Best way to Lose Weight Naturally and Quickly

There are many ways to lose weight but the best way to lose weight is one where you can feel comfortable or relax within the process instead of feeling hungry, tired or bound….

This is the reason that most of the people failed at weight loss because the plans they are actually following is not suitable for their routine or body language, Sure some diet plans, workout plans help you in quick weight loss but today I am sharing with you the best and easiest way to lose weight…

But firstly you need to know that you don’t have to stop eating food or start running 13 miles per day in order to lose weight, the straight definition of weight loss is “burning more calories than you gain daily”

So, How’s it if you are only eating calories that are easy to burn? Here are some minor changes you have to consider for weight loss, In fact, it’s the best way to lose weight…

Best Way to Lose Weight:

Stop Eating Foods Loaded with Calories:

You know or at least heard that for losing weight you have to do hard continuous exercise, It is said because you have to burn more calories than you eat but if you don’t wanna to do hard exercise then only eat natural foods which you are easily able to burn with exercise at home or just by walking…

Yes, It is even possible to lose weight without exercise If you are eating vegetables, fruits, fish (natural foods) and doing 20-30 minutes exercise at home with routine….

I know it is very difficult to stop eating your favorite foods, For Example, We always want’s to eat some spicy foods when we are sick or doctor restricted us from eating such food…

How can you stop yourself from bad eating habits?

First of all when you are trying to stop eating foods full with calories or following any diet plans please stop thinking that you are restricted or advised to never eat such foods I mean at starting it’s okay to eat outside at your favorite place when you’re invited by some friends or ON outing with your family….

Because it is very difficult to switch your daily eating routine with some diet plans quickly but if you are strong enough to do this then it’s best for you…

Otherwise, only eat those so-called special foods on special occasions or try to at least avoid that kind of foods in your daily routine or start eating some real foods which are full of Vitamins or easy to digest….

I bet if you start eating real foods, the feel of being healthy or the excitement of losing some more weight will automatically stop you from bad eating habits or you will also start searching for some tasty natural food recipes.

Skip Drinking Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks are totally loaded with sugar and adding more fats in your body system, Avoid as much as possible and Instead of these try drinking some weight loss drinks for fast results…

Again I am repeating the sentence that drinks those special drinks on some special places or occasions only instead of drinking with your lunch or dinner because it is always very easy to stop habits slowly as compared to leaving quickly…

Say with me “I will try my best to stop drinking beverages when I’m trying to control my weight” because no exercise plan will work for you if you are not taking care of what you are eating or what you are drinking…

When you start eating some real foods or stop drinking beverages now it’s time to start little exercise at home or wherever you like…

Start with Little Excercise:

When people realized that they are getting out of shape or gaining more extra weight, They start promising to their self that I will join the gym from tomorrow.Sure, most of them join the gym but they totally fed up in few weeks by saying that it is a very difficult job or they are not able to manage the time for the gym.

The problem behind this is not being consistent, One of my friend fighting with weight problems paid the 3-time fee to gym manager, started taking Yoga teacher training Thailand  and each time he paid he is regular for some days only then he decided to start gym again at the starting of next month.

At last, he decided to firstly start small exercise session at home with some common equipment and then got success in his being regular to gym goal.

So, Firstly start doing some exercise for at least 15-20 minutes daily at home by following some weight loss cardio plans.It will surely help you in losing weight, when you are consistent with your exercise plan then you may increase the time of your exercise or join the gym for better results.

What am I trying to Say?

I am trying my best to realize you that the best way of losing weight is just starting slowly and end up with great success, You only have to control your diet as much as possible and increase the use of natural foods and also try avoiding the beverages as soon as possible and use the natural drinks….Still, if you are not satisfied or any question aroused in your mind I am happy to clear my mistakes or helps you in the comments section..Meet you there !!

5 Best Foods for Glowing Skin: Easily Available at your Home

If you need clear, glowing skin you need to count what you are eating…I mean it directly depends on your food and there are many factors that contribute to the clear and blemish-free skin…

Specific foods according to their minerals and vitamins can really help you in promoting healthy skin.I have researched for the top best foods for glowing skin or also for protecting or repair your skin.

Sure, some cosmetics working fine for your glowing skin but it’s best if you make some minor changes in your meals obviously you will also saw better results because this will repair the damages of your skin instead of polishing for some time.

So, here are ways to eat your way to glowing skin

Best Foods for Glowing Skin:

Almond Milk:

Eating nuts after soaking for all night is the best source of fiber, protein, calcium and Vitamin E and studies says that drinking nut milk is the delicious method of getting healthy skin, It’s also very easy to make nut milk at home if you don’t know then here is the method.

How to make Almond Milk at Home ?

1: Soak nuts in the filtered water for 1 to 2 Days

2:Add soaked almonds in the blender and now add double water in the blender (If you added 1 cup of almonds then add 2 cups of water).

3:Now switch ON the blender for 2-3 minutes until almonds are totally crushed and mixed with water.

4:Take a mesh cloth and bowl…pass mixture through mesh cloth to bowl and properly squeeze the cloth for getting maximum almond milk.

5:You can store that almond milk for at least 15 days

Try using almond milk with your breakfast, Almonds are the best source of Vitamin E, studies show that it can protect our skin from sun rays as well

Use of Dark Colored Berries:

Berries such as Blueberries, cherries and strawberries are totally loaded with antioxidants, which helps you in fighting with blemishes.If you are facing freckles, liver spots and spider veins then berries are best and yummy solution of your problems.

If you need some quick results then try Blueberries face mask, It will make your skin more smooth, eliminate scars, prevent fine lines, fight against blemishes because it contains vitamins A, B complex, potassium, copper, iron and magnesium which can surely help you in promoting glowing skin.

Increase the Use of Tomatoes:

Eating tomatoes in any form such as tomato juice and sauce surely helps you in clear up acne because it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K which also mostly used in Acne medicines, So if you are facing Acne then cut a tomato in two pieces and apply the inside on your face, you will see better results without using any medicine.

Alan Logan, the author of one of the most selling book on the internet The Clear skin Diet clears that you need to include tomato based foods in your diet for at least 3 times in a week for better glowing skin or when fighting with acne.

Apples are Rich in Antioxidants:

Research shows that Apples contain a variety of phytochemicals, including quercetin, catechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid, all of which are strong antioxidants that can help to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.Antioxidants can also protect your skin from the inside out by guarding your cells against the damage.

If you are eating fresh apples, drinking apple juice at daily basis or at least 5 times a week then it’s not very difficult for you to get a glowing skin.


Walnuts are one of the special dry fruits available in the market contains omega-3 fatty acids which can help you in protecting your cell membranes.

When your membranes are strong enough, waste products are eliminated and nutrients are freely allowed to enter in your skin.Strong cell membranes also retain more water which leads to more clear and glowing skin.

Now It’s Your Turn:

No doubt, there are also many foods which can help you in promoting clear and glowing skin but as promised I am only mentioning the foods for glowing skin which is high in benefits and easily available at your home or nearest market.

Try any of theses with proper diet and let me know how it’s working for you? I am also excited to know about foods you are using for healthy skin…Meet you in comments

How to solve sleep problems and wake up feeling Fresh ?

Tired of awakening at nights? Believe me, you’re not alone, These changes can surely help you in solving your sleep problems and improving your rest when shutting down your smartphones/laptops and lights don’t work.

Many of us think that it’s a normal issue and we can recover whenever we want but actually if you’re not taking proper rest it leads you to some health problems like insomnia, depression, and cardiovascular diseases.

Signs of Sleeping Difficulty ?

Most common signs of sleeping difficulty are losing focus during the daytime while you’re at work or attending class, waking up throughout the night, irritability, headache, or taking much time to fall asleep, sometimes you may also notice low energy during the day.

Studies show that almost 30 percent of adults get only six hours of sleep and may feel refresh but Adults need almost eight-nine hours of sleep to feel rested and fresh.

Possible reasons of Sleeping difficulty:

There are some common reasons of sleeplessness like watching too much television before sleeping, exercising before sleeping, playing story games, drinking coffee or tea, feel of excitement, trying to sleep hungry.

If you are in worry, stress, depression or thinking about work schedules, you may face sleeplessness problem as well.

But you don’t want medical treatment or any sleeping pills, Don’t worry here are some decisions you’re taking wrong, try changing them for better sleep.

Eating 1-2 Hours before sleeping:

If you’re eating too close before sleeping then you may face sleeplessness, waking up throughout the night or waking up early…
Studies show that night snacks before bedtime actually hurting your sleep, So try eating at least 2 hours before sleeping for better rest.

Give some Value to Sleep:

It is a bitter truth that every time we fail in managing time for completing any project/work we immediately decide to sacrifice our sleep…

Please keep in mind that sleeping less may complete your work but also cause health problems like anxiety, depression, sleeplessness….So, try giving your sleep some value and also enjoy benefits like active during daytime, fast in generating ideas, focus while doing any work etc

Try Setting a Schedule:

Schedule never means you have to sleep at 9:00PM or wake up at early morning, in fact, it’s not even possible for most of us, But at least set a schedule for 8-9 hours of sleeping and skip activities in a way of your schedule.

If still, it’s not possible to follow your schedule sometime then at least sleep for 6-7 hours daily.

Forget the worries before Sleeping:

Simply, solve your problems and deal with worries at day time because the bed is not the place to solve your problems or you’re not going to get any solutions while you’re on the bed for sleep.

The easiest solution is that whenever this kind of thing comes up in your mind, say to yourself “I am already dealing with it” or divert your attention to some positive things.

Avoid doing work in Bed:

If you are facing sleeplessness then avoid reading in your bed, I am not talking about your bedroom but at least your bed is not the place for working.

According to studies, If you are watching tv while lying on the bed, texting to your friends, surfing the internet, using your laptop or doing any paperwork…It will surely stimulate your mind and you’re not actually relaxing.

So before lying on the bed, forget to use any devices if it’s not possible then at least trying doing work for less time and at last leave, these activities one by one.

Now It’s Your Turn:

Well, It’s human nature that if someone is not motivated for any task then it’s impossible for them to complete that task even it’s easy as a piece of cake and in this busy life, even parents forgot to motivate their child’s for maintaining their routine.

I am not trying to say that your parents are not teaching you the right lesson but I am only saying that your parents obviously continuously refusing you from this kind of routine but never have much time to motivate you for leaving this kind of routines or might don’t know about this matter.

But if you’re trying to leave this bad habit of awakening at night then try following the steps written above and let me know about the results because now it’s your turn.