High Blood Pressure Diet in Urdu

High Blood Pressure is also known as a silent killer due to no pain and symptoms…

But, after the time passes most of the time it causes the heart issues, kidney issues, and many other serious problems.

Most of the people never notice the high blood pressure on the daily basis and keep eating the oily foods which harm them badly after some time, I am not saying that you need to take the medicines on the daily basis.

You can still control it by just making some minor changes in your lifestyle and by eating this high blood pressure diet in Urdu mentioned below, these foods can surely control your blood pressure as much as possible.

As you know that, Diet plays an important role in controlling the blood pressure so you need to stop eating products filled with fats, oil, and sodium and start eating these foods for high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure in Urdu (Audio):

After many studies, Doctors found that if you are eating these products then chances are that you will never see the problem of high blood pressure again further people are using these products at home for controlling their blood pressure and getting the positive results as well.

Eat Green Vegetables:

Green Vegetables like Spinach, Cabbage, green Peas, mustard greens etc… are loaded with Potassium which can surely help your kidney in getting rid from sodium.

You need to eat green vegetables cooked at home as much as possible for getting the proper excretion of sodium from your kidney.

Eat Potatoes:

Potatoes are also the perfect product of our list high blood pressure diet in Urdu because potatoes have lot of magnesium and potassium which is very beneficial for you.

Fibers are also present in the potatoes which are good for healthy diet and overall potatoes can surely help you in lowering the blood pressure.

Baked Potatoes are my favorite product, you can also enjoy one every day in your dinner for fulfilling your tummy and also for lowering the blood pressure.

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Eat Blueberries and Strawberries:

Strawberry is a very special fruit which most of the people love to eat and there are also plenty of benefits present in these tinny berries.

One Study found that there are compounds called flavonoids present in these berries which may reduce your blood pressure.
So, when you go to market for buying the fruits then also buy some amount of these tasty berries for eating in your extra hunger.

Drink Beetroot juice:

According to many researches, If you are drinking the beetroot juice at the daily basis then it will surely help you in lowering your blood pressure within the 24 hours and also save you from the many other health problems.

It will be easily available in your nearest fruit market and the nitrates present in it will help you in controlling your high blood pressure.

Drink Milk without cream:

Skimmed Milk is also one of the best high blood pressure diet in Urdu in which much calcium is present and not having many fats in it.

Its properties can easily help you in controlling the blood pressure and you can drink it daily while removing the cream and can also eat yogurt without much cream and sugar in your breakfast.

Eat Banana Every Day:

Banana is the rich source of Potassium that is the essential mineral for having the stabled blood pressure and there is also a good amount of magnesium present in it.

So, buy some bananas also when you are visiting the fruits market and store them for at least eating one banana every day for a better diet plan.

Bonus Point: Start Doing Exercise from Tomorrow

It has been proved many times that doing exercise daily can control your blood pressure very easily, I am not saying that you need to spend hours in the gym but the little physical activity every day.

You just need to choose your favorite cardio exercise from running, walking, jogging and rope jumping and then do it daily for at least 15 minutes which will drop your blood pressure to the safe level.

So, set up your routine of exercise from tomorrow because it will also help you in lowering the stress which ultimately makes your blood pressure high and keeps you safe from many health problems.

It’s better to consult with your doctor before starting doing exercise.

Shiny Teeth Whitening Tips in Urdu


Do you also hate the yellow teeth smile?

Well, I know you are saying YES because no one loves the yellow teeth and sometimes it can decrease your personality, maybe that’s why you are reading these teeth whitening tips in Urdu…

Most of us think that yellow teeth are caused by sweeteners and other artificial products but we are not able to make our teeth shiny white, this concept is totally wrong.

I mean no matter due to which problem you have started getting the yellow teeth but you can easily make them bright again by using these natural teeth whitening tips at your home.

Sure, there are some costly cosmetics like toothpaste and mouth wash available in the market for this purpose which can effect quickly as compared to these natural home remedies.

But those all items are made with the help of chemicals but they are only showing you the tag of natural nutrients.

The effect of those chemicals might be temporary and can also effect’s your health.

Teeth Whitening Tips in Urdu (Audio):

So, it’s better to use the home remedies than those chemicals regularly without the fear of any side effects.

Use Baking Soda with Tooth Paste:

Using baking soda with tooth paste is considered as one of the best teeth whitening tips because it can make your teeth bright in very less time.

Baking soda can fight with the bad breath and can polish your teeth with the white appearance.

According to many studies if you are using the right amount of baking soda daily then you will get the bright smile soon.

1: Mix some baking soda with toothpaste and apply this on the tooth brush.

2: Now use this paste for brushing your teeth.

3: After brushing wait for some time and wash it with the lukewarm water.

4: Do this for 1-2 times in a week.

Note: Please don’t use baking soda more than 2-3 times in a week because it can cause some side effects if used in excessive amount.

Rub Orange Peels on your Teeth:

Rubbing orange peels is also one of the effective teeth whitening tips at home that can reduce the yellowish of your teeth.

1: Simply cut the orange covers (peels).

2: Rub the inner side of orange covers (white one) on your teeth.

3: Do this daily before going to bed.

4: After using it daily you will start seeing the results.

Apply Strawberries Paste on your Teeth:

When you are looking for the teeth whitening home remedies then you also need to know that Vitamin C is very beneficial for making your tips for whitening teeth fast.

Strawberries are the rich source of Vitamin C that can surely help you in getting the white teeth as soon as possible.

Use Strawberries for teeth in this way:

1: Take 2-3 strawberries and grind them in the juicer.

2: Now apply this paste on your teeth and rub it for some time.

3: Do this daily for 1-2 times for seeing the fast results.

Apply Lemon and Salt on your Teeth:

If you have very yellow teeth and wants to make them white very quickly then lemon is also your best friend.

Because there are many bleaching properties present in the lemon which can help you in getting rid of yellow teeth.

Use lemon in this way:

1: Mix some lemon juice and salt in a bowl.

2: Apply this mixture on your teeth especially on the yellow ones.

3: Now wait for some time and then wash it with lukewarm water.

4: Do this for 2-3 times in a week for seeing the fast results.

Final Words:

These are some natural tips for teeth whitening that you can use to turn your teeth white from the yellow at your home easily.

But again I am saying that these are natural remedies that will never show the results very quickly and you have to wait for the results.

It also depends on the damage, I mean you will get the white teeth with these remedies if you don’t have very much yellow teeth.

So, In early days if you are not seeing the big results then don’t worry and keep following these home remedies for teeth whitening because soon you are going to see the major results.

If you have any confusion regarding these home remedies or I am forgetting something then mention your queries in the comments below, Also I will be happy to meet you in the comments.

Breast Cancer in Urdu (Symptoms and Treatment)

What is Breast Cancer in Urdu? It is the form of cancer which appeared mostly in the women and much ladies of Pakistan are also the victims of this dangerous cancer.

In Breast Cancer, the cells of chest start to grow out of control and form a tumor mostly which you can easily see in the X-ray report of the chest.

This cancer can start from the different cells of your chest but most of the time it starts from the ducts that carry milk to the nipples and it is also known as ductal cancer.

There are also other types of breast cancer which are not very common like Sarcomas and Lymphomas which starts in other tissues of ladies breast.

Breast Cancer in Urdu (Audio):

Some kinds of breast cancer can cause lumps in your breast but most of the time lumps in the breast is also due to the abnormal growths which you can easily find after the tests or confirm the cause of lumps from your doctor.

Breast Cancer Symptoms in Urdu:

It is always better to find the symptoms of cancer as early as possible because it’s way easy to treat it at the starting.

If you think that there are any symptoms of breast cancer in your body then confirm it by screening tests from the nearest hospital.

The most common symptom of breast cancer is Lumps and new mass in your breast, it might be in abnormal shape and size but most of the time tumors are soft and round like your breast.

Other Possible breast cancer symptoms are:

1: Skin irritation

2: Abnormal swelling in the breast without seeing any lump

3: Pain in the breast or nipple

4: Nipples turning inward

5: Redness on the breast or nipples

6: Abnormal discharge from your nipple

I must say that you may also see some of these breast symptoms due to other reasons but it’s better to meet the doctor when you are seeing any of these symptoms for your satisfaction.

Again, I am saying that it’s always better to treat cancer at starting so don’t hesitate and visit the doctor after noticing any of these symptoms in your breast.

Breast cancer Causes in Urdu:

After many studies and research, doctors are still unaware of the exact breast cancer causes but there are many risk factors which are very common in the ladies who are effected by breast cancer, here is the complete list of breast cancer causes.

1: Specific Genetics

Ladies who have BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetics have a higher risk of developing the breast cancer.

2: 50+ Age

According to studies, old ladies have more chances of developing the breast cancer and 80% of the patients had more than 50+ age.

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3: Already Effected Women

If a woman is already effected by this problem before then doctors said that there are higher chances of developing the disease again if the treatment was not proper.

4: Overweight

It is also one of the common breast cancer causes that if a woman has extra weight due to the higher levels of estrogen in obese people.

5: Dense Breast tissue

Ladies with dense breast tissue have more chances to get the breast cancer.

There are also some other causes of breast cancer which may or may not be found yet and they are working on it for getting the fewer people damage with this dangerous disease.

Female Breast Cancer Treatment:

The main treatments for breast cancer are Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy.

If the breast cancer is in its early stages then it’s also mostly treated with breast cancer diagnosed at screening.

Surgery is the most used treatment for the breast cancer and which type of surgery you need is dependent on the type of breast cancer your body is developing.

After checking it to the expert, they will guide you about the best surgery you need and you also don’t have to take the treatment without confirming it from various other experts because as I have already mentioned above that if the treatment is not done properly, then chances are that you are going to get the breast cancer again.

Healthy Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer:

If you are seeing any breast cancer symptoms or trying to prevent yourself from this dangerous cancer then here are some healthy foods that will keep you as much as possible from the breast cancer.


Turmeric can easily remove the breast cancer cells from your chest because there is a compound called curcumin which helps to fight cancer cells.

There are also many anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in it which can surely give your body the power to fight with breast cancer cells.

You just need to add some extra amount of turmeric in your meals and you can also use it in the every morning with water.


According to many studies, tomatoes are very beneficial for the women trying to remove the breast cancer cells from their chest.

There is a strong antioxidant present in tomatoes which can stop the development of breast cancer from your body as much as possible.

If you are drinking a glass of tomatoes juice daily then you are getting the best benefit of tomatoes.

You can also increase the number of tomatoes in your meals and can eat in the salad for protecting yourself from cancer, It’s also very beneficial for your health and skin.


Spinach is also considered as the best food for preventing breast cancer because there is an antioxidant present in it named lutein which can protect your body from any kind of cancer.

Ladies need to eat the spinach in their meals for some days in a week for reducing any issues of breast cancer from their body.

Final Words:

I have explained here the breast cancer in Urdu or breast cancer awareness in Urdu because studies have discovered that nowadays 1 out of 8 women has a high risk of getting this dangerous disease.

If you notice any little breast cancer symptoms in your body then meet the doctor as soon as possible and I am again saying that it’s very easy to treat breast cancer in its early stages than complete treatment.

I hope you learned some new problems of breast cancer in Urdu if you have any questions? You can drop it in the comments below we’ll respond you as soon as possible.






Brain Tumor in Urdu Symptoms and Treatment

What is a brain Tumor in Urdu? In this disease your brain is growing the abnormal cells in a low and restricted space of your brain which causes some serious problems, brain tumors are both not- cancerous (benign) and cancerous (malignant).

Benign brain tumors which are also non-cancerous grow very slowly and will never grow again after the complete treatment.

Malignant brain tumors which are also cancerous grow rapidly and there are high chances of getting this problem again even after the treatment.

Brain Tumor in Urdu (Audio):

In this page, you will also find the brain tumor symptoms in Urdu listed below which are very common in our lifestyle and most of the time we ignore this serious issue.

Brain Tumor Symptoms:

The accurate brain tumor symptoms depend on the part of the brain which gets the damage, some common symptoms are

  • Severe Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Persistent Vomiting and Nausea
  • Memory and personality changes
  • Vision Problems, speech problems, and other body weaknesses.


We know that headaches are the most common sign of many diseases but when there is a brain tumor problem then people get some different kinds of headaches like.

1: Waking up at morning with a severe headache.

2: You started getting persistent headaches but not had this problem before.

3: You are getting headaches with illness together.

The people with brain tumor problem usually have headache problem for long sessions and get the worse while coughing, sneezing, shouting or even exercising.

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Seizures (Fits):

It is one of the most common brain tumor symptoms that you started twitching or jerking your hands, legs or arms.

Sometimes fits affecting your whole body for less time…

Unconsciousness is also the cause of serious seizures.

If you are facing this problem continues then it’s better to visit the doctor for confirming its reason, it’s also not sure that you are getting fits due to the problem of brain tumors.

Eye Sight Problems (Vision):

Most of the time people with brain tumors are facing the issues of vision even after getting the exactly matched glasses
The common problems of vision are blur view, tunnel vision, floating images, seeing darkness for very less time.

So, if you are not seeing any improvements in your vision after getting the treatment from your eye doctor then it’s better to visit the specialist for confirming its reason once again.

Symptoms of Brain tumor due to the position of tumors:

The symptoms given above are actually normal and can also be caused due to the other health problems but here are some specific symptoms due to the brain tumor position.

In frontal lobe brain tumors position, people face changes in personality, behaving in a way which is not normal, losing interest in life activities, difficulty in the planning process, being aggressive, difficulty in walking, sense of smell affected, facing problems with speech and vision.

In temporal lobe brain tumors position people face forgetting words continuously, memory loss for some time, difficult in remembering the correct words, fits with strange feelings and hearing weird voices in the head.

In parietal lobe brain tumors position, people normally face difficulty in speaking and understanding, problems with writing and reading, no feelings in the body even on special events.

In occipital lobe position, people normally lost their vision and see some eyesight problems even after the complete treatment of eyesight.

In hindbrain position, people face poor coordination, sickness, dizziness, neck stiffness, abnormal movement of the eyes.

In spinal cord position people face serious pain in that area, weakness in the arms and legs, lost the control of bladder and bowels.

In pituitary gland position people face infertility in men and women, abnormal weight gain, lack of energy, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

In nerves controlling sight, people face serious damage to the eyesight.

In hearing nerves people face serious damage in the hearing process.

I must say again that some symptoms are familiar with other diseases or you may be seeing some of the symptoms listed above due to some other reasons.

But, if you are continuously facing the same symptoms then you have to see a specialist doctor for confirming the reason for your issues because it’s always easy to treat any disease at its starting even without any serious damages.

Brain Tumor Treatment in Urdu:

The most used treatment of brain tumors is the surgery which can remove much of the abnormal tissues possible.

Its treatment never completed with just surgery because it cannot remove the complete tumor from your brain so people treated again with radiotherapy for killing the abnormal cells which are still present in your brain.

As I have already mentioned above that benign tumors are easily treated completely with very low risk of getting this problem again.

But the malignant tumors are rarely treated completely and there is a high risk of getting this problem again depends on the type of tumor and treatment as well.

After reading/listening to these brain tumor symptoms in Urdu if you are feeling that you have some relevant issues then visit the specialist as soon as possible for confirming the actual reason and solve those little issues before getting the serious problems.

If you have any queries regarding brain tumors? Feel free to drop it in the comments, I will try to respond you as soon as possible.

Migraine Pain in Urdu (Symptoms and Treatment)

What is Migraine Pain in Urdu? Migraine pain is actually the serious headache which happens continuously on one side of the head most of the time.

Some people also have the common symptoms of a migraine like Vomiting, Nausea and instant pain after seeing the light and listens the sound.

A migraine is a common health problem affecting one man from every 15 men and one woman from the five women.

Experts still don’t know the exact reason of developing migraine pains in a person and it’s most common in the women around the globe.

Migraine Pain in Urdu (Audio):

Symptoms of Migraine Pain:

These common migraine pain symptoms occur right before or after the severe pain as there are also many types of migraines.

1: Severe pain in the half head and then in the other half head.

2: The pain is very severe and throbbing as compared to a common headache.

3: People facing problems in regular life activities due to continuous pain.

4: Feeling sick without any sickness.

5: Increasing and severe pain while doing any physical activities like exercise.

6: Sensitivity to sound and light, pain relieved in the quiet dark room.

Causes of Migraine Pain:

As I have already mentioned above that after too many experiments and studies the exact reason of migraine pain in Urdu is still unknown but it is said that reason is the abnormal activity of the brain.

The abnormal activity of brain causes the changes in the blood flow, changes in the chemicals and nerve which cause the severe pain in the head.

Some studies said that migraine pain triggers due to these common causes:

1: Bright lights, heavy sound, smoky rooms, strong smells and too much perfume.

2: Tiredness and physical activities like exercising.

3: Stress, depression, tension, and excitement.

4: Due to a different kind of allergies.

5: Big changes in the sleeping routine or disturbed sleep routine.

6: Excessive smoking and drinking.

7: Low blood sugar due to not eating meals on time or skipping.

8: Specific foods and drinks.

9: In women while starting their periods.

These are some common causes of migraines which are discovered from the studies or doing surveys with the affected people, they said that due to these common life activities a severe headache starts and effect continuously for weeks to some people.

Other people are just getting it occasionally after much time passing due to solid reasons listed above.

Treatment of Migraine Pain:

There is not any complete treatment or cure for migraine pain, but these little treatments can reduce the pain and symptoms of people’s migraine problem.

Painkillers: You can use the normal painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen for reducing your pain as much as possible.

Proper Sleep: If you are taking the enough sleep every day then chances of migraine pain is very low as compared to not resting properly.

Triptans Medicines: It is the category of the medication which can surely help you in reversing the chemical changes in your mind for reducing the pain.

Drink Much Water: Normally when our body is not hydrated properly then we get a headache for some time but it’s perfect for the people facing the migraine pain.

A small session of Exercise: You don’t need to start any heavy exercise because it may cause you pain but you can do some low-intensity cardio exercises like walking, jogging and cycling for 10-25 minutes daily which can help you in reducing the stress and pain as well.

How to Prevent Migraine Pain:

I have mentioned above the maximum possible causes of a migraine that you need to avoid in your daily routine but if you are getting the headache due to some other causes then don’t do and eat those things in your routine.

In a nutshell: If you are feeling that listening to high sounds causes you a severe headache then do your best to prevent listening to that much sound because it’s always better to care than to treat your health issues.

Final Words:

These are some common questions answered about a migraine in Urdu and if you are following the steps above then there is a high chance that you will never get that much issue again.

I must say again that always notice the causes which are giving you a headache and then protect yourself from those things and products.

If you are feeling that I am forgetting something about a migraine then kindly drop it in the comments, I will surely add it in the article further I will be very happy to meet you in the comments section because we are trying our best to solve the health problems of you people.

How to Start and Maintain Your GYM Routine ?

Maintaining your Workout Routine is the most difficult JOB These days.

Yes, Due to our busy routines and less motivation towards the workouts even exercising daily helps us in fighting with various diseases and get our body in the shape where people starts calling you Handsome while you are wearing the casual dresses.

Every fitness lover want’s to start the GYM routine maybe for strong muscles, attractive body, losing weight, feeling fresh or there are also many other reasons for joining the GYM but after doing workout for some days they Give up by saying that “I will start it in my free time”, Which is never coming ever.

So In this Article, I am going to share with you some simple tips that you can use for joining the gym and feel motivated enough for maintaining your routine.

Decide your Best Available Time:

First of all, you need to decide your best free time for joining the GYM instead of thinking about it after filling the GYM form.Let’s say you have free time from 9PM to 10PM after getting back from your work.

So On the first day, you have to only visit the GYM and make your registration there and make a little promise to yourself for joining it from tomorrow.

At Starting, Never Go for all Workouts:

When you are a beginner or decided to join the GYM again then you don’t have to perform all the workouts at very first day even you was an expert before because it will make you much tired and irritated and you are not coming back again.

This is a special reason that most of the people have while decided to quit their GYM on very next day that it’s not possible for them to do that heavy workout while going to university or office, So on your first 3-4 days you only have to perform fewer workouts possible and get home as early as possible.

It will make you feel less tired and motivated enough for going to GYM again and try some new workouts.

Make it a Priority:

Most of us behave with our workout routine like a part time additional business that they are already earning much and don’t need this extra business badly, Even I was doing the same at my starting.

So, You have to make it a priority like you have to go daily to your university or office for surviving in this society.Why not doing the same for your GYM? Most of the time you have to say “No” to your family and close friends while they are forcing you to go for an outing in your GYM timings.

At Starting, Make sure that you gave some real value to your GYM routine and ditching all the other works in that hour of your workout for giving it some little place in your busy routines.

Go for Shopping:

Finally, when you are in a routine of daily GYM after following the above simple tips now it’s time to buy some comfortable Kits like trousers, T-shirts, and Joggers for feeling more motivated and for keeping your GYM routine ON.

You may already have some comfortable workouts clothing at your home but buying some new one’s really impact your behavior and attitude towards your workouts, It’s also working for me.

Make some Clear Goals:

When you are in your routine of the daily workout after focusing on your GYM routine, Now it’s time to make some clear goals like “I am going to gain 5 Kg’s in next week” or “I am going to Lose 5-6 Kg’s as early as possible”.

It is a myth that when people set a Goal and started working for achieving it with their daily little efforts 80% of them get the Job done even in their estimated time because they are working according to the available time at this spot.

Stay Motivated:

If you are not achieving your fitness goals in your desired time then think it in this way, You will never going to see the available results if not decided to join the gym last month.

But now you are in the well-maintained routine and can achieve any fitness goals because your body is now used-to-be with your workout routine and then set some new goals and keep working while you are thinking about it.


I was also one of them who say after seeing the fit people that how they manage to do this in their busy routines? But when I started working for it. Believe me, or not it’s much easier than I was expecting it will be…

The main thing in achieving any fitness goal is keeping yourself regular and motivated enough to push yourself towards the GYM even just for the little workout, Once you get in the routine then making muscles or losing weight is much more than more easy.

Congo Virus in Pakistan: Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Even Doctors started getting infected by Congo Virus in Pakistan…It’s better to protect yourself than cure as there is no vaccine available for either people or Animals.

What is Congo Virus ?

Congo Virus “Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever” is a widespread tick-borne viral disease which is usually prevalent in the Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Balkan States.This dangerous disease is carried by several domestic and wild animals.

How are People Getting Infected by Congo Virus in Pakistan ?

People normally get infected by Congo Virus in Pakistan by getting a bite from infected ticks or having a contact with infected animals/people blood.

The majority of People getting infected by Congo Virus in Pakistan are involved in the Livestock Industry like slaughterhouse workers or agricultural workers.

Congo Virus Symptoms ?

According to news about Congo Virus in Bahawalpur, Infected people showing the symptoms of high fever, sore throat and diarrhea for almost 5-6 Days.

WHO explains it’s symptoms in this way: an Affected person may show symptoms such as fever, muscle ache, dizziness, neck pain and stiffness, headache, sore eyes and abnormal sensitivity to light.

How to Diagnose Congo Virus in Pakistan ?

It can be detected by different laboratory tests such as serum neutralization, antigen detection, virus isolation by cell culture and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

Diagnosis in affected individuals is proceeded by RNA detection in Blood and tissue samples because the patients in the starting do not usually develop a measurable antibody response.

But the Blood samples presents an extreme risk and should only proceed under maximum biological containment conditions.

How to Protect Yourself from this Virus ?

As we all knows that It is very difficult to get cured of this dangerous virus so it’s better to protect yourself especially if you are living near animals or hospitals by following these pieces of advice given from experts…

1: Wear Long sleeves and Long Trousers (protective clothing)
2: Wear Light Color clothes so you can easily detect ticks on your clothes.
3: Use approved anti-ticks on your clothes for instantly killing ticks.
4: Regularly check your clothes for ticks, if you found one remove them safely.
5: Avoid visiting the areas where ticks are abundant like farm houses, slaughterhouses.
6: Wear Protective Clothing or gloves while dealing with animals or their tissues.
7: Avoid close physical contacts with CCHF infected people.
8: Wear protective clothing or gloves while taking care of infected people.
9: Wash Hands or take a Bath after visiting or caring infected People.

Hope you take care of yourself and avoid visiting the mentioned places these days.