[Start Here] Quick Weight Loss Tips in Urdu

So, You are looking for some best weight loss tips in Urdu?

Here are some guides that you can use to lose your weight as fast as possible…

Most of us think that losing weight fast is only possible if we leave eating meals and start doing hard exercise from the day one, It’s actually not.

In fact, we only have to burn those extra calories as fast as possible with only reducing calories intake and smart exercise session.

Why Most of us Failed in Fast Weight Loss?

You may already be tried some diet plan for weight loss and still not lost any extra weight, it’s because you were not consistent or your diet plans are not matching with your body…

Here In my today’s podcast of weight loss tips in Urdu, You will learn that how you can easily lose weight fast without facing hunger and doing a hard exercise of sessions daily.

This plan only needs your consistency and focus towards your diet and exercise instead of weight loss.

Weight Loss Tips in Urdu:

1: Make Your Goal Clear

As I have already mentioned above that this weight loss tips in Urdu Plan only needs your consistency and focus towards your weight loss goal but if you are going to only use this plan as some tricks then this method may not suit you because it needs your attention towards your diet plans and exercise plans.

If you are lazy then consider reading Weight Loss Tips for lazy people

So, Before doing anything the most important and first thing you have to do is make your goal clear that how much weight you are trying to lose in some days and make yourself determined enough to work for achieving your goal as soon as possible.

It will surely motivate you to quit bad eating habits and force you to go out for your exercise session daily.

This is also the mistake most of the people do, they start following any weight loss tips plan without setting their goal and stop following that eating habits after some days written in the plan by saying that

“This one is also not helping me in losing weight”, Don’t be like them…

2: Stop Eating Fast foods and High Calories

After setting your Goal and committing with yourself like “This time I must have to lose weight by following this method”.

The first thing you need to do is stop eating fast foods as soon as it’s possible because if you are eating fast foods or other loaded with high calories than quick weight loss may even not possible…

You have to start following the natural weight loss.

Why quick weight loss not possible with Fast foods?

I know this question arose in everyone’s mind because this is one of the most favorite food these days and everyone want’s to eat this kind of item at least one time in the Day.

Back to the point, these all products such as shawarma, burgers, nuggets, sandwiches are totally loaded with calories and help you in gaining weight even you are doing a small exercise of session daily…

The simplest formula of fast weight loss you need to know is “Burn more calories fast and eat low calories slowly”, but when we are eating high calories food we are actually reversing the formula like “Eating more calories fast and burning calories slowly”.

How to Quit Eating High Calories food?

It’s not that difficult to quit bad eating habits, here is the simple method that I always suggest to everyone that start eating vegetables with new recipes because it will make you more excited towards your paleo diet plan and try quitting the fast food slowly…

Because whenever most of us try quitting bad eating habits instantly, we end up with eating the same food.

When you decided to quit eating those products then try stopping it slowly while you start eating delicious vegetable recipes.

3: Avoid Eating Sugar, Soft Drinks, and Sweeteners

“Oh Shit, I also have to stop eating sugar” you’re saying, Obviously you heard it right because sugar and other artificial sweeteners gifting you the more calories than you think…

We have already discussed that losing weight fast is not that easy you have to quit your bad eating and drinking habits and half of your job is done…

Let’s back to the point Actually, sugar is not giving you weight directly but studies show that sugar can increase your hunger at the extreme level that you will end up eating high calories food that we are actually avoiding…

Say with me that “I’m not going to eat sugar in any form for next 4 weeks at least”, Believe me, if you stop eating or drinking sugar and then you will start seeing the weight loss results as fast as possible and these are the Easy weight loss tips.

4: Eat Vegetables and Fruits

While you are trying your best to quit eating high calories food and stop using sugar, Make your meals special only with vegetables no matter which recipes are you using but don’t start mixing your low calories vegetables with meat.

As I have already mentioned above that if you want’s to make your day special with Vegetables try some new recipes of vegetables that you can easily get from your special family cook, if not?

Then search it on the internet for Vegetable Recipies in Pakistan or get the list from your other secret sources, But only use the vegetables for your Lunches and Dinners.

5: Drink More Water than Enough & Before Meals

When you are trying to lose weight quickly then, believe me, Water is your best friend, You have to drink more water than enough daily for boosting your metabolism at next level and also for decreasing your hunger.

If you were drinking 7-8 Glasses before, now you have to drink 13-14 glasses daily.

Studies show that cold water also helps in reducing weight because your body have to burn some calories for matching the temperature of that water with your body temperature, but it’s okay to use simple water in good amount daily.

Also, try drinking much water before meals because it will help you in feeling full and you will end up with less eating and if you are also drinking a full of glass of water after your meal then it will help your body to digest it as soon as possible.

At the end, you will collect fewer calories while following these simple weight loss tips in Urdu.

6: Take a Strong BreakFast

Healthy breakfast in this plan of weight loss tips in Urdu is one where you feel full instead of making yourself overloaded with calories such as eating brown bread with one egg and cup of tea is perfect instead of eating “Paratha’s” full with oil or Donuts full with calories.

So, You only need to eat a low-calorie breakfast and make yourself satisfied at morning.

In other words, eat enough at morning so you never feel hunger till your Lunch and automatically avoid eating snacks till your Lunch Time.

7: Don’t Skip Meals

This is a common mistake most of us do when trying to lose weight fast that we skip our meals and ready for facing the hunger and think’s that it will bring the fast results, it’s actually not.

In fact, Starvation reduces your body calories out in an attempt to restore the energy balance and obviously stop your body from losing any more weight, even you are avoiding eating any more calories.

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So, Instead of facing starvation take your vegetables special meal or feel free to eat some fruits whenever you feel hungry because these foods are very easy to digest with some physical activities while you are working at the office, hanging around in university or doing some work at home.

8: 30-40 Minutes of Exercise Session

Well, After maintaining your Diet plan on Natural Foods Now it’s time to force your body to lose weight quickly and this time your body will accept your message for weight loss happily here’s why…

You’re already eating fewer calories than before, Right? So, Now when you do an exercise session your body will automatically start burning old calories you have gained before because there is no new ones available there and you will end up with burning more calories…

So, Select any of your favorite weight loss exercises in Urdu (Walking, Running, Jogging, Swimming, Rope Jumping) and do it daily for 30-40 minutes.

At starting, Do it for 20 minutes but make your goal for the daily 40-minute exercise session.

In this Plan of weight loss tips in Urdu, Exercise is not the choice it’s compulsory if you want’s to see the faster results.Go for it daily without listening to your own excuses.

9: Drink Coffee or Green Tea

Green Tea and Coffee have the beneficial amount of caffeine that can surely help you in boosting your metabolism and your body will start burning the more calories in a natural way.

But the results will be double if you drink your cup of coffee or green tea after the session of your exercise as now it’s affecting your body instantly and as the result, you can see a difference in burning your calories.

It is also clear that drinking too much of coffee or green tea may harm your body, I mean 2 cups in a day is a good amount both for your body and for achieving your weight loss goals in the desired time.

I am not going to explain it in further detail as I have already written an ultimate guide to using green tea for weight loss.

10: Daily Morning Walk

When you are trying to lose weight quickly with these weight loss tips in Urdu then it must be noticed that you don’t have to miss a single chance for burning your calories, Sure you are already doing your exercise session daily.

But when you are consistent with your exercise routine, Now it’s time to start a morning walk that is both beneficial for your health and burning some more calories before getting into the routine of your day.

You will also burn some extra calories easily you have gained last night with your meal.

So, It’s better to start a little morning walk session may be at your home or nearest park just for 10-15 minutes that will surely help you in seeing the results quickly.

11: Be consistent with diet and Exercises

Let’s Imagine a scenario that you are already eating low calories diet and doing your favorite cardio exercise daily but still not seeing the major results you are actually expecting, then what?

For some People these weight loss tips in Urdu showing results in less time and for others it will take some patience and time for displaying the results because different bodies have different time periods to show the results but I am just saying that don’t ever break your routine of diet and exercise even you are not seeing any results in the early days.

When you will be consistent with your routine of both diet and exercise, Sooner or Later you are going to see the results.

So, without thinking about the results keep maintaining your this routine and the results must be there in some time.

How to Lose Weight in Ramadan 2018


Do you also think Ramadan can help you in losing much weight?

The answer is Yes if you are not going to drink the bucket of Rooh Afza every day…

And following this simple, how to lose weight in Ramadan plan designed by me for you, yeah you…

I am going to tell you the complete tactics here that already worked for me and my cute fat friends for losing enough weight during Ramadan last year.

But the thing is you have to be consistent with your routine…okay?

So, without further discussions let’s jump to our easy weight loss tips in Ramadan.

How to Lose Weight in Ramadan 2018:

Eat simple in Sehri:

I mean you don’t need to make the special parathas loaded with oil and also the plate of beef or chicken that most of my friends following, you know why?

Because they thought without heavy Sehri they are going to starve to the death till 4 PM.

It’s actually not… Sure, you will face the hunger for first 3-4 days then you will be fine with your simple eating routines…

But what you should eat in Sehri?

You simply need to make 2-3 traditional roti’s and eat it with the dish of vegetable without any kind of meat added in it, sound fair?

Okay,…you could also eat the plate of yogurt and drink Lassi but without any cream and be adding much sugar.

Believe me or not, Sugar is your biggest enemy and you have to avoid adding it to your diet as much as possible.

So, you are done with your simple Sehri without much sugar and cream.

Control yourself in Iftaar:

When you are trying to lose weight in Ramadan, make sure your iftar routine is in your control.

I mean the items loaded with oil and calories on the sheet are not for you, don’t put your eye on those items including Samosa, Pakora, fries and more…

As I have already mentioned above that sugar and oil are your enemies, so don’t eat these kinds of products just for some taste…

Oh, I forgot the bloody Rooh Afza who is acting like the water from heaven on the sheet but actually going to fill your body with sugar and sugar.

So, I think now you understand which things on the iftar sheet are not for you…

Then What Should you eat in Iftar?

I stopped you from eating some traditional Ramadan products but that never means now your iftar diet is going to be very much bored.

You can start with fruit chat but again without adding cream and sweet fluids, homemade simple fruit chat without additional products is recommended.

Also, it’s better to drink the simple water and cup of milk without cream and much sugar in it.

Your family members are going to taunt you on refusing to drink the Rooh Afza but you have to stop drinking this for seeing the big results.

For solid food, you can eat the roti’s with special vegetables cooked by your mother or yourself.

Yes, you can also eat the rice but make sure you are not eating chicken/beef with rice.

Believe me or not, the items loaded with sugar and oil are not only making you fat but also dangerous for your health especially in iftar when your stomach is empty.

So, Also feel free to eat your special fruits in the iftar for getting much energy in fewer calories but it’s better to not consider banana in your favorite list because it increases fats too.

If you can follow this simple iftar diet then you are going to see the big results after some weeks.

Be ready for exercise after Maghrib:

As you can see in this weight loss tips in Ramadan method, I am not restricting your diet to only some fruits and roti’s but after Maghrib, you need to do some exciting workouts.

But first, let me tell you…

Why this lose weight in Ramzan method will surely work for you?

If you are not eating the excessive sugar, creams, and oil in your diet then it means you are not gaining any extra calories and even burning the old calories during fast.

But after eating iftar if you are not going to do some workouts your body will gain enough calories because I believe that we may skip some products but we are not able to eat less in iftar.

So, if you are doing these exercises I am going to share with you here just for some time then you are forcing your body to burn the extra calories and fats.

Let’s get back to our point…

Which exercises did you need to do?

I am not going to suggest you join the gym from day first because it’s not even possible for us if you were not doing exercise before.

So, normally people join the gym and after 5 days they say it’s very difficult with fasting I will do it after Eid and that never came…

Don’t be like that…okay?

You just need to select your favorite exercise from cardio like running, walking, jogging, rope jumping and cycling and do it at your nearest park just for 40 minutes…

Sound’s interesting?

Listen to me, if you are going to your job or college during Ramadan then you need to start from 20-minute exercise because 40 minutes session can make you tired at starting.

But if you are free then start from 40-minutes and after some days increase the time, here’s how…

After selecting your favorite cardio exercise, Wear your trouser and joggers and do it straight for 40 minutes, you have to take the very small breaks

Like if you are doing the running which is my favorite then after 1 round you just have to take the break for 1 minute because you need the high-intensity exercise and long breaks will never help.

So, after 4-5 days when your body is used to it then increase your session time to 50 minutes and so on…

Last time my maximum time was 1:20 minutes and believe me it was fun for me every day with a new target.

If you are following this simple cardio exercise plan then you are going to burn enough calories for big weight loss in Ramadan.

But again I must say if you will start with large time session you will end up leaving your exercise, so your plan will start small and go big.

Plan after exercise Session:

As I have already shared with you, our weight loss diet plan in Ramadan but the problem is when you will get home after exercise you will feel very hungry.

That never means now you can eat the solid foods or drink some fruit shakes…here’s your plan

After 1-2 hours of your exercise session, you can eat the one roti with vegetable so you can sleep easily.

You can also eat your favorite fruits that time but make sure you are not eating too much for saving your hunger for Sehri too.

I must mention here that please don’t use the soft drinks and eat the chips like Lays or other market foods at night.

After eating something, it’s green tea time which will work like the icing on the cake for your weight loss in Ramadan.

You simply need to make the one cup of green tea without adding any sugar and drink it after the exercise session. It will help you in burning the more and more calories at night.

You may also try some other weight loss drinks for burning calories.

So, now you know our complete weight loss tips in Ramadan for quick weight loss in Ramadan.

Please don’t go outside for Iftar:

Last time I noticed that it was the biggest problem for me while trying to lose weight in Ramzan.

No matter it’s the family or friends call, try your best to skip it. You can use any other line if I’m on diet looks odd.

But what’s the reason? You must be saying with your eyebrows up

As I have already mentioned above and explained on this blog before that all the items from the market or from hotels are totally loaded with calories and oil.

Also, they are going to present you with sugar filled juices and drinks which can ruin your efforts of following these weight loss tips during Ramadan.

But if it’s not possible to refuse your special ones from taking you outside then be careful while you are selecting the items from the table.

You can taste some items but in very less amount or just rely on the fruit chat and some other natural items.

I know doing iftar outside for the 1-2 time in a month is not going to make you full fat but the biggest problem is that it will disturb your eating and calories burning plan.

Now I think you will take care of these things when next time you are going to any special iftar.

What to Do after Eid? Bonus Tips

I know when you will be following these simple weight loss tips in Ramadan then before Eid you will see the big difference in your weight.

But what if you need to lose more weight?

When you initiated the weight loss process during Ramadan then you will face some problems in normal routine because this plan is very much easier than normal weight loss plans.

Why? Because of the time between 12 PM to 8 PM, We eat the maximum calories, especially during the summer season.

So, I have already shared some working weight loss guides here before and you can also follow these simple methods for taking care of your weight.

1: Eat the high protein breakfast like eggs, bread or protein fruits.

2: At lunch, you need to eat the vegetables only and like before skipping the meat as much as possible.

3: At dinner, you also need to eat the vegetables or the little meat touch but not the chicken.

4: Keep doing the cardio exercise just for 30 minutes daily because we don’t have much time in normal routines.

5: Also you have to keep drinking the green tea after your exercise sessions.

6: Don’t drink sugar items like juices, soft drinks from the market because it increases our hunger and we end up eating heavy foods.

7: Also stop yourself as much as possible from outside items especially the fast foods including pizza, burger those are loaded with oil and oil.

Note: If you can just follow these simple tips for losing weight then believe me in a matter of months you can achieve the desired weight loss goals of yours without joining the gym and starving all day.

These tips will work slowly because you are eating 3 times but will work for sure and naturally so you will never feel that I am on a strict diet plan.

Final Words:

As I have already answered your question that how to lose weight in Ramadan but it will only work if you are consistent with your routine.

Believe me, if you are not leaving bad eating habits in Ramadan and trying to lose weight with running then it’s not possible at all.

So, simply save this complete plan somewhere in your pocket device and follow these easy weight loss tips during Ramadan both for your diet and exercise and soon be ready for the amazing results.

Which method are you going to use in Ramadan for losing weight? Let me know in the comments…

Dalchini for Weight Loss in Urdu

Besides Losing weight with using low-calories diet and doing smart exercise session…

People also want’s to know the secret of using Dalchini for weight loss in Urdu.

The truth is that if you are trying to lose weight even faster or easier then natural foods and exercise are best and easy choices for you.

But when you are already taking low-calories diet and consistent with your exercise routine than using Dalchini for weight loss is a perfect choice.

Because It will help you in burning more calories by decreasing your blood Sugar, boosting your metabolism and controlling your insulin levels, Here’s how:

Dalchini for weight loss in Urdu (Audio)

How Dalchini (Cinnamon) Helps in Weight Loss?

Dalchini is a super food and may easily available at your home due to its various use in the recipes, Here are some of its properties that can help you in losing weight

By Decreasing Your Blood Sugar Level:

When we eat a meal our body converts the available carbohydrates to blood sugar which is absolutely the main source of our energy.

Blood sugar levels gives us a message that how much hungry or full we are feeling. It also determines that whether we are going to lose or gain weight.

So, Blood sugar level plays a major role in losing weight and Dalchini helps us in decreasing the sugar level by controlling the Insulin.

When you are using dalchini with your diet you’re already controlling your blood sugar level.

By Boosting Your Metabolism:

Experts said it in this way that you can lose more weight by tricking your body into burning more calories with fewer efforts.

So Dalchini heats up your body and boosts the metabolism and now you are actually burning more calories with your physical activities than before.

It’s perfect for people doing a small session of the exercise while using Dalchini for weight loss because the results will be double.

By Reducing your Belly Fat:

There is a compound called polyphenol present in it which is an antioxidant helps in decreasing the development of fat cells and can reduce fat tissues in our body.

It will affect on your body’s abdominal fat which is obviously present in our belly area that also contains the much fat than other areas.

In a Nutshell: It will help you in burning belly fat due to useful compounds present in it.

By Controlling your Appetite:

There is a mineral called Chromium present in Dalchini which can help you in normalize your blood sugar level and controlling your appetite that will make you feel full instead of hunger.

You will obviously end up with eating less than before because your hunger is much less than before that you can satisfy with normal fruits or low-calorie meal.

By Killing Bad Bacteria:

There are many anti-bacterial properties present in the Dalchini that can surely help you in getting rid of bad bacteria which may cause problem in between your digestion system.

So It will kill that bacteria and make your digestion system working fine and making sure that you are not gaining any extra calories now.

How to Use Dalchini For Weight Loss?

As you have already read that Dalchini (Cinnamon) have many properties that fight against your extra weight and fat but it’s only possible if you are using it in a right way, Otherwise, don’t bother we are already using it in many recipes but didn’t get any results.

Here are some methods that you can apply while using Cinnamon for weight loss because it may never work if you are already eating high calories food and drinking soft drinks on the daily basis.

So If you want’s to see the results faster then make sure you are eating low calories diet and doing exercise daily.

As I have already mentioned that for losing weight perfect diet plan and exercise session is compulsory.These super foods just work like Icing on the Cake.

Mix Dalchini (Cinnamon) with water for Weight Loss:

1: Take 1,2 Cinnamon sticks and boil it with a cup of a water.

2: Now Filter the Cinnamon water and allow it for cool down.

3: Drink it before your breakfast for better results.

Sprinkle Dalchini on Your Food:

You can Sprinkle it on your food if the taste is not acceptable in the water, however, it also has same effects while using it with meals, But the best one is sprinkling a spoon of cinnamon on your breakfast for a better day with low calories.

1: Take 2 teaspoons of Cinnamon and sprinkle it on your breakfast e.g Egg

2: Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of Cinnamon on your favorite Fruits before eating.

Mix Dalchini with Normal Tea or Coffee:

You may also a tea or coffee lover and now you can make your tea more special for losing weight by just adding 2 spoons of Dalchini in it for better day or night.

Simply take 2 teaspoons of Ground Cinnamon and add it in your tea while cooking on the burner.

Dalchini and Honey in Water for Weight Loss:

You may already hear about it somewhere because it’s a working recipe of cinnamon for weight loss, If you are listening to it from me then here’s how can you use it…

1: Boil a cup of water and then add 2 teaspoons of Dalchini in it.

2: Mix it and boil it for another 2 minutes.

3: Allow to cool for some time.

4: Now Add a teaspoon of Honey in your Boiled Dalchini Water.

5: Best time for drinking this recipe is before taking breakfast or before getting slept.


No Doubt, Losing weight with Dalchini is possible but it’s a super food that will only effects well if you’re already following proper weight loss diet plan and going for your exercise daily, Then If you are using Dalchini for weight loss you’re on right track.

Otherwise, It will only show little results that you may not able to see on the weight test machine and you will make yourself more depress this time that by saying that “this recipe is also not working for me”.

In a Nutshell: You need to leave your bad eating habits and start eating low calories food with exercise session if you want’s to see the major results with Cinnamon, At least Go for a walk daily before taking breakfast.

Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People in Urdu

AHH, The Laziness will give us Life loss one day !!

I know everyone wants to be fit but some of us don’t have enough time and others are very lazy that they also like to order for Water Glass…then how exercise ??

Believe me, You can still lose weight by just making some minor changes in your daily life routine and maintaining it at daily…

If you also like to watch Movies and TV shows while lying on the bed you might also observe a thing that most of the time soon or later Hero will be the winner.

You may notice that there are two type of heroes in Movies;
One is having the cool Body and always ready for the Missions, Fight and Travel and is also very motivated and consistent for his work.

The other one is just chilling somewhere and planning everything from there because he’s smart enough to complete the Mission without moving anywhere.

The Same thing is applied to our Fitness, Some people are Going to Gym for workouts and very consistent with their routine and other ones are just smart enough to manage their meals in a way that they are losing weight and getting fit without any extra efforts.

You may already tired of hearing that You need a strict diet Plan and heavy exercise session for losing weight, It’s actually not…Get ready for our alternative weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips in Urdu for Lazy People (Audio):

Make your Diet Smart Like Yourself:

I guess that you don’t like the exercise or you may don’t even know the feel of exercise and If you are not doing any workout and eating fearlessly and want’s to lose weight then it’s impossible…

I mean you are not even doing a single physical activity and eating more calories or gaining more weight and fats…

But If you don’t want to start any exercise then make your Diet Plan very smart that you start losing weight without spending hours at Gym…Yes it’s possible mate

Now, Your Smart diet only includes the vegetables and fruits in it because it’s very easy to digest this kind of natural foods.

As I have already told you that there are two choices eat high calories food and burn daily at Gym or secondly eat low calories food and do a very little cardio exercise at nearest Park, and we are actually following the second one.

So Now you have to stop eating junk foods including Fast Foods, Spicy Biryani, Chicken Roast etc…and just eat delicious homemade vegetable recipes without making any excuses.

Don’t Imagine You are on Diet:

Uff, This is the biggest problem I heard from the people that they are not able to control their self from eating market foods. Let me tell you one story

If you go to Doctor and he says that for 3-4 days you are not eating any spicy foods, From that time you heard that you are restricted from spicy foods, you want’s to eat every food with bit more spice in it…

Same the matter is here, If you start thinking that you aren’t able to eat Pizza, Burger etc while following this plan then you will surely break the rule very early…

But if you just say to yourself that I am eating vegetables these days and will eat your favorite fast food at the end of the week, then It will be perfect and will work in a way you actually needs.

It will surely motivate you to achieve your weight loss goals and restricts from eating Junk Foods.

Maintain Your Routine:

Eating vegetables in your meals is not just for some days even you need to follow this Plan until you have achieved the desired goals, Let’s think it in this way…

When people are eating fast foods most of them are convincing their self that I am not going to gain more weight just with this Pizza, Now you have to apply the opposite to yourself…

I mean eat the vegetables in Lunch and Dinner and think like just these meals are not going to help me lose much weight, So I have to eat more vegetables and fruits like I did with fast foods.

This is motivating some of my friends and might also work for you, But if you have some better plan for motivating yourself to maintain your routine because the Goal here is to maintain your diet routine to vegetables and fruits only…

Give a Try to Cardio Exercise:

I know you don’t like the exercise, but when you have already maintained your diet routine to low-calories food then now you are not gaining any extra weight and your body is actually ready for burning the old calories…

Simply, Get ready some day for a very little session of exercise after you have a good routine of eating low-calories diet, Okay !!

Now select the Cardio exercise in which you are more interested from Running, Jogging, Rope Jumping, Cycling and do it for 10-15 minutes and don’t exceed this time…

Because your body is not actually used to it and you will get the tiredness at next day, but go for your exercise session at the selected time and do again for 10-15 minutes.

Soon you will start liking your exercise because you will feel that now you are losing weight quickly, Now you can increase your session time slowly and reach the 30-40 minutes of running or cycling daily….

In this way, You can achieve your weight loss goals if you’re very lazy and don’t want to follow any strict diet plans or doing heavy exercises at Gym.

This plan is working a little bit slowly but perfectly for most of my friends that’s why I think it will work for you too…

Remember, Smart People are also very quick Action takers so without further thinking, Start Following this from today or tomorrow !!

Isabgol for Weight Loss: Here’s how to Use it?

Listen I will tell you how to use Isabgol for weight loss…

But firstly, I have a bad news for you that you are not able to achieve your weight loss goals by just using items like isabgol and ajwain.

I mean it can help you in burning some more calories but for losing weight you need to start the exciting routine that can help you in burning enough calories.

Sounds Good? Let me tell you the complete plan for losing weight in less time…

The story of weight loss is that if you are eating fewer calories and burning more calories than you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Otherwise, you are just playing like gaining weight and then burning those calories and claiming that why I am not losing weight even after doing exercise daily.

I know it’s not very easy but it’s also not very difficult if you have decided to lose weight that I noticed from your searches of isabgol for weight loss.

Without getting you angry let’s jump to our actual Plan…

How to Use Isabgol for Weight Loss?

Start Eating Natural Foods:

You know why using isabgol for weight loss will help? because it can help your digestion system in digesting the food quickly…

But if you are eating fast foods like burger, Pizza, Nuggets, and Biryani full with oil then what cute isabgol can do for you?

So, for losing weight the first rule is that you have to eat low calories food that your digestion system can digest easily without exercise.

I mean if you are using isabgol for weight loss while eating low calories foods then it can faster than you think.

Now, what the heck are Low calories food? You’re saying

The simplest introduction of low calories food is the products that our digestion system can easily digest without any physical activity.

I also call it the natural foods which grown up only for humans and have very low calories including vegetables, fruits, and nuts without any further processing.

So if you are eating just vegetables and fruits in your meals and skipping the fast foods and other oily products then you can easily lose weight because you are not gaining any new calories now.

Most of the people after listening that vegetables are good for losing weight decide to shift their diets towards natural foods but after some days again start eating junk foods.

But you are smart and not going to make this mistake, right?

So when you have decided to lose weight then stick with your diet plan of eating vegetables in your meals and fruits in your snacks until you have achieved your desired results.

If you are eating vegetables and fruits in much amount then don’t worry because these are low calories food and you can also control it after some time, Also here is the best diet plan for weight loss I have already provided.

Now use Isabgol for Weight Loss:

As I have already mentioned above that when you are eating vegetables and fruits half of your job is done and your body is ready for losing some weight.

But for burning some more calories now you can use isabgol for weight loss because it has the ability to boost your digestion system.

Many American studies have already proved that isabgol has the ability to help you in digesting the food more quickly and also considered as one of the best weight loss drinks.

So you can use isabgol for weight loss in this way:

1: Simply take one spoon of isabgol with water at morning before breakfast daily.

2: You can also mix isabgol with yogurt and eat it in your breakfast.

3: You can also use isabgol with water before sleeping for better digestion.

Note: Select one routine from above three and keep using isabgol for weight loss daily while eating low calories food for seeing the best results.

Start Exciting Physical Activities Now:

I am repeating the sentence again and again that using isabgol for weight loss is useless if you are not eating low calories food for stopping your body from gaining more calories.

But its common sense that if you are not gaining more calories than your weight will almost stop there or you may burn some old calories with daily life physical activities.

So, for burning your old fats or calories you need to start doing some weight loss exercises daily. It will help your body to burn all those calories because you don’t have any new calories now.

I am not saying that you need to spend hours in the gym daily but you just have to do your favorite exercise for 25-30 minutes at your nearest park.

Simply select your favorite cardio exercise from running, jogging, rope jumping and cycling and perform it daily for 30 minutes, believe me, it can skyrocket your weight loss.

I must say that when you are following your exercise plan don’t skip it. I mean if you are busy then do it for 10 minutes or 5 minutes but don’t break your routine.

Now you are actually using isabgol for weight loss in the right way.

Final Suggestions for using Isabgol for Weight Loss:

Now you realized that isabgol is just a product which can help your digestion system in digesting the low calories food which can ultimately help you in weight loss.

It’s actually a three steps process: Eat the low calories food, Eat isabgol for digesting food quickly and do some exercise for burning your old calories.

You can also read some easy and detailed weight loss tips here for improving your results.

So which products and routines you are following for weight loss? Let’s discuss in the comments below…

Weight Loss Tips for Hips in Urdu

Hips Fat is the most irritating thing and may be ruining your Beauty, I can Understand !!!

When it comes to fat, Hips and thighs are actually welcoming the extra fat to stay here especially in women which are very uncomfortable and unattractive.

If you want’s to lose weight from hips then here is some weight loss tips in Urdu for Hips and you also need to choose overall weight loss reduction methods instead of just looking for the hips loss tips.

Let me explain you: If you are just doing exercise to reduce hips, It may lead you to some weight loss but those burned fats are coming back soon due to your incomplete treatment and your bad eating habits.

But if you want’s to burn extra fat from hips completely then you need to change your diet plan, start a small exercise daily and some other minor changes in your daily routines.

Here’s How to lose weight from hips Naturally, Let’s start

Weight Loss Tips in Urdu for Hips:

Stop Eating Extra Calories Food:

Everyone teaches you to start eating low calories food, But first of all, you need to eliminate the extra calories food from your eating routine.Simply write down the foods you have eaten last 3 days.

After writing the last 3 days foods or products that you eat in your normal routine, Now mark the fast foods and high calories food including Biryani, Qorma, Paye or other related items.

These marked items are actually high calories food that is giving you fat on the daily basis without cheating.

First of all, stop eating these marked foods. In my case, these foods are Pizza, Shawarma, Burger, Nuggets, and Biryani that I have left eating and lost enough weight by just doing this.

If you could also stop eating these marked items in your daily routine you will start seeing the results of these weight loss tips in Urdu for Hips soon.

When It comes to drinking, You also need to stop taking the Coca-Cola, Fanta, Shezan, Sprite or other juices or soft drinks that are totally loaded with much sugar as possible and delivering you calories secretly by just increasing your hunger.

In other words, these juices and soft drinks are actually helping you in eating more by increasing your hunger.

Start Eating Low Calories Food:

The second step of reducing hips is started eating natural foods that are easy to digest and burn, But don’t come to this step if you haven’t stop eating fast foods and other high calories one, Otherwise it’s not going to work in a way we are actually trying to follow…

So, You only have to use vegetables in your meals and fruits in your snacks because these foods are easily digestible with your digestion system and will never give you extra fats and your hips and thighs will stop gaining any extra weight now.

Actually, you need to eat 4 Pieces of bread with Egg at morning, Your favorite vegetable in the Lunch with 1 Roti and then another vegetable at your Dinner table and If you feel hungry in between the meals then feel free to eat fruits instead of ordering from nearest Hotel.

This weight loss diet will surely increase the results of these simple weight loss tips in Urdu for Hips.

Eat Less than 500 Calories and Drink More Water:

When you are already eating your favorite vegetables and fruits Now it’s time to only eat the 500 calories even you are on a Special meal or going out with your family but don’t want to use the sick sentence “I’m on Diet”.

Simply choose a small plate for eating as the study suggests that people using small plates eat less automatically. Secondly, don’t eat when you are not feeling hungry for a meal and fill your system with your favorite fruits.

No matter you are trying to lose weight from hips or stomach you always need to drink enough water as you can and visit the bathroom early than before, It will surely boost your this plan of weight loss tips in Urdu for hips.

Because water is not only boosting your metabolism but can also help you in fast digestion and makes you feel full so you never eat extra calories and will digest your food.

At least make your water glass count double and always drink water before your meals and fill one glass for drinking it after your meal, It will surely help you in grabbing the results as fast as possible.

Exercise for Hips at Home:

When you are done dealing with your Diet routine now it’s time to force your body to lose some weight from hips by doing exercise for hips reduction.

As I have already discussed that if you are only doing hip weight loss exercises without filtering the Junk Food from your diet plan then any hip exercises for women are not going to show you major weight loss from hips.

But Now these hip weight loss exercises will surely help you in seeing the big results because you are already on a low-calories food and these workouts for hips surely going to burn your old calories you have gained before, Here We Go:

Lifting Your Hips Upward:

1: Lay Down the ground by putting your arms straight to the Ground and face up towards the ceiling.

2: Now slowly lift up your hips and extend your left leg straight towards the wall.

3: When your leg is full straight towards the wall, Now move it further left at 90 degrees and then came back to your situation of step 2.

4: Do 15 times moving your straight leg towards left then back to straight position.

Chair Position (Squats):

chair position hip squat

1: Stand straight and place your hands straight towards the wall, make sure there is a gap between your feets.

2: Sit down like you are sitting on the chair by putting your weight on heels, your hips must be pushed behind you and now go down as much as possible or your thighs are parallel with the ground.

3: Now stop for some time while your things are parallel with the ground, Now come back to your starting position or step 1 and go again for chair position, Do this for 15 times after some break of 1st exercise.

Note: If you are doing it at the daily basis then it will increase the results of your this weight loss tips in Urdu for hips plan very easily.

External Hip Raises:

external hip raises squat

1: Lay Down the ground and move towards the right side with your arm settled below your head and another arm on your thigh.

2: Keep your legs straight and raise your upper leg upwards slowly and then get back in the prior position or step 1, Do this for 15 minutes straight after exercise 2.

3: After 15 moves change the side and do the same with other leg or while you’re lying on left side.


These are some best natural hips loss tips that you can use to easily lose weight from hips by just making minor changes in your diet and doing these hip exercises for women at home, But the important thing for getting the results is consistency.

Being consistent is very important in following any Plan, If you are not seeing any results in early days keep following it because the results differ in different individuals.Hope it helps you with your question weight loss tips in Urdu for hips and if you still facing any problems I’ll be happy to answer you in the comments section below as soon as possible.

Weight Loss Diet Plan in Urdu for Everyone

Perfect weight loss diet plan in Urdu is one that can work for everyone in Losing Weight…

Sure, If you are eating less you will start losing weight very easily but we all know that it’s very difficult to stop yourself from eating our favorite products…

There are also many other problems while we try to follow any diet plan for weight loss on the daily basis, Like:

If you are eating less and sacrificing your favorite products then you will expect the weight loss results very soon…

If you are eating very less then after some time of not seeing results you will start eating the calories again…

These are some common mistakes that people make while trying to lose extra weight because diet plans do not work like TV Channel Ads tell you that “Lose weight in 10 Days”.

If some pills help in losing weight believe me that is not natural and will surely lead you to other health issues that are not written on the tablet’s box.

So, when you are looking for a weight loss diet plan in Urdu then it’s compulsory that It will match with your daily routine and you never feel like I’m on diet.

Weight Loss Diet Plan in Urdu for Everyone:

Here, I will tell you a diet plan that will surely help you in losing weight plus it will be very cool to follow this Plan.

Set Your Meal Timings with Routine:

Most of us are not eating with proper time and that really leads us to overeat.

Some People are skipping the breakfast due to hurry for work and then eating extra at the Lunch.

Some people are not eating Lunch and at dinner, they eat maximum calories with snacks at night.

Some People are eating dinner right before sleeping or skip it.

Sure, Eating less is effective weight loss tips but it never ever means that start skipping your meals because you will never believe that in your next meal you are actually eating 3 meals calories, yeah that’s true…

Instead of skipping the meals you only have to find your weak point that which meal you are skipping any why on the daily basis and solve your problem and start eating at that time.

If you are skipping breakfast then try waking up early, if skipping lunch due to work then manage to eat at least something for lunch and try eating the dinner before 2-3 hours of sleeping regularly.

Your first step is very simple that find that one meal skipping reason and then solve it as early as possible because that’s actually helping you in eating more and more…

Set Your Meals Recipes:

When you are eating properly 3 times a day now it’s time to shift the junk foods with healthy and low-calories products…

Simply, have a look at your last week eating schedule and find the Junk foods like Pizza, Shawarma, Burger, Nuggets etc…

Now In this week, your goal is to eat less these foods and eat more vegetables and fruits in your diet with healthy breakfast.

Like, try to eat breakfast of 2,3 pieces of bread with egg and tea and then vegetables in lunch and dinner cooked at home.

If you are still eating “Burgers” it’s okay….but try your best to shift your diet towards vegetable and fruits, I mean vegetables in meals and fruits for removing the extra hunger.

In your next week, Decrease the number of fast foods and other filled with oil and try sticking your diet with Vegetables that are cooked by your favorite chef at home.

Your Goals is to maintain your diet 3 times a day on vegetables and fruits as soon as possible, but don’t try to do this too early. It will be best weight loss diet plan in Urdu on Internet for you.

Set Special Days for Special Foods:

To be honest, we all know that we can’t live without the delicious flavor of Zinger Burger or Chicken Pizza.

So, when you are eating vegetables set a day or two in the week for eating your special food in normal quantity but don’t break the rules…

But if you have eaten the fast food due to your friend or family on any other day then skip the special food day because you have already eaten one.

In this way, you can maintain your routine around vegetables and fruits and that will surely help your body to start burning calories.

Set Your Running/Walking Days:

When you are all set with your diet plan that never means that your body will start losing weight quickly…

Actually, Your body is now ready for burning calories even with the low-intensity exercises like walking and running.

Now, You have to decide the 4 days in a week when you are free for 30-40 minutes at evening or morning and start doing exercise on those days.

If you have skipped one day due to some work then you can do it on any other day, It will be perfect if you are doing 4 days exercise continuously like Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

But again I am saying that you don’t have to start doing exercise before you have set up your meal plans according to the proper routine.

So, Now you are following proper weight loss diet plan in Urdu and will surely get the results very soon without teasing yourself with a strict diet or heavy exercise.

But I must say that if you are not seeing results in the early days keep maintaining your Diet and Exercise routine you will surely see the results as better things take time.

Also, Smart People are very fast at taking actions so I hope that you will start following this simple weight loss diet plan in Urdu instead of thinking again and again and again.

Natural Weight Loss Tips in Urdu

There are many weight loss tips that you can use to lose weight but it’s best to lose weight naturally instead of using some pills and weight loss foods…

I always try my best to convince the people that all those weight loss products are fake and will just affect you for some time, then you are going to get the worse body shape…

But, If you are losing weight naturally then it may take time but you are saying goodbye to those fat for always !!

So, It’s better to lose weight by using natural methods.You just have to be consistent with your routine and you will see the results very clearly.

Here are some best Natural Weight Loss Tips in Urdu that you can use to lose your weight very easily…

Natural Weight Loss Tips in Urdu (Audio):

These natural weight loss tips are actually proved by many kinds of research and there is no side effect of these products because all are natural ones.

Start Eating Protein Foods:

It is considered as one of the best Natural weight loss tips in Urdu that you have to start eating proteins as much as possible in your diets.

Actually, Your body starts burning the calories when it’s digesting the protein foods and that’s why proteins can boost your metabolism easily.

You can eat protein rich foods like whole Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Fish (salmon) and Nuts.Also, don’t eat too much but add these in your diet routine.

Stop Eating Fast Foods:

Fast foods and other processed foods that are made quickly after your order are loaded with sugars, fats, oil, and calories.

They are gifting you the calories and also increasing the hunger for next meals (you can feel after eating fast foods).Our digestion system is not very smart to digest these foods completely without heavy workouts.

So, stop eating fast foods as soon as possible if you are trying to lose weight it will be a big achievement.

Start Eating Vegetables:

Your aim is to kick the processed foods from your Diet plan and add the fresh natural vegetables and fruits in it.

Start eating vegetables cooked at home especially whole vegetables Beetroot, Bell peppers, Cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, Green peas, Potatoes, Spinach.

You can also add your other favorite vegetables but try to cook in less oil or without adding chicken in it.

Eat Less Sugar:

We are eating too much sugar and studies show that eating much sugar increase your hunger and also leads to some serious problems like type 2 Diabetes.

Actually, You may be adding less sugar in your tea and coffee but the products from the market are actually loaded with sugar like Ice cream, Soft Drinks, and other sweeteners.

When you are following these simple natural weight loss tips in Urdu then try to avoid eating the sweet products from the market because those are actually increasing your hunger.

Drink Too much Water:

When you are trying to lose weight naturally it’s compulsory that you have to start drinking water as much as you can because it can easily boost your metabolism and your body will start burning the calories.

If possible, drink the cold water because your body burn some more calories for getting it back to the body temperature.

If you are drinking 8-9 Glass daily then start drinking 12-13 glass and also drink the water before meals and after eating the meal you must have a space of 1 Glass.

Again I am saying that It’s very important to drink a lot of water and visit your washroom early.

Drink Green Tea and Coffee:

Green tea is also beneficial for weight loss because studies show that there are many antioxidants present in it which may help in burning fat.

You can also have a cup of coffee daily but without adding cream and sugar to it, there is a suitable amount of caffeine present in it which helps you in burning calories by boosting your metabolism.

Eat Fruits and Nuts for Snacks:

When you are trying to lose weight and following any weight loss plan then you needs to clear yourself that it never means to eat less and face hunger.

In fact, you have to eat but only the natural foods for satisfying your hunger and also for losing some fats.

So, whenever you feel hungry eat your favorite fruits (except Banana because it’s a solid fruit).You only need to take care that you are not overeating.

Same applied to the nuts that you can use for your snack times instead of ordering nuggets or Pizza at the night for satisfying your tummy.

Sleep for a Good Time:

If you are not sleeping properly then it may lead you to not burning enough calories even you are eating items listed above…

According to a research if you are not sleeping for 7-8 hours daily then you may face obesity and weight gain.

So, Get a proper sleep even in your busy routines for better health and body shape.

Brush Teeth after Eating:

Many people are brushing their teeth for stopping their self from eating more snacks or extra foods after the meal.

Because after brushing you don’t have any feel for eating and the fast of food is also not very good after brushing your teeth.

So, it’s best to brush your teeth after eating your meals, especially after the Dinner because most of us eat the snacks at the night.

Start Doing Exercise Daily:

When you are all set with your diet routine now it’s time to start a little exercise session for 15-20 minutes daily for burning the more calories.

You may start a cardio exercise like Running, Jogging, Rope Jumping and cycling for 15-20 minutes at the starting.

When the time passes and you are regular with your exercise routine now you can increase the time of your exercise session slowly for burning the enough calories.

Be Consistent with your Routine:

When you are following these natural weight loss tips in Urdu then It’s okay…If you are eating unhealthy foods at the special events or not going for exercise due to busy routine but don’t leave it forever…

I know that weight loss is not a very quick process without strict diet plans and heavy workouts but you can still lose weight with this routine.

So, In the beginning, if you are not seeing the big results it’s okay…but keep doing your routine because soon you are going to see the surprising results and I am sure you will start telling the technique to your friends.

Be patient, and keep following these simple weight loss tips !!
If you have any issues or I am saying anything wrong you can mention it in the comments section below, I will be happy to join you there…

Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

You can still lose weight if you don’t have enough time for exercise or Joining Gym…

We don’t have enough time for maintaining our fitness due to these shitty routines and our fitness and sleep are the first things come to mind for sacrificing, yeah just for completing our work…

But You can still lose weight and have a fit body just by making little changes in your lifestyle, It’s always better to do something instead of waiting for the free time in our routines…

You can do these 3 simple steps for losing weight not quickly but you will start seeing the results very soon without even doing hard exercise and facing hunger…

Yeah, It’s that easy but you have to be consistent with these little changes in your routines…

Let’s GO:

Weight Loss Tips for Busy People in Urdu (Audio):


Step 1: Slowly Shift Your Diet to Natural Foods:

When it comes to weight loss the first step is to make your diet stomach friendly, you have to eat the products that you can digest easily without spending hours at the Gym…

If you are eating Burger, Shawarma, Nuggets and other fast foods in your meals then it’s very difficult to lose weight without doing heavy workouts.So, you have to shift your diet to some natural foods.

But which Natural Foods? You’re saying with your eyebrows Up…

Actually, the natural foods are one which grows up for humans and used without processing such as Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts…

I know it’s very hard to stop eating delicious foods from the market but this time you have to do this for the sake of your body and fitness…You can easily do this by skipping slowly

Most of the people decide to stop eating junk foods and try to stop their self from day one which never works and they end up by saying “It’s very difficult to stop eating these tasty foods”

But if you are just doing this slowly and skipping one by one like if you are eating Zinger Burger in your lunch because there is nothing at home for you to eat…

You have to solve that problem and available the cooked vegetables at your home so next time you will never have the excuse for eating from the market, Start solving your unhealthy eating habits slowly…

The day is not far when you are just eating tasty vegetables cooked at home in your meals and for removing extra hunger you are just eating fruits and your favorite nuts…

You have to complete this step as soon as possible and it’s not very difficult as I have done this easily by just eating new vegetable recipes cooked by my beloved mother..You may do the same !!!

Your goal is to stop eating fast foods and all other filled with oil especially from the market and just rely on vegetables and fruits, You can eat 3 times daily but only natural foods.

Step2: Exercise 3-4 Days in a Week:

When you have maintained your diet plan with natural foods or now you are not eating any junk foods or other filled with oil and sugar, It’s time to take another step.

Again, I am saying that it’s not compulsory to start this step from day 1.You have to do this slowly and start achieving your little goals easily…

Now, you have to fix 3 or 4 days for doing very little exercise at your nearest park or may be Gym.If you are going at Park you can do the cardio exercise like (Running, Jogging, Rope Jumping).

Select the one cardio exercise that interests you more and start doing it for 15-20 minutes daily for your selected days and with the time passes you can increase the exercise time slowly because your body can now easily afford this…

If you are joining Gym then lift the light weights at your shoulders, Chest and Biceps/triceps for 20-30 minutes at the selected days and you will start seeing the results very soon…

I must say that at your starting days you just have to do your exercise for 15-20 minutes maximum for getting less tired so you will enjoy doing exercise at the next day as well…

When you are in the routine of exercise then you can easily increase the time upto 1 hour of exercise but at starting your goal is to go for exercise at the decided days…

Step 3: Keep Doing Your Routine:

When you are eating natural foods which is also a low-calories diet it’s clear that now you will never gain any weight and your body will start burning the calories with your physical activities…

But after some days when you have started doing your exercise for 3-4 days a week now you are surely burning calories and these exercise will burn more because now you are not eating any high calories diet…

Now your Aim is just to maintain this diet and never eat anything special like Pizza in your routine, but you can eat 1-2 if it’s a family or friends gathering or you just wants to change your taste that day…

I know you already know that you have to maintain your routine but most of the people when never starting seeeing results in the starting they decided to stop following these kind of plans, don’t be like so mean people..

You have to convience to yourself that I am not following any strict diet plan or heavy workout routine that I can start expecting the results very soon…

You will surely see the results but it will take some time and at the end you will win if you never lose your heart and keep following your healty diet and exercise routine…

But if you want’s to see the results very quickly then you may increase your exercise time or start eating more less because these are the only ways working for the people to lose weight…

What you are doing for losing your weight in Busy Routines? or what weight loss tips you are following ? I will be happy to listen from you in the comments section…See you there !!!

Weight Loss Foods in Urdu

There are many websites out there providing you the best weight loss foods but sadly that one’s are not easily Available in Pakistan…

Here I am going to show you the List of weight loss foods in Urdu that are easily available in Pakistan at your nearest Stores.

It must be a highlight that losing weight or gaining weight is all depends on our food, In other words, you are able to control your weight by the foods.

I mean it’s your own choice to eat Donuts full of cream for saving fats in your body or eating your favorite vegetable for not even giving a bit of fat to your body.

Memorizing or writing down the diet plan for weight loss is not the success, The actual issue most of us face during following any weight loss plans is that how you could restrict yourself from eating junk foods or start eating best foods for weight loss in a right way for getting acceptable results.

But, If you don’t want to restrict yourself from eating grains or processed foods including Pizza, Burger, Shawarma, Paratha Roll, Donuts etc then studies show that these weight loss products are not going to help you in any way…

Because you are already giving enough fat to your fat cells for storing it, Thanks for keep helping you in being fat.

These weight loss foods in Urdu listed here will only work if you are not providing your body with extra calories or sugar and eating these low carb diet products for your energy which are zero in fats and carbohydrates.

These are also not going to help your fat cells with by giving some fat, then your body do not have any other solution instead of breaking your fat cells and use it for energy when you are doing physical activities at your home or office, Hope you got my Point.

Without Further reading the importance or instructions of these foods, Let’s have a look at our special weight loss foods list:

Weight Loss Foods in Urdu:

Green vegetables:

These leafy green vegetables including Cabbage, Spinach, Cauliflower, Fenugreek (Methi), Sarson Saag are considered as perfect weight loss foods in Urdu here due to low calories in them.

These are filled with vitamins and you also don’t need to worry about if you are eating 3 times or 4 times while using these leafy green vegetables as your diet of weight loss.

It clearly means that you are not going to hungry at all if you are using these vegetables in your meals instead of eating Biryani just one time which is loaded with both oil and calories.

Eggs for Breakfast:

Eggs are very useful for one struggling with weight loss, But Make sure that you are using Whole Eggs (Desi Andy) because white ones are not actually for you.

Eggs are rich in healthy fats, proteins that you can use in your breakfast for feeling full till your Lunch and never eat extra calories in between this time period because all the nutrients are already available in it.

Also Read: Weight Loss Drinks in Urdu

Boiled White Potatoes:

Most of us think that potatoes are actually used for increasing the fat or weight but these are also the working weight loss foods in Urdu available in Pakistan.

If you are using White Potatoes (Meethy Aloo) without frying according to your taste and only using while boiled, then it’s best for you to gain energy and lose weight.

White boiled Potatoes have nutrients, potassium, resistant starch which makes you feel full by giving you the enough energy to use and you will be safe from eating extra calories.

Vegetables Soup:

Vegetable soup is something interesting that you have to include in your fat burning foods list due to its flavor and benefits.

You just need to collect your chef’s favorite vegetable soup recipes and make it whenever you are feeling hungry…

It will surely satisfy your hunger and may skip your lunch at that time that you have already drunk two bowls of your favorite vegetable soup.

Eat Fruits in your Snacks:

Whenever you are feeling hungry while following a diet for weight loss, It’s best to use fruits instead of ordering Junk food from your nearest Hotel or Shop.

Studies show that fruits are actually helping people struggling with weight loss due to a lot of their properties and also helps one in feeling full and healthy but some of them are highly suggested for weight loss.

Like Avocados and Grapefruits are highly suggested for one trying to lose weight because Avocados are filled with healthy fats, a monosaturated oleic acid which is beneficial for losing weight.Fiber and Potassium are also present in Avocados for not let you eating other foods.

Grapefruits are also one of the perfect for weight loss foods in Urdu because of its various properties and studies show that it can reduce the insulin levels and if you are eating it before your lunch or dinner it will surely help you in eating less and feeling full.

Nuts for Snacks:

According to my rough estimate, If we are living at our home and not living in hostels and flats individually for some reason then we are only eating junk food in our snacks because our home diet plan is smart enough to take care of everyone’s health.

So, If you are living at home and trying to lose weight then you have to take care of your snacks time with healthy eating instead of junk food like eating nuts. Nuts are not just filled with fat but also have the balanced amount of healthy fats, fibers, and proteins.

Almonds are considered as one of the best nuts for one eating the fat burning foods.

Green Tea:

Green Tea is also one of the best weight loss foods in Urdu due to antioxidants and catechins present i it, If you are drinking a cup of green tea with your breakfast or after your dinner or cardio exercise routine.

It will surely burn some more calories and helps you in losing more weight in less time by polishing your efforts of weight loss, Here’s how to use green tea for weight loss.

Boiled Corns:

Most of the People don’t knows that corns are beenficial for losing weight because it is said that it’s increasing your fat but it’s actually not, Studies show that there is a starch present in the corns which may help us in losing some weight.

People here in Pakistan are actually buying the corns from the Corn sellers which are obviously not good due to some reasons, If you wants to use them then try to boil one at your home with little salt added in it that will surely help you in eating less.

Watermelons and Grapes for Weight Loss:

I have to mention these 2 fruits separately because these are extra benefical for weight loss due to their unique properties so eat watermelons and grapes as much as possible in your daily routine.

Actually watermelons are filled with water which can delievers you enough amount of nutrients and water, Beside this it’s a low calorie fruit which makes you feel full and helps you in eating less obviously.

Grapes are rich with phytochemicals and Vitamin C and also many antioxidants which helps you in satisfying your hunger with low-calories so you could use your old calories while doing physical activities.

Behind using these products naturally there are also many home remidies that may helps you in losing some more weight such as using Kalonji, Methi Dana or Ajwain for weight loss.

The products present in this list of weight loss foods in Urdu are easily available at your nearest grocery store or shops, collect them all and try using in your weight loss plans.

Final Words:

Most of us think that these weight loss foods in Urdu are actually helping us directly in losing weight, It’s not. Actually, the purpose of these products is to make you feel full with low calories and let your body use old calories for physical activities you have gained before…

So, Instead of waiting for the results from these innocent foods try to go out daily for cardio exercise for burning your old fats and calories and then use these weight loss products just for filling your tummy in fewer calories.Hope you got my point and will going to stop eating those Junk foods slowly.