How to Start and Maintain Your GYM Routine ?

Maintaining your Workout Routine is the most difficult JOB These days.

Yes, Due to our busy routines and less motivation towards the workouts even exercising daily helps us in fighting with various diseases and get our body in the shape where people starts calling you Handsome while you are wearing the casual dresses.

Every fitness lover want’s to start the GYM routine maybe for strong muscles, attractive body, losing weight, feeling fresh or there are also many other reasons for joining the GYM but after doing workout for some days they Give up by saying that “I will start it in my free time”, Which is never coming ever.

So In this Article, I am going to share with you some simple tips that you can use for joining the gym and feel motivated enough for maintaining your routine.

Decide your Best Available Time:

First of all, you need to decide your best free time for joining the GYM instead of thinking about it after filling the GYM form.Let’s say you have free time from 9PM to 10PM after getting back from your work.

So On the first day, you have to only visit the GYM and make your registration there and make a little promise to yourself for joining it from tomorrow.

At Starting, Never Go for all Workouts:

When you are a beginner or decided to join the GYM again then you don’t have to perform all the workouts at very first day even you was an expert before because it will make you much tired and irritated and you are not coming back again.

This is a special reason that most of the people have while decided to quit their GYM on very next day that it’s not possible for them to do that heavy workout while going to university or office, So on your first 3-4 days you only have to perform fewer workouts possible and get home as early as possible.

It will make you feel less tired and motivated enough for going to GYM again and try some new workouts.

Make it a Priority:

Most of us behave with our workout routine like a part time additional business that they are already earning much and don’t need this extra business badly, Even I was doing the same at my starting.

So, You have to make it a priority like you have to go daily to your university or office for surviving in this society.Why not doing the same for your GYM? Most of the time you have to say “No” to your family and close friends while they are forcing you to go for an outing in your GYM timings.

At Starting, Make sure that you gave some real value to your GYM routine and ditching all the other works in that hour of your workout for giving it some little place in your busy routines.

Go for Shopping:

Finally, when you are in a routine of daily GYM after following the above simple tips now it’s time to buy some comfortable Kits like trousers, T-shirts, and Joggers for feeling more motivated and for keeping your GYM routine ON.

You may already have some comfortable workouts clothing at your home but buying some new one’s really impact your behavior and attitude towards your workouts, It’s also working for me.

Make some Clear Goals:

When you are in your routine of the daily workout after focusing on your GYM routine, Now it’s time to make some clear goals like “I am going to gain 5 Kg’s in next week” or “I am going to Lose 5-6 Kg’s as early as possible”.

It is a myth that when people set a Goal and started working for achieving it with their daily little efforts 80% of them get the Job done even in their estimated time because they are working according to the available time at this spot.

Stay Motivated:

If you are not achieving your fitness goals in your desired time then think it in this way, You will never going to see the available results if not decided to join the gym last month.

But now you are in the well-maintained routine and can achieve any fitness goals because your body is now used-to-be with your workout routine and then set some new goals and keep working while you are thinking about it.


I was also one of them who say after seeing the fit people that how they manage to do this in their busy routines? But when I started working for it. Believe me, or not it’s much easier than I was expecting it will be…

The main thing in achieving any fitness goal is keeping yourself regular and motivated enough to push yourself towards the GYM even just for the little workout, Once you get in the routine then making muscles or losing weight is much more than more easy.