyes in a little session, Due to its properties, it is also one of the best beauty tips for face.

You can apply it in this way…

1: Dip the cotton piece into the rose water.

2: Put this cotton on your eyes while resting on the chair.

3: Wait for 10 minutes and then remove it.

Apply Tomato Juice:

After waiting the 2-3 hours now it’s time to apply the tomato juice on your skin because it can easily lighten your skin due to its properties.

It will also make your dark circles unnoticeable.

1: Simply take tomato juice and mix fresh lemon juice with it.

2: Now apply it on your skin dark circles and wait for 20 minutes.

3: Rinse your skin with water.

You will see the noticeable difference tomorrow after using this remedy.

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Now Apply Pure Honey:

Honey has also many antioxidant properties which are the perfect remedy for your question how to remove dark circles in 2 days.

I mean it will lighten your skin in less time possible.

So, after giving the relaxation to your skin for 3 hours apply it in this way.

1: Simply take some honey and apply its thin layer under your eyes.

2: Leave it on your skin for 20 minutes.

3: Rinse your skin with water.

Note: it’s better to use the natural cleanser for removing honey.

Apply Almond oil before Sleeping:

Almond oil is also very beneficial to remove the dark circles overnight.

There is a lot of vitamin E is present in this oil which can fade the dark circles from your skin in very less time.

So, it’s compulsory to apply it at night when you are expecting the good results from this quick plan of removing dark circles.

1: Take some almond oil and gently massage with it on your spots.

2: Leave it overnight on your skin.

3: At morning, wash it with cold water and natural face cleanser.

You will see the clear difference in your dark circles if using this at night.

Day 2 Routine:

Start with Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is also very expert in removing the dark spots quickly from your skin.

Actually, Apple cider vinegar is loaded with vitamins and minerals naturally which have the ability to make your skin bright from under eyes.

Here’s how you can apply it:

1: Simply soak the cotton piece in this vinegar.

2: Apply it on your spots gently.

3: Wait for some time until it gets drier then apply again.

4: Now after waiting for another 15 minutes you can wash your skin.

Apply Milk Cream on Spots:

Milk is also one of the proven answers of this frequently asked question how to remove dark circles in 2 days.

Due to a lot of lactic acids present in it which improves the skin complexion and also expert in removing the skin spots in less time.

So, after 2 hours of applying your first remedy of AVC now its milk cream time.

1: Simply take some pure milk cream from your fridge.

2: Apply a thin layer of it on your spots.

3: Now wait for 30 minutes.

4: Wash your skin with cold water and relax again.

Apply Aloe Vera gel on your Skin:

It is the powerful remedy to remove dark circles in less time, its compulsory in this plan.

Most of the time dark spots appear under eyes due to the dehydration and it can easily hydrate your skin and reduce the pigmentation.

Long story short, it’s one of the perfect remedies listed here to reduce the dark spots.

1: Take some pure Aloe Vera gel in the bowl.

You can easily buy it from the market or squeeze it from the plant directly.

2: Apply it on your skin under eyes and massage for few seconds.

3: Wait for 20 minutes.

4: Now remove it with the water soaked cotton.

Apply Potato Juice:

Potato juice is also very helpful to remove the dark circles overnight.

Because there are a lot of enzymes, starch and Vitamin C present in it which can lighten your skin from worse in less time.

I mean you can easily fade your dark spots with it.

1: Simply cut a potato into pieces and put it in the juicer for getting its juice.

2: Soak a cotton piece in it and apply it on your skin spots.

3: Wait for at least 15 minutes.

4: Now wash your skin with cold water.

It can surely help you in removing the dark circles and spots.

Apply Almond Oil before sleeping:

Before sleeping applying almond oil can really boost the things up for you.

I have already mentioned above that almond oil is loaded with Vitamin E which can remove the spots.

So, apply it on your spots for the complete night and wash in the morning.

Final Words:

You can solve your problem how to remove dark circles in 2 days with these natural remedies.

And the amazing thing is that you don’t need to worry about side effects.

But in this little time, these cute home remedies can only make your spots fade, so for next time, I must suggest you use these at daily basis.

If you will use these remedies for 3-4 weeks your spots will disappear completely.

Also, after removing these irritating spots you have to solve the daily life problems which are causing you this skin issue like sleeplessness, stress, tiredness and other related causes.

Which home remedies are your favorite for removing the dark spots quickly? Let me know in the comments.

Fast Acne Tips in Urdu

Are you Looking for some best Acne Tips in Urdu? You’re at the right place…

Everyone loves to have the clear and glowing skin but acne can attack to any age of people without giving any single warning.

This problem is mostly faced by the teenagers due to the increase in hormonal levels.

When people get this problem they normally buy some cosmetics and chemicals which claim that you can get the clear skin as fast as possible.

Sure, some of them working for the people but most of the time people only gets the side effects and increase in the problem because if those cosmetics are not matching with your skin type and loaded with dangerous chemicals then you are only going to get the worse results possible.

You may also tired of using those costly cosmetics and not even getting the small results and now searching for some quality acne tips in Urdu.

In my opinion, the best solution for acne is using the natural remedies at home which may take some more time to show the results but you don’t have any fear of getting the side effects and other problems on your face.

Here is the list of some fast acne tips in Urdu that you can use to get rid of this teasing problem.

Acne Tips in Urdu For everyone (Audio):


People are already using these home remedies for acne and seeing the better results, You can do the same without thinking about any kind of side effects.

Let’s go without further reading…

1: Apply Baking Soda on your Skin:

Baking Soda is considered as one of the best acne tips at home due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which help your skin to control the PH Level.

It also has the ability to remove the dead skin from the damaged area and protect the new one with its properties.

Most of the cosmetics are only removing the dead skin and never protect the new skin and then acne attacks on the new skin.

Use Baking Soda in this way on Acne:

1: Mix some baking soda and water for making a thick paste.

2: Apply this paste slowly on damaged area of your skin.

3: After 5 minutes wash your face or skin with warm water.

Note: Only use baking soda once or twice in a week.

2: Apply Multani Mitti on your Face:

Multani Matti is considered as one of the best acne tips for oily skin due to its properties because it can easily collect the oil from your skin and make it clear.

If you are using the quality one then it can also improve your complexion as much as possible in less time.

Use Multani Mitti in this way:

1: Mix some Multani Mitti with rose water (Arq Gulab) for making a paste.

2: Now apply this paste on your skin for some time until it dries.

3: Wash your face with warm water.

Note: Only do this for 1-2 times in a week.

3: Apply lemon juice on Acne:

Lemon juice is also a good answer to your acne due to its acidic properties because it can easily clean the dirt from the pores of your skin in very less time.

If you have oily skin then it can help you by making your skin dry while removing the damage of Acne.

Use lemon in this way on your Skin:

1: Simply cut a fresh lemon in 2 pieces and rub it on your skin slowly.

2: Also apply lemon juice on your skin.

3: After 1-2 hours you can wash your face with quality face wash or soap.

Note: Do this for 2-3 times in a week.

4: Apply Apple Cider Vinegar on your Skin:

It is also considered as one of the perfect acne care tips because it kills the bacteria from your skin which is mostly the common reason of acne.

It can also balance the PH level of your skin and if you have oily skin then don’t forget to use it in your acne removing plan.

Use Apple cider Vinegar in this way:

1: Wash your face properly.

2: Apply some apple cider vinegar by using the cotton directly on the damaged skin.

3: After 10-20 minutes you can wash your face with water and quality soap.

Note: Only do this for 1-2 times in a week for seeing the clear results.

5: Apply Milk and Honey on your Skin:

Milk is also one of the quality acne tips home remedies which you can use for reducing the redness and other damages on your skin.

It can also increase your skin tone while you are applying it on your damage for some time.

Use Milk and Honey in this way:

1: Mix some milk and honey in a bowl.

2: Now apply this mixture on your skin for 10-20 minutes.

3: Then wash your face with warm water for seeing the clear results.

4: Do this every day if possible because there are no side effects of this simple remedy.

6: Apply Orange Peels on your Skin:

You may already be heard this remedy is also one of the best acne tips in Urdu which you can easily use at your home for making the skin bright and removing acne.

There is a lot of Vitamin C present in oranges which you can give to your skin with its peel.

Use Orange Peels in this way on your Skin:

1: Take some orange peels and put in the sunlight for drying.

2: When it’s totally dried, now you can grind these peels for getting the powder.

3: Mix this powder with some water for making the paste.

4: Now apply this paste on your face and wait for 15-30 minutes.

5: Wash your face with warm water for seeing the good results.
Note: Do this only for 2-3 times in a week.

Final Words:

These are some best acne tips in Urdu that you can use at your home without thinking about any kind of side effects.

You just have to select some remedies from the above list which are easily available and you can make and start using according to the directions given above.

I must say that if you are not seeing any big results at starting then it’s normal and you have to be disappointed.

You have to keep following these remedies because soon you are going to see the clear results of your efforts naturally not for some days but for a long time.

I am Talha If still, you have any confusions? or I am forgetting something? then drop it in the comments, I will respond you as soon as Possible.