Almond oil for Skin: Right way to Use it?

If you have decided to use the almond oil for skin and applying it directly to the face even on the daily basis, you will never be happy with the results…

Here’s why?

Almond oil alone have not the power to remove the dark circles, wrinkles and make your skin bright but when it mixed with some other natural ingredients the results will be mouth opening…

It’s like if you are using the Aloe Vera for hairs the results will be slow but when you mix it with natural oils the results will be quick and extraordinary…

So, I am going to tell you the complete routine or the right way of using the almond oil for face or the skin which is already working for people and they are seeing the big changes in less time…

But first you need to know the core benefits of this oil for skin which are actually proved by experiments, Nah it’s not going to be boring.

You will surely enjoy the facts, come with me…

1: Almond Oil Reduces Dark Circles

Dark circles under our eyes are easily visible which can affect the beauty of anyone. People who have this problem can actually understand the pain of dark circles.

If you have this problem you may already be heard this sentence again and again “Get the proper sleep you are getting the serious dark circles under your eyes”

Sure, sleep causes the dark circles but studies found that dark circles can also appear on your face due to the much amount of pigment.

Notice that pigment is something which is also responsible for overall dark skin tone as well…

You can easily remove this pigment by using the products which are rich in the Vitamin E and guess what? Almonds are the best source of Vitamin E…

So, it clearly means if you can start applying almond oil on your dark tone skin you can get rid of this pigment and start seeing the fresh skin once again.

Once you removed the dark circles easily with this way your Mom will be very proud of you…

2: Almond Oil reduces the damage of Sun (Sun Tan)

In summers, everyone’s skin color got the dull tone and this happens as you are right because of the big and burning sun…

Most of the time we try to cover our skin but sometimes it’s simply not possible to cover when you are in the pool or going in the hurry to market for buying something…

So, I mean everyone gets this problem during the summer

But Almond oil has the natural sunscreen properties which can surely prevent your skin from the hot sun rays very easily.

Otherwise, you will start looking like a half white and half black person…

3: Almond oil makes skin Brighter by removing Dead Skin Cells

The one reason for not getting the brighter skin is also that your skin some time has too many dead skin cells which are also hiding the attractive skin inside…

Home remedies like the lemon scrub and the Multani Mitti normally used for removing the dead skin cells but almond oil also do this job very easily.

Actually, this oil easily gets observed in our skin and moisturize properly that helps us in removing the dead skin cells in less time…

So, yes using almond oil for skin is also a good moisturizing agent which can help you in making your skin bright and the smooth as well…

4: Almond oil reduces Skin Aging Easily

You know what’s boring about getting aged? Bald head for men and thin hairs for women and yes the skin aging which we also call wrinkles…

People don’t simply want wrinkles on their skin but it starts happening with age. I am not saying you can completely overcome it but lesser the better right?

So, almond oil naturally has the antioxidant properties due to the presence of fatty acids, Vitamin E and a lot of other ingredients which can stop the free radicals in your skin…

Researchers prove that free radicals in our skin are the major reason for getting the wrinkles on the skin.

It can reduce the effect of free radicals and make your skin look younger as much as possible and its proved by many experiments before, also the people using it claims that they saw a huge change in their skin tone.

5: Almond oil Moisturize the Dry Skin Perfectly

If you are having the dry skin then you can completely understand that your skin becomes much dry some time especially in the winter season which is irritating and also effects beauty…

We normally use lotions and other moisturizing creams for making our rough skin smooth but these cosmetics only work for some time and then you will see the rough skin again…

But if you are using the almond oil for skin which is dry then you can surely start seeing the soft and smooth skin every day without applying a lot of moisturizers from the market…

No doubt, some cosmetics also works fine but the chemicals can affect your skin in the long run and their results are just for some time and natural products have no alternatives.

6: Almond Oil is the Best Makeup Remover

After coming home from a stunning event you want to remove your makeup but you may also notice that most of the time after removing it your skin become rough and dry…

Sure, most of the after makeups are available in the market which you can apply for exfoliating and moisturizing purpose but studies prove that people get skin infections due to the use of these products.

It means you need a natural makeup remover which can make your skin smooth and healthy again because there is no doubt makeup can ruin your skin no matter what quality it is…

Cool Makeup actually makes your skin pores blocked which causes all the problems but remember the property of almond oil that it can remove the dead skin cells and open the pores, so yes that’s why it’s best…

In an experiment, most of the people applied almond oil for face after removing makeup and start seeing the best results…

Here’s how to Use Almond oil for Skin or Face:

As you have seen that Almond oil is very beneficial for making your skin smooth and cool and all these benefits are actually proved by experiments…

Now let me tell you the items that you have to use for making its results super fast and get your desired skin, let’s go:

Complete Week (7 Days) Skin Routine:

In the starting of your week, you are going to clean your skin from the dust which might be present in the pores of your skin and then you will apply remedies which can make your skin glow and smooth…

Here’s how…

Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Cleansing (Monday):

This vinegar can be easily available to your nearest shop if not present at your home right now…

Actually, it has the ability to remove bacteria and dust from the pores of your skin and make your skin’s color fair in less possible time.

Apple cider vinegar can also reduce the acne scars and other dark circles on your skin.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Simply take some almond oil in the bowl

2: Now add lemon juice to it for making the paste

3: Apply it on your skin for 30 minutes and wash your skin with normal water

Turmeric & Almond Oil for Skin Whitening (Tuesday):

Well, this remedy is beneficial for removing the dark circles and spot from your skin then give it a good natural glow.

Turmeric is very rich in the anti-inflammatory properties which can, at last, reduce the damage to your skin from dust and from spots as well and its results will be boosted when mixed with almond oil.

Studies have proved that using almond oil for skin in this way can give you better results.

Here’s how to use it:

1: Simply take some gram flour and add it to a bowl.

2: Add some turmeric powder in it.

3: Now add some almond oil to it and mix for making the thick paste.

4: Apply it for only 20 minutes and then wash your skin with normal water.

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Mini massage with Almond oil on Wednesday:

As you have applied the remedies for removing the dust, spot of your skin in previous 2 days so now it’s the time to give your skin little rest with a refreshing massage with Vitamin E enriched oil…

Sure you already know the way of massage but still, some super girls like my sister didn’t know the proper way of using almond oil for skin massage…

Here’s the way:

1: Simply take some almond oil in your hand.

2: Apply it to your skin and massage gently in circular motion until the oil gets almost absorbed by the skin.

3: Now wait for 15 minutes and wash your skin with normal soap or face wash (Natural ingredients based preferred).

Lemon and Honey for Glowing Skin (Thursday):

If you normally use the remedies for skin then you may already hear that lemons are very beneficial for skin glowing and I also call it the power wash for your skin.

The best thing about this remedy is that it can work on all types of skins and there are many proofs that it will work including my sister’s skin because she’s not easily convinced with results of everything …

Here’s how to use it:

1: Simply take some lemon juice in a bowl.

2: Add some honey to it

3: Now add one spoon of milk in it for making the paste

4: Apply it on your face for 30 minutes and wash it off with normal water using the normal soap

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Almond oil and Chilled Milk for Soft Skin (Friday):

This simple but effective remedy can make your skin soft and attractive in very less time…

According to studies, when using the almond oil for skin mixed with milk shows the best results even you are applying it after many days.

Here’s the simple way of using it:

1: Simply take some chilled milk from the freezer.

2: Add some drops of almond oil in it which can be easily get mixed with milk

3: Apply it on your face just for 20-25 minutes

4: Wash your skin with normal soap or face wash which is using the natural ingredients.

Tomato and Yogurt for Skin Glow and health (Saturday):

Tomatoes which also look very refreshing are actually loaded with the antioxidants naturally and can surely make your skin glowing, it’s also considered as one of the best skin care tips

And yes you may already know that Yogurt is also very beneficial for skin and it can surely help you in getting better skin when you are using the almond oil for skin.

Here’s the way of using it:

1: Simply cut a tomato in half and get one spoon of its juice from the middle.

2: Now add some Yogurt in it and make a good thick paste

3: Apply it to your washed face for the 30 minutes

4: Wash it properly using the normal soap or face wash

Give Rest to your skin on Sunday:

When you are using the almond oil for skin or any other remedies then it’s better to also give your skin proper rest even in this healthy remedies routine.

Yes, you heard t right this will going to be the healthy skin routine if you are using it properly with the simple methods mentioned here…

Final Words:

In this routine of using the almond oil for the face, you are actually forcing your skin first to remove the dark circles and the dust from the pores of your skin and then using the almond oil for moisturizing.

Sure, the only use of almond oil can improve your skin tone but it will take a lot of time but you also like the quick results right?

This is the reason for introducing this almond oil for skin routine which is working perfectly for the people in improving their skin tone at home and quickly…

Also, it can only take your 20-30 minutes daily to follow your routine and when you feel that you got the perfect results then you can stop using these remedies for some time and there is not a single side effect of using these remedies…

So, which remedies for the skin you used before and worked best for you let us know in the comments?

How to solve sleep problems and wake up feeling Fresh ?

Tired of awakening at nights? Believe me, you’re not alone, These changes can surely help you in solving your sleep problems and improving your rest when shutting down your smartphones/laptops and lights don’t work.

Many of us think that it’s a normal issue and we can recover whenever we want but actually if you’re not taking proper rest it leads you to some health problems like insomnia, depression, and cardiovascular diseases.

Signs of Sleeping Difficulty ?

Most common signs of sleeping difficulty are losing focus during the daytime while you’re at work or attending class, waking up throughout the night, irritability, headache, or taking much time to fall asleep, sometimes you may also notice low energy during the day.

Studies show that almost 30 percent of adults get only six hours of sleep and may feel refresh but Adults need almost eight-nine hours of sleep to feel rested and fresh.

Possible reasons of Sleeping difficulty:

There are some common reasons of sleeplessness like watching too much television before sleeping, exercising before sleeping, playing story games, drinking coffee or tea, feel of excitement, trying to sleep hungry.

If you are in worry, stress, depression or thinking about work schedules, you may face sleeplessness problem as well.

But you don’t want medical treatment or any sleeping pills, Don’t worry here are some decisions you’re taking wrong, try changing them for better sleep.

Eating 1-2 Hours before sleeping:

If you’re eating too close before sleeping then you may face sleeplessness, waking up throughout the night or waking up early…
Studies show that night snacks before bedtime actually hurting your sleep, So try eating at least 2 hours before sleeping for better rest.

Give some Value to Sleep:

It is a bitter truth that every time we fail in managing time for completing any project/work we immediately decide to sacrifice our sleep…

Please keep in mind that sleeping less may complete your work but also cause health problems like anxiety, depression, sleeplessness….So, try giving your sleep some value and also enjoy benefits like active during daytime, fast in generating ideas, focus while doing any work etc

Try Setting a Schedule:

Schedule never means you have to sleep at 9:00PM or wake up at early morning, in fact, it’s not even possible for most of us, But at least set a schedule for 8-9 hours of sleeping and skip activities in a way of your schedule.

If still, it’s not possible to follow your schedule sometime then at least sleep for 6-7 hours daily.

Forget the worries before Sleeping:

Simply, solve your problems and deal with worries at day time because the bed is not the place to solve your problems or you’re not going to get any solutions while you’re on the bed for sleep.

The easiest solution is that whenever this kind of thing comes up in your mind, say to yourself “I am already dealing with it” or divert your attention to some positive things.

Avoid doing work in Bed:

If you are facing sleeplessness then avoid reading in your bed, I am not talking about your bedroom but at least your bed is not the place for working.

According to studies, If you are watching tv while lying on the bed, texting to your friends, surfing the internet, using your laptop or doing any paperwork…It will surely stimulate your mind and you’re not actually relaxing.

So before lying on the bed, forget to use any devices if it’s not possible then at least trying doing work for less time and at last leave, these activities one by one.

Now It’s Your Turn:

Well, It’s human nature that if someone is not motivated for any task then it’s impossible for them to complete that task even it’s easy as a piece of cake and in this busy life, even parents forgot to motivate their child’s for maintaining their routine.

I am not trying to say that your parents are not teaching you the right lesson but I am only saying that your parents obviously continuously refusing you from this kind of routine but never have much time to motivate you for leaving this kind of routines or might don’t know about this matter.

But if you’re trying to leave this bad habit of awakening at night then try following the steps written above and let me know about the results because now it’s your turn.